Call for employers to open jobs to disabled

first_imgFour yearsafter the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act, a raft ofinitiatives are being launched to get employers on board.TheDisability Rights Commission, set up to give teeth to the Act, is launching itsfirst major initiative since its creation last April. The Actions Speak LouderThan Words initiative, due to be launched by Tony Blair on 11 December, willsee employers pledge to increase the number of disabled people they employ. Theanniversary also coincides with the European Day of Disabled People on 3December.LloydsTSB, the TUC and bus company Arriva have been recruited by the commission totake part in its initiative. It is hoped their example will lead to a host ofother organisations signing up.Acommission spokesman said the initiative aimed to create a “trickle downeffect” that would help disabled people both in the workplace and in theirday-to-day lives.BertMassie, chairman of the Disability Rights Commission, said, “There is this viewfrom some quarters of business that we want to see blind people as fighterpilots. They (businesses) do not seek to ask the basic questions that they askin all other employment contexts: has this person got the skills to do thisjob?”Lawyersexpect a rise in the number of cases taken by the commission over the next yearto provide greater clarification of the law.RobMcCreath, employment partner at Eversheds, said, “It is still a difficult areabecause it is often hard to get to the bottom of whether someone is sufferingfrom a mental health-related disability and where to draw the line to accommodatea disability.”By HelenRowe Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Call for employers to open jobs to disabledOn 28 Nov 2000 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. last_img

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