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  • Rymdkapsel is minimalistic space bliss here are some tips to succeed

    first_imgRymdkapsel, a minimalist space-based base-building RTS recently released on iOS, Android, and the PlayStation Vita. If you’re into any of those combination of things, playing Rymdkapsel will be a bright part of your day. Though minimalist, the game does require some complex strategic thinking, so on top of explaining how good the game is, we’ll explain how to be good at it.The semi-unpronounceable game (it’s the Swedish word for “space capsule) leverages an extremely minimalist style of flat pathways and basic shapes and colors — triangles, squares, rectangles, trapezoids, and so on. Since this is a space game, the background is black with rotating white dots that signify stars. The game only appears to have one “mode,” so to speak, with three missions within the mode. Start a new game and the tutorial begins, but you can just ignore it and it’ll catch up to you, rather than you having to complete it each time.Perhaps an overused phrase that absolutely applies here, Rymdkapsel‘s gameplay is easy to learn, but tough to master. You build corridors in the vacuum of minimalistic space, onto which resource generation rooms attach, and you set your little rectangular minions to do your building and gathering. The game has three missions per match, which is to research (a form of resource gathering) all four monoliths on the map, survive 28 waves of enemies, and reach all four monoliths within 45 minutes of a match.The strategy of the game is based on the red bar sits at the bottom of the HUD, alerting you to when the next wave of increasingly difficult enemies is coming to attack your minions, and the one finite resource on the map sitting amongst the other infinite resources. In a majority of RTS games, resources are limited, but there are so many that it barely ever matters. In Rymdkapsel, you run out of that one pink resource very quickly, and there are only a handful of resource nodes, so you have to plan far ahead from the start.The other difficult bit is that your minions can’t dispatch enemies (and thus, stay alive) without taking them off building and gathering and placing them in a weapons zone that only holds two units each. You also have to precisely time your minion’s movements to make it back to the weapons zone before the enemies arrive, a task much more difficult than it sounds.The game becomes very tough very quickly, but there are some easy-to-follow rules that will keep you afloat, but still provide you with the freedom to be creative with your base and strategy.Next page: Tips, hints and tricks to survive a minimalist death in Rymdkapsel… 1 2last_img read more