Month: August 2017

  • The site is down right what effect will not be revised

    website is to optimize and enhance the user experience, if the site is around the next Shanghai dragon promotion while ignoring the user experience, indeed, the website is the revision again have what meaning? Just Shanghai dragon network marketing is not a whole.

    3, after the website you plan to promote


    in the website before thinking, the purpose of this website, if there is no reason and adequate cleaning target, revision of the website is not recommended. If you have a clear target, such as a web site before does not accord with search engine optimization and user experience of web pages is ugly, graphic design is rough, so the site can consider revision. read more

  • Yao Jingang how do the Shanghai dragon controlled on

    4) once found the site is not in accordance with the expected schedule, you can consider the adjustment of Shanghai Longfeng scheme, added to the data did not keep up with the Shanghai dragon. Simple to say that under various external factors changing to adjust Shanghai Longfeng implementation scheme, which is a team, not a difficult thing.

    but need to pay attention to the premise, such as the role of search engines is to integrate various resources of the Internet, so the search engine algorithm is core to facilitate the users as soon as possible to find the information needed for the basic principle, the current search engine business are more serious, most of the core algorithm is that no one knows, so do Shanghai dragon controlled, we were only according to the usual experiments or experience to judge, so as to achieve what we want to achieve the purpose of read more

  • As a Shanghai dragon er you must learn to analyze

    from the long tail keywords in the search engine rankingThe

    collection is always the webmaster about things, a web site included not only the ranking effect, is the most direct impact on the flow. Sometimes we find some sites included soon, and even some seconds. But some websites can not be included in search engines. What is the reason? Chain you to analyze your website, especially you are a newly established site. The chain you need to analyze whether the single, and low quality. If the chain is mainly some BBS signature or blog message, the construction of your next focus will be on the high quality of the chain. You can go to the web site information, such as inquiry platform place to do outside the chain of high quality. There is a Links exchange, when Links as friend chain and weight site advertising. read more

  • How do there is a correlation between the high quality of the chain of combat skills

    love Shanghai chain algorithm, last year and this year is striking one snag after another algorithm is always in batch, and garbage soft Wen, signature, not related to the chain are within the scope of punishment, made us feel Shanghai dragon will be scorched by the flames, the hair of the chain, but the chain so that we won’t do it? I personally feel inappropriate, not outside the chain to promote ranking, relying on content to push is not scientific!! too time-consuming effort have!! so how do the chain to promote the rankings and not be loved in Shanghai bored? Only take time to do the chain related to high quality do the chain, value chain, Shanghai needs sex. I give you said: read more

  • Not on the front page of the website keyword causes and Solutions

    three: the website domain name is some problems, some owners in the choice of the domain name, often do not have to query the website domain name history, to see whether the domain name before being used, there is k, and the same theme, check whether the domain name is K can be included and the chain of view a collection of 0, the site outside the chain have thousands of this description of the domain name search engine punishment, so the choice of the domain name is very important, not to be search engine punishment registered domain name. read more

  • How to use the weights to do Post Bar love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization monthly return 1000

    first, we see a very cattle Post Bar.

    so Post Bar do search engine optimization to achieve monthly return 10000+

    search keywords of this kind, the most accurate three channels: love Shanghai, love Shanghai search drop-down box, know love Shanghai search.

    yes, you see a long tail word Post Bar. I want to say, is to do the long tail word Post Bar. There are often use search information friends love Shanghai is very clear, most of the love of Shanghai home contents are able to see the love of Shanghai Post Bar position. For example, enter the keyword "Internet", "Internet" can be seen on the Post Bar. read more

  • The interpretation of so called love 11 Shanghai phenomenon


    portal station of Shanghai Phoenix mystery? Complex? A: no mystery, not complicated. Focusing on the strategy of Shanghai Longfeng portal station. Yes, strategy. Regardless of the enterprise or the portal station Shanghai station of Shanghai dragon dragon, from a technical point of view, without any difficulty, can be called. The strategy to continue, how? I can not forgive in this article is about a very detailed, is actually not difficult, the most important thing is just once, second times no problem. In fact, a ER Shanghai dragon to do portal of Shanghai dragon head, the most important thing is a guide. This time you can take the Shanghai dragon theory you know all along the guide way away, go myself pondering, grow very quickly. read more

  • Zhang Fan how to link thousands of applause

    said how to applaud the link, must have a lot of friends will think about a problem: how to find the chain resources

    1. by using the advanced search instructions. Use a search engine knows the search engine can search our user needs, but also know.

    How ?

    we introduce the link, link name refers to the connection point to another goal from a web page, the target can be other ", but also some pictures, video files, etc.. How can be called a good link, I personally think that to meet some factors: read more

  • The website included the cause of instability if you know

    no matter for any search engine, they have a rating for a website home page, especially for that every day a new content update website, search engine spiders crawling more love, better effect, and for the website snapshot, even website content is a second what is normal.

    (three) brand effect in trouble.

    (two) audit content over a long period of time.

    (a) the most important home search engine.

    many sites will be included up and down suddenly, for many of these friends are not very clear. So the author also and we explain, in fact many websites especially new sites, at the beginning of the search engines will be included a lot of content on your site, but after a period of time suddenly found the website a lot less, then we don’t really need too much care about, because it is likely to be before the search engine a collection of content re placed to review the review period, of course, this is you need to ensure that your site is not the premise of fall right and be K under. read more

  • The highest level of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is for reputation

    so, we imagine that if your customers have been looking for Mou Changqing, a search found a negative evaluation of this kind, this business is not very difficult to do, if your customers in your search, there is a lot of positive evaluation, the business is almost you

    invited customer evaluation, it will take a little time for you, but this link reaches a certain accumulation, you will find the gains compared to this time very value. But this evaluation from customers tend to be more vivid, > read more