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  • Outside We Thrive

    first_imgYour browser does not support iframe WASH YOUR HANDS While practicing social distancing, now is not the time to go on that cross country road trip or hit some bucket list items. Help protect communities more vulnerable to the spread of disease by getting outside close to home. Remember to keep your gatherings to less than 10 people. Visit the CDC and WHO for more recommendations on how to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. We all know that fresh air, vitamin D, and movement are good for the body and soul. We invite you to share with us how you are safely adapting during this challenging time, embracing the outdoors, helping others, and living your best possible life – because #OutsideWeThrivelast_img read more

  • Villa Vulin was named the leading luxury boutique hotel in Croatia and Europe

    first_imgBritish LUX Life magazine as part of the Global Luxury Hotel & Spa award for 2018, he chose five-star hotel in Pula, Villa Vulin as the leading luxury hotel in Croatia.The Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards is designed to recognize companies, brands and individuals with a growing luxury hospitality industry – those who go above and beyond. “It is confirmed that only persistent work and uncompromising direction can achieve top results. He thanks his team for their commitment, because without teamwork we would not be what we are. In the class of our hotel, currently no posthat world award that we did not win. This is our gift to our beloved city of Pula”Proudly points out the owner and director of the hotel Vaso Vulin. By the way, the mentioned recognition is just another in a series for the Pula hotel Villa Vulin, because only last year it received a total of 10 recognitions and valuable awards. Among the most important is certainly the one from the International Hotel Awards 2017-2018 in London, where Villa Vulin was named the best small hotel in Europe, and the best small five-star hotel by Croatian standards, and the icing on the cake was at the Oscars in the hotel industry in St. Moritz.These are the biggest trophies so far, ie the recognition that a small hotel in the world has, points out Vaso Vulin and adds that he is very satisfied that all the work and effort after so many years has borne fruit. “It will be a beautiful legacy for my family, but also a great honor for our city, the whole of Istria and Croatia. At the same time, it is a great obligation to continue to maintain the quality of our service at a high level. ” says Vulin.But as we all know how often it is harder to maintain the same level of service and defend the title of best in a particular category, I was interested in what the “formula for success” is and how to maintain the same level of service. As Vaso Vulin points out, the magic formula for this success and keeping the service at a high level are personal limits, perseverance, striving for perfection, culture and the goal that every hotelier sets for himself. “One of the most important points I had was positioning and creating a brand, first of all in Croatia, and then in Europe and the world. And that requires hard work for at least three years, with a good knowledge of management. Of course, there is always the question of investment, not only material but also other aspects recognized by guests from around the world, but it must always be based on simple and “perfect” things. Whoever sets himself the priority of profit and earnings, will not go beyond his own threshold, such a philosophy is a utopia, these are just some of the elements that make magic, of course with the city itself which is beautiful, beaches, kindness, region, state .. “Vulin points out and adds that the key is the synergy of all tourist participants because everyone has to work together to achieve the result, because one man is not able to do everything alone.It is interesting how Vulin metaphorically described and set the whole story, like digging a mine. ” If we were to compare business to a mine, and that is certainly a mine, then I chose platinum, and I had to behave that way. Tracking all world trends, but not plagiarism but a focus on authenticity and uniqueness. “Says Vulin.By the way, Villa Vulin is the first facility with a high level of 5-star service in Pula, and the logical question is whether Pula is ready for accommodation at that high level as well as the content and offer for such demanding guests. According to Vulin, Pula certainly has a lot of potential, but above all it lacks such important synergies of all participants. ” Pula certainly has potential and a story that can attract guests of high purchasing power, but the results would be much better if the tourist boards, HGK, agencies and everyone else act united and enlarged because we all have the same goal, which is quality strategic tourism development. ” concludes Vulin.last_img read more

  • Mustapha Raji to Win LFA Presidency in Style

    first_imgMustaphi RajiIt is always clear when the probabilities are, and not in your favor. Good example is the recent national elections: Anyone with a great sense of realism knew that since the numbers were in favor of the then Ambassador George Weah, winning the elections was a foregone conclusion.But why the other 21 candidates did not realize that or why they refused to accept that reality is for future historians to grapple with.Similarly, Mustapha Raji, president of LISCR FC and Gardnersville FC who recently declared his intention to contest for the Liberia Football Association incoming presidential elections, is favored by a majority of the stakeholders.Interviews conducted among stakeholders recently have confirmed that Raji is their choice. “He is our choice even before the elections are announced,” said a longtime supporter of the man who is adored by his players.The March LFA elections also has three other candidates, they are: Adolphus Dolo, president of Nimba United; Musa Shannon, vice president for administration at the Liberia Football Association; and Rochelle Woodson, an Executive Committee member of the LFA, who has had issues with the current LFA Administration of Hassan Bility.Without a doubt, all the contestants see something wrong with the administration of football in the country. Presently, the LFA owes its employees for the last four months.Again, due to money problems, it may be recalled that the LFA sacked several youth coaches. Sadly, on top of that, the LFA recently reported that US$600,000 fraudulently ‘disappeared’ from the its account when some false documents were presented to FIFA auditors.“Where was Musa Shannon when the money disappeared?” asked another football lover. He said problems affecting Liberian football cannot be divorced from Shannon, which will make his desire to win the LFA presidency difficult.Another said: “Shannon should learn from the past because the majority of the stakeholders are not comfortable with his role at the LFA, especially with the trend of Liberian football.”While Nimba United’s Adolphus Dolo is credited with growing Nimba United and also building a mini-stadium in Mount Barclay, he has had brushes with the LFA and even suffered a two-year suspension for fielding an illegal player in a match which is said to have dented his chances because, by his suspension, it meant that he abused the concept of fair play which is highly encouraged in the game.Ms. Rochell Woodson, a member of the Executive Committee of the LFA, was recently suspended by the same body for her failure to have responded to certain accusations against her. And whether her suspension was fair or not, that it happened has created a credibility problem for her and many stakeholders are not comfortable with her desire to contest the elections.Mustapha Raji, the favorite is the only man left standing tall.A very careful man, he has not kept silent on any issue that affects the development of soccer, the world’s most popular game.In fact, he is on record to have requested the LFA to put the US$600,000 issue as an agenda item to be discussed at the association’s Ordinary Congress, that will take place before the elections in March.Mustapha is reported to have made a huge investment in sports, starting with the youth and two other teams.Each of his teams has over 30 young players who are paid monthly, with medical incentives.“He has a vision for Liberian football,” a stakeholder said. “Raji’s vice president-designate will be Sekou Konneh of BYC Football; and so Liberia soccer will survive the hurdles that frustrate it.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more