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    first_imgLast night’s Furey Insurances 5K in balmy Buncrana saw superb winning runs from Letterkenny’s Ciaran Doherty and Lifford’s Anne Marie McGlynn, to underline yet again the deserved reputation of the event as the premier 5K in the North West.Doherty was pushed hard to just before the 3K mark by Derry athletes Declan Reed and Scott Rankin but from there he was imperious, speeding to a stunning new Irish best on the course of 14m 34s, taking six seconds off Joe McAlister’s previous record figures.McGlynn ran a new pb of 16m 32s, the second fastest female clocking on the course as she finished well clear of the opposition in an excellent 19th overall. In ideal racing conditions over 260 starters lined up and the huge turnout of spectators were treated to a series of impressive performances. The prevailing North West wind and warm temperatures combined to aid fast times and they were there in abundance on the night as the athletes took full advantage.Doherty, Reed and Rankin were clear from the gun, chased by Emmet McGinty who in turn was pursued by a large chasing pack. The following wind was a bonus on the first 2k plus and they had the advantage of turning onto the sheltered back road on the way to the finish. Doherty upped the ante from the turn and came home an impressive winner, 14 seconds ahead of Reed whose 14m 48 s equalled his 5K road pb and Rankin took third on 15m even.Doherty’s time was the fastest ever on the course by an Irish runner, the all comers record of 14m 18s was set last year by Kenyan Freddie Sittu. Freddie is currently in the North West but sat out the Wednesday night action. McGinty held on for fourth with a good 15m 12s, in fifth was Pauric McKinney, the top M45 with a decent 15m 25s. Gary Slevin and Colin Roberts were next on 15m 35s and 15m 38s and Roberts claimed the M40 category prize. McGlynn was a clear female winner, always going away from her opposition and looked really smooth for her 16m 32s winning time. Behind her two notable runs from Springwell’s Gemma Turley, a pb of 18m 06s and Spartans teenager Amy McDaid, whose 18m 38s run was perhaps her best road race performance ever.The four to score team prizes went to the male Spartans who packed well for an easy win ahead of 2012 winners Foyle Valley and Letterkenny while Inishowen led home by fourth placer Kim McLaughlin, saw off the female Spartans and Finn Valley.Reflecting the pulling power of the race the age group awards went to athletes from a wide array of clubs, Letterkenny, Lagan Valley, Inishowen, City of Derry, Finn Valley,North Belfast Harriers, Springwell and NW Tri club all had athletes on the podium.The next two races in the series are Lisnagelvin on Wednesday 26th June and Baliniska on Wednesday 17th July. Both have the usual 7 30pm start times and pre entries can be made via email to [email protected] THE RESULTSPlace BIB Name Team Category Time Min/MilePace 1 240 Ciaran Doherty Letterkenny AC M35 14:34.05 4:42/M2 102 Declan Deed City of Derry Spartans AC M35 14:48.31 4:46/M3 67 Scott Rankin Foyle Valley MO 15:00.66 4:50/M4 50 Emmett McGinty City of Derry Spartans AC MO 15:12.25 4:54/M 5 115 Pauric McKinney Inishowen AC M45 15:25.20 4:58/M6 114 Gary Slevin City of Derry Spartans AC MO 15:34.87 5:01/M7 119 Colin Roberts City of Derry Spartans AC M40 15:37.57 5:02/M8 59 Brendan Murphy City of Derry Spartans AC MO 15:42.29 5:04/M9 103 James Brown City of Derry Spartans AC M40 15:52.20 5:07/M10 118 Pius McIntyre Foyle Valley MO 15:56.46 5:08/M11 108 Dean Toland Finn Valley AC MO 16:01.94 5:10/M12 24 Kevin Ferry Letterkenny AC M40 16:05.08 5:11/M13 116 Colin Watson Finn Valley AC M35 16:09.30 5:13/M14 100 Chris McGuiness Foyle Valley MO 16:16.10 5:15/M15 201 Paul McGlinchey Letterkenny AC MO 16:19.63 5:16/M16 185 Stephen Connor Foyle Valley MO 16:22.41 5:17/M17 41 Paul McCafferty City of Derry Spartans AC M45 16:26.69 5:18/M18 51 Ann-Marie McGlynn Lifford AC FO 16:32.11 5:20/M19 36 Martin Irwin Finn Valley AC M40 16:36.35 5:21/M20 158 Mark McBrearty Lifford AC MO 16:36.53 5:21/M21 16 Karol Doherty U/A Wheelchair 16:10.422 12 Brian Crossan U/A M35 16:44.54 5:24/M23 162 Noel Logan City of Derry Spartans AC MO 16:47.06 5:25/M24 45 Paddy McDaid Letterkenny AC M35 17:07.75 5:31/M25 208 Gerard Doherty Inishowen AC MO 17:09.55 5:32/M26 150 Adrian Boyle Foyle Valley M35 17:11.40 5:33/M27 214 Sean Dudgeon Lifford AC MO 17:12.87 5:33/M28 23 Brian Ferry Letterkenny AC M35 17:15.98 5:34/M29 113 Laurence Johnston North Belfast Harriers M50 17:16.84 5:34/M30 206 Liam Doherty Cranford AC M35 17:19.36 5:35/M31 132 Bill Duncan Lifford AC M45 17:20.59 5:35/M32 154 Aidan Mckenna Letterkenny AC M40 17:25.20 5:37/M33 144 Adrian Toye Letterkenny AC MO 17:28.80 5:38/M34 20 Connor Donaghey Foyle Valley MO 17:30.02 5:39/M35 176 Raymond Birch Letterkenny AC MO 17:30.45 5:39/M36 153 Barry Meehan Letterkenny AC MO 17:32.04 5:39/M37 61 Liam Murray U/A MO 17:32.74 5:39/M38 125 David Jackson Springwell RC M45 17:32.76 5:39/M39 26 Padraig Friel Letterkenny AC M35 17:33.48 5:40/M40 225 Pauric Breslin U/A MO 17:37.51 5:41/M41 233 Brendan Devlin U/A M35 17:40.39 5:42/M42 157 Dwaine Robb Inishowen AC MO 17:48.78 5:45/M43 210 PJ Boyce Cranford AC M40 17:49.80 5:45/M44 137 Shane Doherty Inishowen AC MO 17:53.22 5:46/M45 112 Michael McKnight U/A M50 17:55.74 5:47/M46 33 Brendan Irvin Finn Valley AC M35 17:57.01 5:47/M47 32 Ronan Hegarty U/A MJ 18:00.15 5:48/M48 164 Daniel Quigley Cool running MO 18:01.41 5:49/M49 165 James Beattie Born to Run M35 18:03.61 5:49/M50 48 Gareth McGee City of Derry Spartans AC M40 18:04.94 5:50/M51 239 Gemma Turley Springwell RC FO 18:06.08 5:50/M52 169 Gareth Kerrigan Milford AC MO 18:06.37 5:50/M53 53 Zachary McGowan City of Derry Spartans AC MJ 18:06.98 5:50/M54 2 Niall Barry Letterkenny AC M35 18:07.02 5:51/M55 139 Pat Gallagher Inishowen AC M35 18:13.95 5:53/M56 209 Michael Murphy U/A M35 18:17.44 5:54/M57 264 Shaun McDaid Inishowen AC M40 18:20.16 5:55/M58 83 Dermot Connolly City of Derry Spartans AC M50 18:20.49 5:55/M59 72 Darren Wallace Foyle Valley MO 18:22.25 5:55/M60 121 Hugh Duffy Cranford AC MO 18:25.66 5:56/M61 179 Ardal McDermott U/A M35 18:26.90 5:57/M62 4 Jim Breen Springwell RC M55 18:27.06 5:57/M63 168 Brian Doherty Milford AC MO 18:27.63 5:57/M64 65 Darren Price U/A MO 18:28.14 5:57/M65 213 Paul mcMonagle Letterkenny AC MO 18:28.60 5:57/M66 111 Jim Newberry North Belfast Harriers M60 18:29.99 5:58/M67 151 Sean Bradley U/A M35 18:30.97 5:58/M68 94 Jarlath Fearon NWTC M50 18:31.79 5:58/M69 127 Ciaran O’Donnell Letterkenny AC M40 18:34.35 5:59/M70 142 Alvaro San Miguel NWTC MO 18:35.76 6:00/M71 101 Amy McDaid City of Derry Spartans AC FJ 18:37.67 6:00/M72 242 Clint Doherty Letterkenny 24/7 M35 18:38.03 6:01/M73 90 Shaun Moore Inishowen AC M35 18:39.90 6:01/M74 184 Johnny McClaren NWTC M35 18:41.38 6:02/M75 107 Paddy Ward Letterkenny AC M55 18:41.45 6:02/M76 241 Kevin McMenamin Lifford AC M35 18:44.10 6:03/M77 40 Stewart Magee U/A MO 18:44.69 6:03/M78 250 Brendan Friel U/A MO 18:45.48 6:03/M79 122 Mick Harkin Inishowen AC M40 18:45.67 6:03/M80 39 Peter Lilburn City of Derry Spartans AC M55 18:45.92 6:03/M81 11 Kieran Coyle Letterkenny AC M35 18:47.59 6:04/M82 166 Martin McGinley U/A M40 18:48.71 6:04/M83 134 Marty Dunleavey Foyle Valley M45 18:49.26 6:04/M84 261 Robert Gallagher U/A M35 18:50.83 6:05/M85 63 Gerry O’Doherty Springwell RC M55 18:51.50 6:05/M86 135 Kim McLaughlin Inishowen AC FO 18:54.35 6:06/M87 136 Benny McDaid Inishowen AC MO 18:55.13 6:06/M88 260 Seamus Morrison Letterkenny AC M40 18:56.70 6:06/M89 268 John Cassidy U/A MJ 18:59.76 6:07/M90 88 Barry Kearney U/A M40 19:00.47 6:08/M91 10 Michael Collins Inishowen AC M45 19:01.14 6:08/M92 230 Kevin O’Sullivan NWTC M40 19:01.59 6:08/M93 141 Maeve Maher-McWilliams NWTC FO 19:08.76 6:10/M94 175 Colly O’Donnell Kickboxing LK M40 19:09.93 6:11/M95 205 Shaun McMenamin U/A M50 19:10.78 6:11/M96 211 Ben George Letterkenny AC M35 19:12.46 6:12/M97 220 Adrian Callaghan Letterkenny AC M40 19:14.63 6:12/M98 87 Eugene McGettigan Letterkenny AC M35 19:19.58 6:14/M99 203 Thomas Farren U/A M40 19:20.07 6:14/M100 215 Tony Gallagher Finn Valley AC M45 19:20.43 6:14/M101 161 Paul Cosgrove Letterkenny AC M45 19:21.18 6:15/M102 216 Catherine Dooher Finn Valley AC FO 19:22.64 6:15/M103 138 Cathal Harvey U/A MO 19:23.01 6:15/M104 18 Seamus Doherty U/A M35 19:23.08 6:15/M105 19 Theresa Doherty Inishowen AC FO 19:31.01 6:18/M106 120 Ciara Toner Springwell RC FO 19:32.96 6:18/M107 29 Michael Gallagher Foyle Valley M50 19:33.49 6:18/M108 49 Jackie McGinley City of Derry Spartans AC M40 19:35.47 6:19/M109 42 Malcolm McCausland Lifford AC M60 19:45.72 6:22/M110 231 James mcConnell NWTC M40 19:49.14 6:24/M111 123 Frances Judge Letterkenny AC F45 19:50.26 6:24/M112 152 Boyd Robinson U/A M35 19:51.47 6:24/M113 171 Emmett Mullan NWTC MJ 19:53.27 6:25/M114 68 Andrew Stoddart U/A MO 19:54.42 6:25/M115 106 Jamie Friel U/A M35 20:02.86 6:28/M116 183 Ciara Neary U/A FO 20:03.93 6:28/M117 124 Gerard Mullen Letterkenny AC M40 20:07.97 6:29/M118 64 Charlie O’Donnell Letterkenny AC M35 20:15.34 6:32/M119 226 Aron Cole U/A M40 20:16.52 6:32/M120 128 Richard Raymond Letterkenny AC M55 20:17.87 6:33/M121 146 Darren Beecroft Letterkenny AC M45 20:21.20 6:34/M122 133 Gary Gumbleton U/A MO 20:25.79 6:35/M123 187 Pawel Dudek U/A M40 20:25.90 6:35/M124 197 David Henry U/A MO 20:27.50 6:36/M125 155 Trevor Cox U/A M35 20:29.10 6:36/M126 105 Charles Vervial U/A MJ 20:32.52 6:37/M127 191 Sheila Doherty Inishowen AC FO 20:33.89 6:38/M128 178 Marie Boyle Letterkenny AC FO 20:33.96 6:38/M129 160 Hugh Gallagher Letterkenny AC M55 20:36.97 6:39/M130 202 Shaun Heaney N.W.T.C MO 20:38.38 6:39/M131 147 Shane McCormick U/A M35 20:38.78 6:39/M132 246 Nikita Burke U/A FO 20:44.96 6:41/M133 249 Naoise Enright Letterkenny AC M35 20:45.15 6:42/M134 82 Peter McKinney Inishowen AC M50 20:46.30 6:42/M135 238 Hugh Ferry U/A MO 20:47.08 6:42/M136 177 Jane McGinley Letterkenny AC FO 20:47.70 6:42/M137 95 Mary Hippsley Finn Valley AC F45 20:56.55 6:45/M138 222 Ciara Fraser City of Derry Spartans AC FO 21:00.18 6:46/M139 262 Christopher McNulty U/A MO 21:14.30 6:51/M140 55 Bernard McLaughlin U/A M35 21:16.42 6:52/M141 38 Janeen Lesse City of Derry Spartans AC FO 21:17.08 6:52/M142 245 Eimear McClafferty U/A FO 21:18.42 6:52/M143 255 Gerard Doyle Inishowen AC M40 21:21.96 6:53/M144 148 Declan McGill Foyle Valley M35 21:22.97 6:54/M145 60 Anthony Murray U/A M60 21:23.32 6:54/M146 109 Emmett McCarron U/A MO 21:28.70 6:55/M147 110 Darren Toland U/A MO 21:30.31 6:56/M148 269 Noel Lynch Letterkenny AC M45 21:34.97 6:57/M149 47 Darryl McGee U/A MO 21:36.23 6:58/M150 80 Ronan Doherty Inishowen AC MO 21:40.12 6:59/M151 254 Liam Noel Bradley U/A M35 21:40.72 6:59/M152 140 Paul O’Donnell U/A MO 21:44.59 7:01/M153 129 Lorraine McDaid U/A FO 21:44.65 7:01/M154 130 Serena McDaid U/A FO 21:46.28 7:01/M155 207 Charlene McIntyre U/A FO 21:49.06 7:02/M156 89 Thomas Doherty U/A M40 21:51.96 7:03/M157 180 Trina Mhic Dhónaill U/A F40 21:53.90 7:04/M158 244 Theresa Doherty Inishowen AC FO 21:55.06 7:04/M159 131 Amanda McFadden U/A FO 21:56.17 7:05/M160 97 John O’Loughlin U/A MO 22:09.35 7:09/M161 170 Emma-Jo McConnellogue NWTC FJ 22:15.97 7:11/M162 258 Camilla McGranaghan City of Derry Spartans AC F35 22:22.06 7:13/M163 204 Ernie Pollock U/A M50 22:23.10 7:13/M164 232 Sinead O’Brien U/A F35 22:26.26 7:14/M165 17 Ruth Doherty Inishowen AC F35 22:30.38 7:15/M166 9 Breege Collins Inishowen AC F40 22:32.94 7:16/M167 248 Patricia McLaughlin Inishowen AC F40 22:33.04 7:16/M168 163 Claire Connor City of Derry Spartans AC F45 22:38.35 7:18/M169 263 Brendan Conner NWTC M45 22:38.67 7:18/M170 267 Cathal Crossan U/A MO 22:39.79 7:18/M171 86 Seamus Carlin Boys club boxing MO 22:40.63 7:19/M172 237 Eugene McGinley U/A M45 22:41.13 7:19/M173 98 Edward John Grant U/A M35 22:41.61 7:19/M174 188 Terry Doherty U/A M40 22:46.93 7:21/M175 78 Damian Downey Inishowen AC M40 22:47.71 7:21/M176 256 Gary Wade Born to Run M40 22:49.99 7:22/M177 186 Anthony Mcfadden U/A MO 22:54.13 7:23/M178 66 Stephen Quigley Buncrana Hearts FC M40 22:58.82 7:25/M179 21 Gloria Donaghey Finn Valley AC F50 22:58.91 7:25/M180 234 Aidan Kelly U/A M35 22:59.67 7:25/M181 172 Shaun O’Donnell U/A M50 23:01.54 7:25/M182 143 Pat Cunningham NWTC M50 23:06.47 7:27/M183 79 John McCandless Inishowen AC M40 23:16.17 7:30/M184 223 Grainne Kearns City of Derry Spartans AC FO 23:19.33 7:31/M185 7 Brigeen Canavan City of Derry Spartans AC F45 23:22.90 7:32/M186 159 William Baldrick U/A M35 23:25.92 7:33/M187 74 Noel Cullen U/A M35 23:26.09 7:34/M188 58 Cathy Moran Foyle Valley F50 23:26.39 7:34/M189 31 Kieran Grant U/A MO 23:27.61 7:34/M190 219 Paul Sweeney U/A M35 23:30.19 7:35/M191 193 Georgina Dixon U/A F35 23:30.58 7:35/M192 167 Alison Hill U/A FO 23:36.99 7:37/M193 117 Marie O’Donnell Inishowen AC F35 23:41.63 7:38/M194 253 Kieran McElroy U/A M40 23:43.65 7:39/M195 99 Connor Harkin U/A M35 23:44.12 7:39/M196 54 Melissa McIntyre Inishowen AC FO 23:45.28 7:40/M197 84 Denis Kelly U/A M40 23:46.18 7:40/M198 13 Joanne Cullen U/A FO 23:46.34 7:40/M199 27 Colm Furey U/A M35 23:47.34 7:40/M200 35 Declan Irwin U/A MO 23:51.49 7:42/M201 104 Eilis Galbraith Inishowen AC FO 23:53.71 7:42/M202 190 Aideen McLaughlin Inishowen AC F45 23:59.21 7:44/M203 189 Evelyn Mcgeehan Finn Valley AC F45 24:01.79 7:45/M204 93 Stephanie Campbell U/A FO 24:32.63 7:55/M205 257 Mark Quigley Born to Run M40 24:41.39 7:58/M206 81 Ilze Kaulina U/A FO 24:46.58 7:59/M207 43 Dessie McCourt Foyle Valley M40 24:47.02 8:00/M208 217 Alison Stoddart U/A FO 24:54.08 8:02/M209 71 Keiron Tourish U/A M45 24:56.90 8:03/M210 251 Francesca Patton U/A FO 24:57.58 8:03/M211 85 Majella McLaughlin Inishowen AC FO 24:59.20 8:04/M212 196 Siabhria O’Flaherty U/A FO 25:00.58 8:04/M213 30 Danielle Grant Inishowen AC FO 25:00.67 8:04/M214 37 Seana Jackson Inisnowen AC F40 25:03.74 8:05/M215 195 Barry Tooristt NWTC M50 25:12.73 8:08/M216 156 Tomas Rodgers U/A MO 25:19.76 8:10/M217 243 Robbie Hale Cool running M45 25:23.48 8:11/M218 227 David Payne U/A M35 25:27.46 8:13/M219 199 Tony Graham U/A M35 25:38.14 8:16/M220 265 Olivia Gillen Convoy Running Club FO 25:38.77 8:16/M221 182 Audrey Friel Lifford AC F40 25:53.74 8:21/M222 266 Aisling Duggan U/A FJ 25:57.22 8:22/M223 212 Patsy Doherty Omega M50 26:05.12 8:25/M224 229 Lousie Friel U/A FO 26:13.48 8:27/M225 52 Caroline McGonigle U/A F35 26:13.79 8:27/M226 247 Jennifer Hegarty U/A F35 26:23.65 8:31/M227 92 Michelle McLaughlin U/A FO 26:33.25 8:34/M228 91 William McLaughlin U/A MO 26:33.42 8:34/M229 236 Elaine Duffy U/A F40 26:36.95 8:35/M230 56 Emma McLaughlin U/A F35 26:41.17 8:36/M231 224 Michelle Kearney U/A FO 26:42.49 8:37/M232 198 Anne Graham Inishowen AC F35 26:44.96 8:37/M233 192 Noelle Doherty U/A FO 26:53.48 8:40/M234 228 Claire McLaughlin U/A FO 27:01.91 8:43/M235 174 Desmond Brownlie Lagan Valley AC M65 27:04.06 8:44/M236 28 Darren Gallagher U/A MO 27:06.06 8:45/M237 218 Marie Carey Inishowen AC F40 27:24.42 8:50/M238 181 Tracey Hayes Lifford AC F35 27:31.63 8:53/M239 14 Michelle Cullen U/A FO 27:44.42 8:57/M240 77 John Curran U/A MO 27:47.25 8:58/M241 62 Louise O’Connor Inishowen AC F35 28:00.53 9:02/M242 96 Kathleen (Carter) Seevaratnam U/A F45 28:00.78 9:02/M243 149 Siobhan Maher Inishowen AC F35 28:10.21 9:05/M244 25 Patrick Fox U/A M40 28:11.78 9:05/M245 73 Maire Fitzpatrick U/A F40 28:17.62 9:07/M246 252 Paula O’Donnell Finn Valley AC F35 28:23.58 9:09/M247 235 Bridie Baldrick U/A F60 28:46.27 9:17/M248 221 Tracey Ojorgjjevski U/A FO 28:53.02 9:19/M249 44 Michael McDaid U/A MO 28:54.33 9:19/M250 194 Mairead McIntyre U/A FO 29:20.99 9:28/M251 6 Jenny Byrne City of Derry Spartans AC F40 30:25.58 9:49/M252 173 Mary O’Donnell U/A F45 30:41.93 9:54/M253 3 Fiona Baylis City of Derry Spartans AC F45 30:46.66 9:55/M254 5 Bridgeen Byrne City of Derry Spartans AC F50 32:03.74 10:20/M255 1 Susan Acton City of Derry Spartans AC F40 32:03.81 10:20/M256 8 Della Canny Inisnowen AC F35 32:19.56 10:25/M257 126 Richie Kelly U/A M70 32:19.77 10:25/M258 75 Jacky Boyd U/A F35 32:46.77 10:34/M259 76 Elizabeth O’Donnell DBL FO 32:47.69 10:35/MLETTERKENNY’S DOHERTY WINS HUGELY SUCCESSFUL BUNCRANA 5K was last modified: May 30th, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Buncrana 5kCiaran Dohertylast_img read more

  • Brills Advances To Finals At Drake Invitational

    first_img Day 2 Results Story Links In doubles, Mela Jaglarz and Megan Webb led the team as they defeated Hall/Erasmus (MInn/NIU), 8-6, to move on to the Flight B doubles championship match. Brills, Jaglarz and Webb will play in their respective championship matches on Sunday to close out the Drake Inivational.  Print Friendly Versioncenter_img DES MOINES, Iowa – Senior Summer Brills advanced to the finals to lead the Drake University women’s tennis team at Drake Invitational on Saturday. Brill earned a pair of convincing victories to advance to the Flight A singles championship match. She began her day with a 6-5, 6-3 win over Creighton’s Ashley Ishimura and then finished her day by beating Minnesota’s Karyna Bihel, 6-4, 6-1.last_img read more