Month: September 2017

  • To reduce the 9 bounce rate method

    3. mobile phone version of the websiteThe use of

    website bounce rate to a certain extent on the user experience level, whether the site is attractive to users, search engine is one of the important factors to the rating of the website. Our Shanghai dragon industry fast row, a lot of people quickly by clicking on the rankings, but a few days later ranking fell back, website bounce rate is high, the low degree of user experience is one of the important reasons.

    because of compatibility issues, web site will encounter open layout disorder even garbled in some browsers, testing time in different browsers and different versions of the browser on the common when necessary. read more

  • How to optimize the user experience from Shanghai Dragon

    improvement for the website needs to adjust for the site of the target population were analyzed, then the design details on the site on the appropriate improvements, such as web design style, color collocation, page layout, page size, picture display, font size, site LOGO space, to achieve the purpose is, when a user into the site, can clear your site is what, he can get what valuable things on your website, this is the key.

    browsing experience


    two, interactive experience to improve read more

  • Website optimization more days for Austria and deserve to win

                decryption: what is the right time?

                Shanghai Longfeng needs to do to make the site a little green leaves red what is Shanghai dragon talent shows itself, technology? Why do some people do not understand the Shanghai dragon still get a higher flow, and some people claim to know the Shanghai dragon, in technical theory and real combat is closely reasoned and well argued, however difficult? We do not analyze Shanghai Dragon technology today, just to explore the influence factors related to the basis of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect. Today a friend station is K off, although the optimization do very well, but eventually escape death, the following words: Shanghai dragon day, accounting for more optimization due to geography, people and the three indispensable. read more

  • How to hold the nose to enhance user strategies and skills of website viscosity

    we know, hit where it hurts, holding each other nose similar to find each other’s weakness, make each other the most willing to do as we require, website optimization, website promotion viscosity we will through the user’s preferences, match up. As the name suggests is to let the user be conscious of our content attract, stay for a long time, and constantly reading articles we, have a good feeling. Generally speaking, the user experience is high, active users will be very good rankings, because the site weight of user favorite site love Shanghai will certainly be higher, how to build our website viscosity Guantanamo read more

  • How to search the rich service

    for the rich and the poor search engine

    search engine is the entrance, brand enterprises not only gain entrance channel, and hope to be able to promote the brand in the search engine, search engine brand zone is to meet the idea of enterprise. But the search engine brand zone meets an idea, achieves to the entrance, but also the purpose of brand promotion? Doubtful. The two important clues in the brand area, one is interactive, is a shopping mall. If I were Lenovo fans, usually, may pay close attention to Lenovo’s official micro-blog in micro-blog, rather than through the search engine for attention. When I need to buy a Lenovo computer, I will enter in the search engine Taobao mall, Jingdong mall, rather than enter the "Lenovo", and then enter the mall from the search engine home page, the search engine provides the entrance, actually with superfluous means. So, brand area provides multiple entrance into the enterprise, also hope to promote the corporate brand. read more

  • Wang Wei left potatoes after nearly forty years once wanted to have nothing to do with the nternet


    for start-ups, it’s wrong to hire "smart" engineering talent.

    deserves to be poured into all

    "after 12 years of fully entrepreneurial lifestyle, I haven’t had enough time to think enough about this venture.". As the pressures gathered and burned me down, I didn’t have enough time to think about the details of the team and the resources needed." Benson said, "I have a great idea. I hope nobody can do it before I do it."."


    CEO post tudou "retired", so it is with Wang Wei, that year he was nearly forty, financial freedom, no matter near the body, traveling around the world, "lying there every day, the sun was there, look at the book there.". But in Thailand, Bangkok The Grand Palace, two tall stone Buddha and made him "moving", they are in the southeast that high color saturation of buildings is violated, seems to be still sad, "now this time, so I don’t believe in God, what about immortals? It is across the sea like the two immortals bluestone statue to a place?" he was in a trance. The potatoes and Youku merger, at the age of 38, he suddenly "nothing", he considered a bodiless lacquerware in France to buy a winery brewing wine, a furniture factory or home in Fujian, and all the Internet has no relationship. read more

  • How to understand the long tail keywords simple


    PPC account management people should know, those short words, in the bidding rankings in the competition is fierce, but the return on investment is relatively low. And the long tail keywords, to bring traffic to the site may not be much, but the return on investment is considerable, because of the long tail keywords to attract advertisers looking for the audience, and are very close to those of point-of-purchase can be ultimately converted to potential customers customers.

    I do not know whether we surprised those leading words, can also be interpreted as the keyword bidding PPC accounts, accounts for only a small part of all the search, if the above figure, only about 10%-15% of all traffic, green area in 15% – 20% of the traffic is of medium length keywords. Then, the remaining approximately 70% related search traffic comes from the long tail keywords. read more

  • How to find the detailed cross link link resources

    1.QQ and

    After the initiativeAlthough the change of

    two days ago were written "what is the detailed cross link cross links" and "function" of cross links detailed cross links, the response is also good, some friends add my QQ and I exchange to discuss this issue. In fact, cross link is not a very difficult problem, like the early human society barter way, but we are only the exchange site. So today to share with you how to quickly and accurately find the cross link resources, presumably this is a lot of friends want to know to do cross links. How do the cross links several good method? According to the author’s own experience summed up the following points: read more

  • Website optimization analysis of site map

    4, RSS map, is also a common platform page, called rssmap.html. The first similar site map to that we say, in RSS, it will make a list of websites, channels be arranged, generated after opening the link is corresponding to the channel list. The first map is optimized for the user, and the fourth generation of the link is corresponding to the channel list, easy to search engine optimization.

    site map, is mainly for the user experience to use, also called the site map, site navigation, it is a static page, placed above the website all column or channel links. The site map can provide dual purpose: they not only for the search engine spiders to facilitate the entrance to your website all the web pages, provide a convenient entrance for visitors. read more

  • Whether Shanghai dragon password is the second Shanghai dragon wolf rain

    can be said that the words "Shanghai dragon" has been search engine, pay close attention to the special treatment. For other industries probably has no meaning at all. Shanghai Longfeng also analysis of the industry, different industries will have.


    industry analysis

    : first the keywords Shanghai dragon do what is the significance of the first page of Shanghai

    tool from love station can see this website is only about 7 months, but can make the words "Shanghai dragon" to love the first page of Shanghai has been a lot of Shanghai dragon dream er. The stone probably looked down on this forum, the most prominent is the more than 60 Links. There have been a rain Shanghai dragon case, then Shanghai Longfeng whether password is second rain? We’ll see. But in these two cases, we should think about what read more