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  • Protecting Indiana Families and Children 
Association of Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys, Inc. Announces 2016…

    first_img The Association of Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys, Inc., will announce two legislative solutions for the 2016 session that are designed to give prosecutors  better tools to deal with serious drug dealers – the criminals they believe are driving the alarming increase in meth labs, pharmacy robberies, heroin overdoses, home invasions and other violent crime in Indiana.Speaking on behalf of Indiana prosecuting attorneys will be Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nicholas G. Hermann, Daviess County Prosecutor Dan Murrie and Gibson County Prosecutor Robert Krieg.   The announcement will take place on Thursday, December 10 at 10 a.m. at the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office Conference Room, 1 NW Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Rm 108, Evansville.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

  • Nussle points out hypocrisy of bank attacks on tax status, mergers

    first_imgThe latest bank attacks on credit unions have a new level of hypocrisy previously unseen in the financial services sector, CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle wrote in Credit Union JournalFriday. Responding to attacks on the tax status and emergency mergers by the big banks, Nussle pointed out the $21 billion windfall banks saw in 2018, and the recently announced merger that would create the sixth largest bank in the country.Bloomberg reported this week that major U.S. banks saw a $21 billion decrease in their tax bills for 2018 due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.“Big banks didn’t invest that money in their own people. Instead they cut around 4,300 jobs last year. The ratio of bank personnel costs to bank revenue declined, as bank employees helped make more money for shareholders but got a smaller part of it. Banks didn’t invest it into communities. Lending growth was 1.3% slower than the previous year,” Nussle wrote. “The real winner of the bank tax windfall seems to be shareholders who got a $28 billion increase in dividends and stock buybacks in 2018. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

  • Google, Amazon, Apple and [insert your name here]

    first_imgThere is no shortage of speculation on the number of trends and types of challenges that lie ahead for credit unions in the coming months. While the top industry priorities differ — depending on which study you review or expert you believe — FinTech, along with the knowledge of how to effectively use account holder data, are expected to play pivotal roles in helping traditional institutions remain competitive with the many new players entering the financial services arena.Interestingly, Fintech — which is said to have been coined by CitiCorp in the early ‘90s to overcome a reputation for resisting technological collaboration with outsiders — was later added to the financial industry glossary to describe technology innovations that support back-office functions, and improve efficiencies and service delivery. Today, technology and digital service platforms add convenience, speed, and access to multi-functional capabilities and services that consumers rely on to manage their daily finances. In a recent survey by Market Force, 37 percent of respondents identified a lack of help to improve their financial well-being as a reason to switch financial service providers. For technology giants — like Google, Amazon, Apple and a host of others — this has opened a whole new market opportunity.Avoiding technology is no longer a viable alternativeWhile credit unions may lack the scope and scale to compete with larger institutions and the FinTech giants, they can address the technology elephant in the room by using data analytics more effectively to capture information that identifies the specific needs of account holders, and by offering personalized expertise and services that will help consumers to maintain or improve their financial situation. In today’s technology-driven world, failure to do so can lead to increased account closings and a decline in overall performance. Following are a few ways to get the full benefit of emerging technology innovations in order to build a more tech-savvy workplace for your employees, deliver a more consistent service experience for account holders and boost your ability to compete in your market:1. Make sure your account and program management software are up to date. Maintaining access to intuitive information that helps you determine account holder needs is key to making effective program offering decisions, as well as delivering consistent, exceptional service and identifying strategy changes to address emerging consumer trends.If your core software doesn’t provide the details you need, or it requires employees to manually key in information to access different reports and account status, it’s time to consider an upgrade. New, intuitive data analytics can provide vital information to help you keep track of daily account activity, make sure your service programs are performing efficiently and maintain consistent communication with account holders.2. Upgrade outdated computer systems. As consumer service expectations continue to change, old-school computer systems that continually require upgrades to avoid security vulnerabilities or other problems, or that operate in silos are inefficient and can limit program and service capabilities.  On the other hand, cloud technology offers greater access to data, provides a safeguard against on-site computer glitches, ensures regular data backups and allows everyone to work from the same software version at all times. Replacing cumbersome PCs also frees up workspace that can be used for other purposes to increase workplace efficiency.3.Take a look at your training strategy. Successful outcomes depend largely on how well employees understand the capabilities your technology provides, as well as how to access and use data to get the most benefit for your institution and your account holders. Cross-training programs allow you to maintain consistent program knowledge among multiple individuals and ensures uninterrupted excellence in account holder service during staff vacations or illnesses.Providing different training platforms helps to ensure that all employees benefit from the information, whether they learn more effectively through one-on-one interaction, group settings or online offerings.Off-site training opportunities allow individuals to step away from the everyday responsibilities for a full emersion in the subject matter. Training that provides an opportunity to network with industry colleagues gives your staff exposure to new perspectives and strategies that can be valuable when they return to your institution. And training options that include professional education credits (CPEs) offer an extra benefit for employees with specialized degrees or areas of interest.In addition to making sure everyone is up-to-speed on program management tools, new technology and account holder service techniques, your employee training investment also can energize your staff, increase their confidence level when dealing with complex issues or account holder needs, and improve overall morale. Address the future with confidenceAccording to a recent consumer survey by BAI, the top banking priorities for 2019 include:delivery of tools and options to customize banking solutions;improving the omnichannel experience;transforming branches for a better in-person experience with experts to help achieve financial goals; andenhancing the mobile channel.None of these can be accomplished successfully without the support of effective technology and informed, confident personnel.As FinTech giants and other non-financial service organizations continue their migration into the banking services arena, you can protect your institution’s interests and increase your opportunities for success with a better understanding of how to utilize data and innovation wisely. Partnering with a service provider that offers expertise in profitability program development, technology and training proficiency can give you the on-going support necessary to achieve better performance for your institution, improved service experiences for your account holders and the ability to remain competitive in the ever-changing marketplace. 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Mark Roe Prior to joining JMFA, Mark was a sales manager in the Texas market for a major bank with headquarters on the West coast. His experience also includes managing the accounting, … Web: www.jmfa.com Detailslast_img read more

  • Govt says rapid COVID-19 testing kits can return results in two minutes

    first_imgMedical officers started rapid COVID-19 tests on Friday, focusing on areas at risk of widespread contagion, he said, adding that the initial wave of tests would be for around 600,000 people across the country who had contact with people found to have COVID-19.The first tests were performed in South Jakarta on Friday, according to President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, as contact tracing carried out by authorities found that the area was at high risk for the disease.Jokowi recently ordered his aides to conduct nationwide rapid tests to expedite detection as not many people could undergo regular tests due to the limited number of laboratories. Indonesia has recorded the highest death toll from the disease of all ASEAN nations, with 32 fatalities to date.Read also: Indonesia starts rapid tests, imports medicines to ‘cure’ COVID-19, Jokowi says The archipelago recorded a total of 369 cases as of Friday, and the disease had spread to 17 out of the country’s 34 provinces.Indonesia hopes to distribute 1 million rapid testing kits nationwide in the upcoming days, Yurianto said. The government received 2,000 testing kits on Friday and was set to obtain 100,000 more on Saturday.Despite the ability to provide faster results, rapid testing kits cannot provide the “strong” results of the regular polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests as they are not able to determine the severity of the infection.Yurianto, therefore, reminded the public that the tests were supposed to only confirm the infections and that they should not react excessively once the results were out.“Not all people who test positive should seek advanced medical treatment at hospitals. If their results are positive after taking the test but they are asymptomatic, we will ask them to self-isolate at home,” Yurianto said.“However, if people experience mild symptoms of the disease, we might ask them to reconfirm the result by taking the regular PCR test.” (glh)Topics : The Indonesian government says COVID-19 rapid testing kits can return results in about two minutes. Authorities expect the kits will significantly speed up efforts to detect and contain COVID-19 in the country.Health Ministry disease control and prevention director general Achmad Yurianto said on Friday that the results would come quickly as the tests used only blood serum, and medical workers would perform short reaction tests to see whether someone had the virus.“Medical officers will take a few drops of blood from the person and put them into a testing kit for examination. The results will be out in about two minutes,” Yurianto said.last_img read more