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  • SIMON NOTT at Epsom on Oaks Day

    first_imgSIMON NOTT AT EPSOM: Simon Nott reports from the betting ring at Epsom on Oaks Day. The big race changed everything. The day started with glorious sunshine then got even better when I saw Tony Styles T/A Bob Stock back on his number 1 pitch in Tattersalls. Tony is a true gentleman of the turf who was off colour recently so great to see him in fine fettle.The Investec Woodcote Stakes. We just took what the punters threw at us on, they wanted to be on Zap at 5/1 but by the off we had both Cardsharp and the impressive winner De Bruyne Horse losers. The latter was the best of the two but joy of ducking one tempered with news the office laid £8,000 in the morning.Between races there was a sight you don’t see often , a policeman holding a what looked like a machine gun on the Queen’s Stand lawn. I thought better of trying to steal a photo so you’ll have to take my word for it.The Investec Click & Invest Mile. There was sharp each way money for Mutarekez at 15/2 as well as good support for Remarkable the absolute bogey. We were fortunate that the cash punters left us out of GK Chesterton so watching the 3/1 favourite win and only taking the book was handy as was the each-way the ‘shrewdies’ left behind.The Investec Coronation Cup. It was hard to get the jolly Highland Reel into the book on course with betting light. Then the office reported that we’d laid £25k and £5k at 5/2, then another £8k at 2/1. He looked to be beaten when Hawkbill came to challenge. Just as Ben thought he’d got the money the jolly kicked clear again to win nicely. Gutted but not brow-beaten Ben hopped off the stool and shot off to take on the dog punters at Towcester before Matt Chapman came to gloat, and gloat he did, but Kyle took it well.The Investec Wealth & Investment Handicap Stakes could have proved a real rub-down of a race title. Could being the operative word, the money piled in for Fidaawy at 5/1 then one of the off-course firms topped it up at 9/2. At the off we had the gelding for over £8,000. A bit of pluck from Kyle on the stool and some bad luck for backers in running and we clawed some back when Not So Sleepy got the money at 10/1.Bring on the Oaks. Investec Oaks. The feature of the betting was a punter coming up and having £7,650 on Rhododendron. With that the thunder clapped and the rain started to pour. The office called, they’d laid £90,000 and £24,000 bets at 5/6 the jolly. It was make or break.Aye Aye! Enable under Frankie Dettori changed the complexion of the whole day.There was time take a deep breath and to call Ben and give him the good news before the Investec Savings Surrey Stakes. The rain had stopped but the punters appeared to have gone in and stayed in too. Our field money was very small so as a result we didn’t really get our whack on 8/1 winner Solomon’s Bay.The Investec Foreign Exchange Handicap Stakes. After all the earlier race excitement there was just steady betting in the concluding Investec Exchange Handicap. The punters left us with Wahash losing us four low figures. At Star Sports we don’t snap the elastic band around the readies in order to keep the winnings but if the punters don’t come at us we’re not giving it back. A good day was ensured regardless but Juanito Chico running down the bogey was the cherry on the cake despite retuning 4/1F. We didn’t crow too much as those firm around us invariably did their dough on the race. We ARE the Gentlemen’s Bookmaker after all. See you tomorrow for the big one.Simon NottSimon Nott is author of Skint Mob!: Tales from the Betting RingCLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILSlast_img read more