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  • Guardiola: Sterling won’t be fazed by hostile Liverpool fans

    first_imgPep Guardiola has backed Raheem Sterling ahead of the Liverpool clash. [Picture: Martin Rickett/PA Wire]Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola insists he has no concerns about starting Raheem Sterling at former club Liverpool.The Harlesden-raised Sterling has received hostile receptions and struggled in games back at Anfield since leaving the Reds for City in 2015.Despite being one of City’s key players throughout last season, the England international was used only as a second-half substitute when the sides met on Merseyside in the Champions League quarter-finals in April.But Guardiola claims that was a tactical decision and he is not shielding the 23-year-old, who he expects will learn to cope with the challenges of returning to his old stomping ground.© Tim Goode/PA WireGuardiola said: “The reason why last time he didn’t play was for other reasons, tactical. What I wanted to do was have Kyle Walker on the right side attacking more than him. That was the plan. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.“I don’t think about that (crowd reaction). Even if that happens – maybe it affects him, maybe not – but being so young, he has to learn about that.“When he has been a player for us for a long time, and hopefully it will be for a long time, sooner or later he will go many times to Anfield.“He grew up there, he has a good memories about his period there. Of course the Liverpool fans want (him) to play bad, and he has played bad but he wants to play good. Normally I don’t do it for that reason.” Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebookby Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksRecommended for youApartments for Sale | Search AdsApartments in Dubai Might Be Cheaper Than You ThinkApartments for Sale | Search AdsUndoProperty Investment | Search AdsDubai Real Estate Investment Properties May Surprise YouProperty Investment | Search AdsUndoadaily.info10 Most Dangerous Dog Breedsadaily.infoUndoRelocation Target7 Ways to Find a Cheap FlightRelocation TargetUndoEverydaychimpMost Powerful Military Forces in Asia – Check out Hong Kong RankEverydaychimpUndoJobs | Search AdsJobs in Tuen Mun Might Pay More Than You ThinkJobs | Search AdsUndopanzerrush.comPlay this Game for 1 Minute and see why everyone is addictedpanzerrush.comUndoTrendingBoomIncredible Device to Melt Away Neck Pain Takes Hong Kong by StormTrendingBoomUndolast_img read more

  • Tracking Human Ancestors

    first_img“Earliest human footprints found,” the BBC News announced, and National Geographic echoed, “Oldest Human Footprints With Modern Anatomy Found.”  Presumably these are to be distinguished as human rather than pre-human.  What was discovered?    A photo of a modern-looking footprint accompanies the two articles.  The print was found in volcanic ash in Kenya dated by paleoanthropologists at 1.5 million years old.  The scientists infer that the being who made the prints walked upright and even “with a spring in his step,” as National Geographic put it.  “The size and spacing of the footprints indicate they were made by people with bodies similar to modern humans.  Given their age, the prints were most likely made by Homo erectus,” the article said.  The discoverers also inferred from the stride that the “people” of that time were also capable of running.    Daniel Lieberman, a paleoanthropologist at the Harvard, felt that the print shows unambiguously that Homo erectus had a human-like foot.  “I would be surprised if this were not the case,” he told National Geographic.  “Because how could H. erectus have hunted more than a million years before the invention of tipped spears—as we know it did—without the ability to run well?”    That raises the question of how a human foot evolved.  Older footprints from Laetoli are claimed to be 3.7 million years old and made by Australopithecus, largely from the stratigraphic position in the evolutionary timeline.  The BBC article claims those prints show a more flat foot and a “significantly higher angle between the big toe and the other toes, representative of a foot still adapted to grasping.”  At the time of discovery of those prints, however, National Geographic said they look indistinguishable from modern human footprints (see 03/12/2003).Update 03/12/2009: Michael Oard commented on the latest footprint claim at Creation Ministries International.  Another footprint story made tracks this month.  Renne’s paper that claims the “Mexican footprint” strata is 1.3 million years old (see 11/30/2005) was published in the March issue of Geology.1  Gonzalez et al had claimed hundreds of human and animal footprints in the volcanic ash were made 44,000 years ago (see Mexican Footprints website).  Their 44,000-year date was already pushing the limit of credibility, but now, according to the Geology paper, the ash flow from a nearby volcano has been re-dated at 1.3 million years old.  “If the marks identified by Gonz�lez et al. (2006a) were of human origin, then they would probably belong to early Homo erectus (Ant�n and Swisher, 2004),” they said.  “This is unlikely, based on the known geographic distribution of these early hominids (Ant�n and Swisher, 2004) and the genetic and archaeological evidence for the peopling of the Americas (Goebel et al., 2008).”  They attribute the prints to marks made in recent years during quarrying operations at the site.  The marks were later enlarged by weathering and erosion.  If so, it appears the quarrymen walked barefoot (picture) with their children and animals.1.  Feinberg et al, “Age constraints on alleged ‘footprints’ preserved in the Xalnene Tuff near Puebla, Mexico,” Geology, March 2009, v. 37, no. 3, p. 267-270, doi:10.1130/G24913A.1.The Mexican footprint article basically sweeps away the footprint evidence because it is evolutionarily impossible for people to have walked at that location so long ago.  It also assumes their evolution-soaked dating methods are reliable, compounding error upon error.  Look at the prints on the proponents’ website; they look even more convincing than the ones in Kenya.    Watch out whenever an evolutionist says “we know” something.  Clearly these evidences are being forced into an evolutionary timeline and declared to show a progression from ape to man.  A neutral observer, without being prepped by the Darwin Party on the consensus age of the tracks, would say the tracks were made by people.  It is their stratigraphic position that forces evolutionists to concoct a story that they were progressing up to personhood by slow and gradual steps.  Somehow, somewhere, sometime, as if by magic in their story, they crossed a divide, and the spark of our humanity was lit.  Clever fable, isn’t it?  Would that Paul Harvey, who died yesterday, were still with us to tell us “the rest of the story.”(Visited 13 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

  • 5 Reasons Your Deal Isn’t Closing

    first_img Get the Free eBook! Want to master cold calling? Download my free eBook! Many would have you believe that cold calling is dead, but the successful have no fear of the phone; they use it to outproduce their competitors. Download Now Deal stuck? Here’s why.It’s Still a LeadYou don’t close a lead. You only close opportunities. The reason that you can’t (and won’t) close some of the deal in your pipeline is because they are still only leads. In order to convert a lead to an opportunity, your prospective client has to agree to explore changing. They have to agree there is a reason to change and that they need to change now (or very soon, anyway).If you want to close, do the work necessary to convert a lead into a real opportunity. A sales meeting doesn’t necessarily equal an opportunity.You Haven’t Gained the Necessary CommitmentsSelling is really only two things: conversations and commitments. The reason a lot of opportunities don’t close after they are created is because the salesperson is good at the conversation part, but hasn’t acquired all of the necessary commitments.You need a commitment for time, the commitment to explore, the commitment to change, the commitment to collaborate, the commitment to build consensus, the commitment to invest, a commitment to review your plan, a commitment to resolve concerns, the commitment to decide, and the commitment to execute.If you want to close, gain all of the necessary smaller commitments between target and close.You Haven’t Made a Compelling Enough CaseYour opportunity isn’t going to close unless and until you make a compelling case for change. Change is difficult, messy, and time-consuming. Your dream clients trust their existing problems more than they trust you or the change that you present.You need to help your prospective client understand the high price they will pay if they don’t change. The status quo is comfortable. You have to make uncomfortable and unsustainable. What does your prospective client risk by not changing? Do they lose their competitive position? Do they lose market share? Will they lose clients if they don’t change? How much will it cost them in new opportunities?If you want to close, build the case for change.You Haven’t Got ConsensusLook at the opportunities in your pipeline right now. How many contacts do you have attached to each opportunity? If you have only one contact, you aren’t positioned to win an opportunity. If you have only two contacts, you are doing a little better, but I am skeptical that you can win the opportunity.I used to say, “More and more, decisions are made by consensus.” I no longer say “more and more.” Decisions are made by consensus. Period. If you are going to close an opportunity, you are going to have to help build that consensus. Do you know all of the people on the real buying committee? Do you know the people who get to weigh in, even if they aren’t formally represented in the process?Getting to yes means getting a consensus to change and a consensus to choose you.You Haven’t Resolved Your Client’s ConcernsToo many opportunities end in a “no decision” because the prospective client has unresolved concerns.Your prospective client is worried they’re spending too much money. They’re worried about their credibility should you fail. They’re worried about their team’s ability to execute and how committed they will be. They’re worried about disrupting their organization. At the end of their buying journey, they have to deal with these fears. Either you are there to help them by resolving their concerns or you increase the likelihood of a “no decision.”Your opportunity is risk until you do the work to resolve your dream client’s concerns.last_img read more

  • India vs Australia: Glenn Maxwell wants to bat higher up in ODIs

    first_imgBrief scores – Australia (194/3) beat India (190/4) by 7 wickets to sweep series 2-0 in Bengaluru. Maxwell (113*), Short (40), Shankar (2/38). Scorecard | HighlightsGlenn Maxwell would prefer batting higher up the order in ODIs, following his series-winning 113 at number four in Australia’s seven-wicket victory against India in the second T20 International.Glenn Maxwell, who bats at No.7 in ODIs and said he would happily take a promotion in the five-match ODI series starting in Hyderabad on March 2.Maxwell slammed his third T20 international hundred on Wednesday night, an unbeaten 113 off 55 balls, to blow away India and win the series 2-0.”In my case tonight, when I came out, it was 15 overs to go I think. And as long as I get a 80 or a 100 out of that even, if I am doing that at a No. 6 or a 7, it doesn’t really matter. It’s just me making the most of the opportunities when I get them,” said Maxwell.”It’s not easy to just come here and go like that because the ball is a lot older, the wicket’s gone a lot quicker here. Even tonight at the end of the game, the wicket’s sort of drying out and there was scuffs all over it,” he added.Maxwell believes that in ODIs, he will find it difficult to make a difference at No. 7 in most occasions and a promotion up the order may just suit his game.”In one day cricket, it’s not as easy to go at the end. So it would be nice to bat higher up but it depends on what happens in the top four or top five. If the opportunity does come up, I’d like to take,” he said.advertisementMaxwell was on a rampage, hitting bowlers to all corners of the park for nine sixes and seven fours. However, he felt that he did not take any needless risk.”I think it’s just got to be about picking your moments. I think a little bit of it is that I have to go hard but I think I had been just picking off balls I can hit the boundaries in.”Like today, I don’t think I took too many ridiculous risks and I feel I read the game really well and was able to hit the ball in areas where the fielders weren’t at all. There’s not many times I hit the ball straight over a fielder’s head but just place it in the gap and I feel that’s okay for me.”When I had a successful innings, if I am mistiming and it’s still falling in the gap but I have gotten in control and I really had a good read of the game and I was just one step ahead,” said Maxwell.He even negotiated pacer Jasprit Bumrah well to stay unbeaten.”I was always trying to attack him. We needed 44 off the last four overs and he came back on. I suppose it was a key over. If that only went for four or five, suddenly you need 13 an over. And it only takes six good yorkers from him to push that up to 18-19. That can be quite difficult to get in the last two overs, or the two other overs.Maxwell was well aware of the threat that Bumrah could pose.”So, I was just hoping he missed a couple of times and wanted to pounce on that. He’s done me a fair few times in T20 cricket to his credit. I have sort of changed my approach to him a little bit. Been able to wait for a ball that’s slightly off and capitalise on that.”I was able to get him for two boundaries in that over, and keep the run rate in check and I was able to target Siddarth next over and then we only needed 14 off 12 balls.”Maxwell was batting in such a zone that he did not even feel the need to change his bat.”I have been saying in the change room I’ve got the best bat ever. It’s being held together by tape at the moment. Inside edge has been pretty badly hammered. There was a bit of it coming off in the third last over. They told me to change it and I was just like ‘no, not changing this bat, it’s the best bat ever’.”Following their maiden T20 series win over India, Australia go into the ODIs a more confident lot.”I have been here a lot of times but haven’t felt a lot of success. In 2013, we had that amazing series, record amount of runs and last game here Rohit got a double hundred. We tried to chase 380 and I think Faulkner got a 100 in that game.advertisement”That was one of the best series played here and to not win that is probably a sign of we played such good cricket in that tour and India still beat us and that’s how difficult to win here. So to win here in the first two games of the tou, that starts really well,” he added.Also Read | Clinical Australia outplayed us in both games: Virat Kohli after India’s T20I series lossAlso Read | Kohli loses 1st home series as captain after Maxwell’s Bengaluru blitzAlso Read | Having confidence in my game has helped: Glenn Maxwell after Bengaluru heroicsAlso Read | KL Rahul reflects on Koffee With Karan controversy: It was a hard time for meAlso Watch:last_img read more

  • Slipknots Corey Taylor To Be Honored At Rock To Recovery 2 Benefit

    first_imgSlipknot’s Corey Taylor will be honored at the Rock To Recovery 2 benefit concert on September 16 at Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles.Video: Rock to Recovery 2 – Sat. Sept 16th – Concert/Fundraiser – Sizzle ReelFounded by Korn guitarist Wesley Geer, Rock To Recovery was created to help soothe the restless souls of those in recovery. They do this by creating a “band” and writing and recording songs together with Rock to Recovery’s staff of professional musicians, who are also in recovery. They help bring fun into treatment and recovery by offering a natural escape from the fear-based mind. This helps people grow a sense of belonging and self esteem. They help to vent emotions by writing lyrics and singing together for release, in real-time. They tie in a positive theme of hope in recovery throughout the whole process. When the session is done, “band” members feel a new energy all throughout their minds and spirits.Rock to Recovery gives people, such as recovering addicts/alcoholics, victims of abuse, troubled teens, or any individual in recovery, a chance to have fun expressing themselves, working as a group, and experiencing the natural high only music can produce.Also being honoured at the event will be MC5’s Wayne Kramer, and the evening will also feature a performance by Kings Of Chaos, featuring Matt Sorum.For more info, click here.last_img read more

  • Smith OSUMichigan rivalry faces uncertain future past 12

    Ohio State and Michigan will be in separate divisions when the 12-team Big Ten begins in 2011. Their annual rivalry game will remain in the final week of the regular season for 2011 and 2012. However, schedules were only decided for those two seasons.   There is no guarantee that the game, which has been the last conference game every year since 1934, will not be moved in future seasons. “We didn’t even talk about if ’13 or ’14 would be the same or look different,” said OSU athletic director Gene Smith of the scheduling talks. “So we’ll have those discussions in October. My guess is it’ll be the same, but I can’t speak for my colleagues.” Smith said that only the 2011 and 2012 schedules were discussed so that they could be finalized as soon as possible to allow communities to plan accordingly. When future schedules are discussed, Smith said he will push for the game to permanently remain at the end of the season. “I know what my position will be, for it to be the same,” Smith said. “But again, I can’t speak for what (Wisconsin athletic director) Barry Alvarez might bring in the room. So I’m going to listen to my colleagues and their pros and cons and I’m also going to represent what our interests are.” There does not seem to be any question as to what the fans want. “Over 90 percent of people want us to keep that game at the end of the schedule,” Smith said in a video statement released by the athletic department before the initial decision. Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany assured that those fans will be considered. “We’re not fan-insensitive, we’re fan-receptive and are only interested in doing what is going to grow our fan base,” he told ESPN.com. It seems that the growth will not occur through further conference expansion. “We’re finished (with expansion),” Smith said. “The only thing that would cause us to look at it further is if someone contacted us.” Smith acknowledged that few Big Ten representatives have closed the door to further expansion. “The reason most of us say it’s not done is because we think there are some schools that are going to try to talk to some conferences. But we’re not actively out looking at expansion,” Smith said. “After our October meetings, that’s going to be the last we talk about it.” read more

  • West Ham agree new deal

    first_imgWest Ham United has announced a new groundbreaking agreement with Basset & Gold for new shirt sleeve and eSports partnership.This deal makes Basset & Gold the club’s sleeve sponsor as the partnership will see Basset & Gold’s logo featured on the left sleeve of all West Ham United’s men’s first team, Academy and PL2 shirts, as well as becoming West Ham United’s eSports partner.Also, on the other hand, West Ham United have become the first British team to announce eSports player in 2016 and currently they are the pioneer, while London Stadium hosted the first ever eSports tournament involving professional clubs in the same year.declan rice, england, West ham UnitedReport: England’s Rice gets death threats George Patchias – September 9, 2019 England International Declan Rice has received death threats.Rice a one time Ireland International, switched allegiances only this year. The West Ham United man played for…Reacting to the deal, Karren Brady, West Ham United Vice-Chairman, said via according to the club’s official website:“I am delighted to announce our partnership with Basset & Gold and I am extremely excited about working together going forward. What really appealed to us was their commitment to working and engaging with our fans in east London and the local community.“Our fans are at the heart of everything we do and we wanted to partner with someone who understands that and mirrors that commitment in their own work. Both partners are determined to achieve success next season and we cannot wait to launch our partnership through some incredible activations for our fans.”last_img read more

  • Arnautovic dedicates win to the Claret and Blue army

    first_imgMarko Arnautovic has dedicated their recent 3-1 triumph over Manchester United to the West Ham fans.Arnautovic ensured the Hammers will seal three points in the 71st-minute after Marcus Rashford’s goal looked like the Red Devil’s were threatening for a comeback.“It’s a very good win and we’re really happy,” he said. “The club and the fans deserve a win at home. We had a couple of bad ones before that, but in the last three games, we have been brilliant.“It doesn’t matter how they set up, we have our game plan and we look at ourselves.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.“We need to do our jobs and we did it today excellently. That’s why we deserved the win.”He added: “I’m there to help the team get up the pitch. I have to hold the balls, and score goals. That’s my job and I tried to do everything possible.“For my goal, it was a mistake from them, and Mark kept the ball really well because first of all, I was offside. He waited until I was onside and it was a good pass.“I’m happy to score, but I’m especially happy with the three points. That’s the most important thing.”last_img read more