Month: November 2017

  • Between 360 and Jinshan without war and fired

    for this bound tactics, believe that 360 peers is not a bit strange, of course, they also know that this so-called rogue tactics are generally not easily be used, because it is prejudicial to the reputation, but the market is merciless what can you do to face, or to survive it, seeing all the market now soon 360 fretting about, do not hand can be said it is too late, then rival 360 shot, the head of the 360 old rivals Jinshan network needless to say we all know Fu Sheng, was once the 360 old men, so for all 360 methods are well known, before remember Fu Sheng said, similarly, also to the human body, the revenge is not reported, just before the time, before Kingsoft’s market share is not great, the Based on the assumption that the early use of words, it is to bring millions or tens of millions of users, not much power, but it is not the same, Kingsoft is now one hundred million, so at once thrown out, caused by the earthquake can not be small, today is the first time to Jinshan. Look, as the market competition intensifies, the other few have holidays and 360 old friends, QQ, love Shanghai, Sohu, in front of all and 360 holidays, imagine, if so, after the computer may be put, when discussing in the QQ group this morning, a friends last night also installed, that is to say all the useful Kingsoft friends. read more

  • Shanghai Longfeng optimization and user experience which one you prefer

    so, technology and user experience are the 2 things that cannot be mention in the same breath. The www.wxlinli贵族宝贝 user experience is very important, but the internal structure of the web page is not good, some Kung Fu Shanghai Longfeng failed, resulting in no flow of words, no users have no experience. For a web site, Shanghai dragon like many other promotion mode, is just a tool to get traffic, but compared to other more powerful tools. The user of a website, can be called.

    so we decided in the website users still focuses on technology, must give to their own site location: we do is brand, or the promotion of new products; to be a celebrity, or anonymous personal promotion; and we also analysis the function of the website that we want is to visit or repeat; the station is entertaining, or information; picture or text station, station etc.. read more