Analysts Ponder Bolivia’s Ties to Venezuela in a Post-Chávez Scenario

first_imgSource/VTV Bolívar, in his letter to the Congress of Angostura, talks about the chains of servitude and that the colonialist dominated peoples through ignorance than through force. Colonialists don’t understand the word solidarity. They will never understand the progress of the people of Bolivia on the social level. Also there are still the masters of the Valley, a few families of European origin that dominated all the indigenous people. Today they have a President who has managed to make the homeland independent and who makes his own decisions. A dignified people with a worthy President. We are proud to have helped the favorite daughter of Bolivar. PURE MORBIDITY. IT IS AMAZING HOW JOURNALISTS, WHO REGARD THEMSELVES AS SERIOUS AND RESPONSIBLE, COHABIT WITH DECEPTION, EVIL, AND SPECULATION. THIS ARTICLE BY AN ANALYST (I WOULD RATHER SAY “ANUS READY”) CAN RESULT IN MISUNDERSTANDINGS. IT PLACES IN THE HANDS OF THE GOVERNMENT THE FATE OF ANOTHER GOVERNMENT. IT ALSO CONSIDER POSITIONS OF CHARACTERS AND SMALL FIGURES THAT IN THEIR COUNTRY DON’T DO MORE THAN CREATE CONFUSION. The Bolivian people should be ashamed to surrender this way to a foreign Government as Venezuela. Their concept of sovereignty and independence is very low and they have shown a trend, like the Cubans, to not want to work and add value to develop their country without external interference. It is true that this Government of the people has made mistakes. But it is the Government of most success, and who counts with the confidence of the majority of citizens. Bolivia, more than ever, has generated economic movement thanks to the patriotic policy of nationalization of strategic resources. The next ones to be nationalized are CRE and SAGUAPAG. Keep moving forward Evo……… Augusto Rios, Yes, Evo is a Nationalist, as Hitler was. It is not just giving away things… it is an exchange. Only the weak of mind see what they want to see. The Alliance will remain because it is an alternative of life… or is it necessary to crawl to the foot of the Empire to be free? Long live Chavez, Long live Venezuela and long live all the people who know that this is the way. Free and Socialist Homeland! Greetings; It is not possible that Venezuela is going through a situation like the current one. You have to stay in line for cement, food, milk powder, toothpaste, pasta, flour are not available. Meat is scarce. It is difficult to get spare parts for vehicles and the most preoccupying is personal insecurity: there are thefts, robberies and deaths every day. Only we the Venezuelan people know what is going on here, the important politicians and the wealthy people of the country have bodyguards and the police in many cases protect the owners of fishy business when they leave their jobs or businesses. It has been proven that the hate among peoples is paid dearly by Presidents who try to impose it.Only fraternal union among peoples will germinate and unite our America. Evo Morales, without any shame, has sold himself to Chavez and is therefore forced to show him gratitude. Hopefully he won´t be forced to commit a “self-suicide”, expression that will immortalize him. Long live Evo… Long live Chavez, long live socialism; but may they live far away, many seem to think.It is regrettable to see countries like Venezuela and Bolivia losing their identities as sovereign nations.Bolivia has lost it in the hands of the pro-Chávez and Venezuela in the hands of the Cuban people. Today there is a disorder of identities that few understand. Nobody knows anymore who is Cuban, Bolivian, Ecuadorian, Uruguayan etc. They are all politically together and also scrambled.All hanging from those tremendous udders called Venezuela that with every day that passes has less “milk.”The economic turmoil that Venezuela has today will get worst because of the increases in fuel cost and other constraints will be added and will drown the pockets of Venezuelans and collaterally will make Bolivians and Cubans sweat ice.If Bolivia decides to take out its products through Peruvian ports nothing will happen. Serious and convincing commercial studies that been done by important Bolivian entrepreneurs show that it is much more economical and practical to take their products out through the Amazon River into the Atlantic than through routes to the West and Pacific Ocean.If the situation in Venezuela changes radically, it would not be surprising that they judge Chavez and his entourage for treason and tax embezzlement, and in the same time they would summon Evo, José, and other Romulus and Remus to declare before international tribunals.Long live Chavez, long live Evo and long live; but may they live far away. Regarding Maestro Dudamel, I believe that each country has its rules and one must respect them. Here in Venezuela famous musicians, singers and intellectuals have experienced bad times, and when the supporters of the Government see too much of it, in order to justify the unjustifiable, qualify them as infiltrators from the Yankee empire, conspirators and trying to perpetrate a supposed assassination. We have PLENTY of past history of that. Gentlemen… the freebies have to end… because the little cow will stop giving milk… and then you people of this beautiful Andean country…you will have look towards Venezuela to see how can they help us… so it will be… and another little thing, here we do not know if the President is in the country… because… no one, absolutely nobody, has seen him… either in photos or in person… start thinking about how they are going to help us… because the way things are going… the omelet is turning. I agree with the words of Carlos Puerta on 20/02/2013 at 05:56AM: “Greetings: It is not possible that Venezuela is going through a situation like the current one. You have to stay in line for cement. Food, milk powder, toothpaste, pasta, flour are not available. Meat is scarce. It is difficult to get spare parts for vehicles and most preocupying is personal insecurity: there are thefts, robberies and deaths every day. Only the Venezuelan people know what is going here, the “important” politicians and the wealthy people of the country have bodyguards and the police in many cases protect the owners of fishy business when they leave from their jobs or businesses.” Venezuelan Democrats, listen to the point of view of a Venezuelan who ventured to give his opinion where any opinion against the regime is crushed. It is time to act. Begging is bad, begging without need is the biggest abjection. Since its birth, Bolivia has been living begging to all countries, to all regimes, Russians and Yankees, imperialists and anti-imperialists. As a result, Bolivians are despised, and even worse, Bolivians are only friends to those who give them money. Begging is shameful for any country and it is a tragedy if it’s a country with resources like Bolivia. Enough of Chavez, his pennies and his vulgarity. Enough of Cuba and the Castros, the biggest losers of Latin American history. They ordered to kill El Che. For 30 years they have lived off the Russians, now off Chavez and they have failed all the same. Cuba is still underdeveloped, there is a lot more prostitution today than before the Castros and all Cubans are living in bad conditions. With all that shame on their backs, they come to Bolivia and regard themselves as Swedish. Dumb and stuffy article, with a couple of old fashioned and outdated commentators. By God, what opposition Venezuela has. The only history they have in mind is the one they have been read from the 99. So far, as all Governments, it has its cons but don’t compare this President with CAP. Unlike this latter, this Government is not making cuts in social investment, it has regulated prices to protect the most humble people, but this opposition are a bunch of zombies without brain that applaud when a bunch of businessmen without shame hoard and speculate as if this did not affect them also. And it is true that some goods are scarce, but wait until my commander gets his hands in those companies and expropriates them so that they produce according to the people’s needs. It´s a pity that our people have relied on this type of Presidents with their ruin and perverse actions, who give crumbs to our people making them dependent while they become gods living in paradise. Why don´t they use those resources to open new businesses so people have decent jobs and not ask for hand-outs. If you don´t agree with their beliefs, you go against the revolution. Ask yourselves what are the salaries of the politicians and of all the State apparatus and compare them with the salaries of the working class. How long do they want to stay in power, even against the divine will. Rulers of many places that insisted on staying in power committing abuses and outrages against everyone who thought differently have paid a high price. The only thing Governments like these leave behind is division between brothers, huge debts, poverty and desolation because they wasted the resources and they never re-invested thinking about the future. No one can go against the divine will, it comes at the time that it has to come, even worse for many rulers who ignored it during their rise to power. Today they try to hang on to it in a desperate attempt, when everything is hanging by a thread. Venezuelans, I ask these questions to those who say that the revolution is good because the Government is taking companies to allow more production; then tell me why, if supposedly they are producing additional tons, then why it is not possible to find rods and cement, where are they? Open your eyes and think about our country, because a country without investors does not work. I still do not understand, why does the Venezuelan Government, who speaks of brotherhood between Nations, still ask us, Bolivians, for a VISA to enter their country? Long Live Chavez and his revolution Tremendous reflection for our Venezuelan President, if he does not unite the people in this mandate he will know of the Divine Law. To those who don’t like socialism, I am going to recommend a book called The Secret War of Oil, and if they do not change their way of thinking is because their mental poverty reached its limit. …It is regrettable that even today, after the great struggles of our peoples to achieve and maintain freedom, it is not understood in all its dimensions. To be free is to have the opportunity to choose work, where to live, what to eat and the religion or political philosophy, without the State coercing people through the Government. When a Government starts to hand over sovereignty, disguising it as solidarity, open your eyes. Long live freedom, without communism. Here in Venezuela we perceive Evo as a humble, clever man, but without his own thinking. Whenever he arrives to visit our country we ask ourselves what is the amount of checks that he takes back, he is not a cholo, he is a pimp. No matter what, Evo is the democratic President of Bolivia, because he has been chosen by the majority of his citizens. Those who criticize him are anti-nationals and envious. Peru needs an Evo Morales to gain respect for our Mar de Grau. THE BOLIVARIAN REVOLUTION IS IRREVERSIBLE… ALL THE POLLS POINT AT MADURO TO WIN IN THE HYPOTHETICAL CASE THAT ELECTIONS TAKE PLACE THIS YEAR. THE CULOMBIANOS THAT ARE BEHIND THE ASSHOLE URIBE WILL END UP LIKE CALVES (SUCKING). VIVA CHAVEZ, LONG LIVE CRISTINA, LONG LIVE VILMA , LONG LIVE EVO, LONG LIVE CORREA, LONG LIVE JOSE MUJICA, LONG LIVE ORTEGA… THE FASCISTS WILL NOT COME BACK, LONG LIVE TO THE BOLIVARIAN REVOLUTION…! Very good article, it makes clear two key things: 1. Why there are still so many poor people in Venezuela, after 14 years of Hugo Chávez’s ruling, with the highest petroleum prices in all history. And, 2 ° Why a guy as limited and egocentric as Chavez has so much support from other Governments such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba and Argentina (the man purchases support with the dollars from the Venezuelan fiscal oil). Death to the Chavez revolution, along with its leader. Pure garbage Chavez and his entourage here in Venezuela and the pimps of ALBA. How is it possible that someone compares Chavez with Simón Bolívar, you have to be a fanatic to the Nth power. In what other times have we the Venezuelans suffered hunger, rising unemployment, outages at every moment, rationing of water, increasing insecurity. When a Venezuelan visited another country he was regarded as someone coming from a prosperous country, now they look at us as poor devils. Our currency is not worth nothing, even the Colombian peso is stronger, so much so that in certain cities of Colombia they do not accept our Bolívar, and there are still people who believe in the socialism of the 21st century. What they like is that everything be given to them and not to work, which is the only way to progress and be successful in life. They are socially resentful and envy the progress of those who work and strive to achieve something in life. Think that, when this Government ends its mandate someday, what we will inherit will be un-payable debts, a broken PDVSA, CORPOELEC in ruins, dry water resources, the CANTV without communication and no private company operating because the vast majority is moving to other countries. What excuse are they going to have at that time? Well fanatics are always right and most likely they will say that Chavez was better than Bolivar, but he was deceived. For Francisco Mollinedo:I don’t know how your mind can come up with the thought that Chavez is at the level of Simón Bolivar, obviously you have to educate yourself a little, it will be good for you and your head will hurt. I applaud EVO Morales for giving the common Bolivian the hope of a better country, nationalizing domestic companies with everyone’s help and keeping their profits in the country, not have a small group take them away. Now they have dignity and even more international reserves than any previous Government had amassed. And this Indian has achieved it with the help of Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Brazil, etc., but most importantly with the support of most Bolivians. A hug, brother President EVO, no going back, only forward. Let’s see, a bit of reminiscing, who led us to be the most corrupt country in the world, did you forget? I will remind you: Hugo Banzer, DNA DICTATORSHIP; Jaime Paz Zamora, MIR; Sanchez Lozada, MNR; Jorge Quiroga, DNA. Did you forget that these subjects broke the banks, gave away our state enterprises to foreign capitals, even worse the railways to Chile, they became rich with our taxes, drug trafficking, smuggling, traffic, control, that’s what those traitors, servants of the Yankee empire, did. They talk about democracy, what a shame, they are a scourge of society. A little bit of PATRIOTISM, pride to be BOLIVIAN. The truth is that these individuals get rich in the name of socialism while the people become poorer, they make the people dependent on the Government and frighten those who have different beliefs. I hope that this wave of Socialists finishes soon in the region so that regions suppressed by these gentlemen move forward, because the only thing they care about is making noise and not working for the improvement of their people. They want to make us believe that Communism is good. Are these gentlemen idiots, don’t they know that communism failed in the countries where it originated? They hate capitalist countries, and they are the first to want millions of the state’s money in their coffers. It would be good if they wondered which of these leaders was rich before becoming Presidents and how much do they have in their coffers today. Many of them said that they had 200 books and today their families are owners of large enterprises, many relatives worked selling food in the markets and now have millions. Stop being hypocrite and rather declare yourselves dictators because if it wasn’t for the fraud and your policy to scare those who don’t think alike, you would not stay in power. If communism is good, why are Castro´s relatives living in Miami, and if you like communism so much, why don´t you live in Cuba like Cubans live, and let’s see what you think then. For Ivon on, the revolution is coming to many like you, starting with your spelling. Long live the revolution of EVO, bite your tongue because EVO did what no one was able to do. President Evo Morales is a democratic ruler who loves his country: its natural resources, its population, its history and its culture; that why he respects and defends. But imperialism is suffering since Bolivia, through its president, does not allow that its resources be destroyed, like other countries do. THIS ONLY SHOWS THAT BOLIVIA DOES NOT HAVE ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE, AND THAT HUGO CHAVEZ IS THE ONE THAT GIVES MONEY AND HAS CONTROL OF MOST PROJECTS, WHICH ONLY GO SO FAR. WHAT THEY CARE ABOUT IS PUBLICITY SO THAT THE POPULATION WAKES UP AND THINKS ABOUT THE GOOD THINGS THAT EVO IS DOING, OR OTHERWISE FASCINATE THE POPULATION WITH THE IDEA OF ACCESS TO THE SEA, BUT THEIR TACTIC IS THE WORST USED AGAINST CHILE. CHILE HAS BEEN CLOSE TO HANDNG OVER A CORRIDOR IN THE CONCORD LINE MANY TIMES, BUT INEVITABLY PERU, WHO WAS THEIR ALLY, OPPOSED TO IT SINCE THEY WOULD LOSE THE BORDER WITH CHILE… BUT EVO WITH HIS CURRENT MANEUVERS WILL NOT ACHIEVE ANYTHING WITH CHILE How miserable these pseudo Socialist leaders, even with Castro licking Soviet boots, they could never make the island move forward. Not even now with the help of Chavez they aren’t able to. I greatly dislike how shameless the Latin American leaders are, always living off the crumbs from other Governments (Yankee or anti-Yankee), maintaining power with bad policies applied to their people.Now that Mr Chávez was convalescent they went to beg from Cuba as if Chavez had inherited the richness of Venezuela, what little shame, furthermore, see the President of Argentina and others go for crumbs (Argentine pride), please govern your free and sovereign Nations, invest resources in educating your people and generate decent jobs depending on the national economy.Note: Without prejudicing or disparaging any human disease, but I think that the medical care of Mr Chávez is a world record in terms of cost of money charged by the Castro. The world image as perceived is that in South America there are not good physicians, only quacks. I want to give my personal opinion. It’s beautiful to be patriotic and that the interests stay in the country, be it Democrat or Communist, but homeland is what is important, and not the interests reaching other countries. Now when there is no freedom of expression, the DICTATORSHIP is worth nothing, there is nothing better than the freedom to speak up and to point out the errors and the injustice the Communists are committing. The Democrats are allowing them to get to power in order to hold on to the the presidential chair and don’t want to stop breastfeeding. That is Chavez and the Castros, while their people live in total misery. Those who travel to Cuba look at them as they were living in the garbage dump. Beautiful Cuban people, enough of being denigrated, Force! Fight for your rightful human rights, enough of dictatorship, gentlemen. Without a doubt, one of the best rulers that my country and your country has had is our president Hugo Rafael Chavez. Yes, there are mistakes, but gentlemen, what president has not made mistakes, “ALL OF THEM”. We are human beings, with faults and virtues. But one cannot deny that he has had “BALLS”. So we have to give it time. Long live my country, long live my president Hugo. May God and the Virgin cure and bless you forever. FAREWELL OF NANCY IRIARTE, FORMER WIFE OF HUGO CHÁVEZNothing to add… very harsh. Well-deserved? Undeserved? Only God knows. Impressive, very deep and early farewell of Nancy Iriarte Diaz to Hugo Chávez; It was published on August 9, 2011 in one of Venezuelan newspapers with the largest circulation, “El Universal”. By Dialogo February 11, 2013 Well, I say goodbye, I just wanted you to know that you will go down in history as a traitor and a coward, that you did not rectify when you could, you were carried away by your pride, by your ideals, by your ideology and gave up the most precious thing, your freedom and the freedom of others, and freedom makes us human. COCHABAMBA, Bolivia — When Bolivian President Evo Morales gave his annual state of the nation speech for 2013, he did something most leaders do not do: report on the health of others. Morales told his fellow 10 million Bolivian citizens he’d just received word that Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez — recovering in Cuba after his fourth surgery for an undisclosed type of cancer — was now in physical therapy and on the road to recovery. The Jan. 22 speech marked the first major update on Chávez’s health in months, generating more attention — and grabbing more world headlines — then the rest of the president’s four-hour lecture. It also raised new questions about the Bolivia-Venezuela relationship and what might happen to that relationship in the event Chávez, 58, dies or is relieved of his duties. Venezuela has been a major player in Bolivia since Morales’ first inauguration in 2006, helping out its fellow Andean friend with everything from military aid to funding a health program for pregnant women. Just about every announcement has generated controversy at both ends of the political spectrum. The Bolivian government doesn’t deny that Venezuela helps it out, but bristles at any suggestion that Chávez calls the shots. Morales mentioned some problems with Venezuelan aid, noting that “only 5 or 6 percent of the projects were actually carried out.” He said this has changed, now that Bolivian resources — rather than foreign aid — are funding social projects. Hard numbers difficult to come by Venezuela has not specified how much assistance it has given Bolivia and other countries that form the Venezuelan-led Alianza Bolivariana para los Pueblos de Nuestra América [Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of the Americas], known by its Spanish acronym ALBA. Other ALBA member states are Antigua & Barbuda, Cuba, Dominica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Suriname. Roberto Laserna, head of the Center for the Study of Economic and Social Reality (CERES) in Cochabamba, Bolivia, agreed with Morales’ assessment that many Venezuelan-funded projects have failed, adding that some large-scale projects, such as oil and gas exploration or electricity generation, may actually end up costing Bolivia in the long run. “[Venezuela’s] influence has come from providing the government with a source of petty cash. This has allowed the Morales government to finance small projects and maintain a constant political campaign to solidify the president’s standing,” Laserna said. “The president has been very astute on capitalizing on this assistance to maintain his dominant position.” Former senator Filemón Escobar, a founder of the president’s Movement for Socialism (MAS) party, claims Venezuelan and Cuban influence is distorting the platform that first got Morales elected in 2006. “This is no longer a Bolivian project. It is the politics of division, of pitting Bolivian against Bolivian,” said Escobar, who was eventually expelled from the MAS. “This is what we have learned from the Cuban and Venezuelan ‘socialist’ models.” Former Morales ally criticizes official line Escobar, who’s helping organize a left-wing alternative to the MAS, said the Morales government constantly attacks the United States for meddling in Bolivian affairs, while at the same time opening the door wide for Venezuelan advisors. “This entire anti-imperialism line is just a smokescreen to distract from the administration’s failures and its own agenda to keep power,” said Escobar, who expects Morales to be a presidential candidate in 2014 — despite the fact that Bolivia’s constitution does not allow him to run again. He blames Venezuelan military advisors for helping devise plans to create “artificial divisions that the government uses to maintain its power.” Escobar is unsure what will happen to the 10-member ALBA bloc in the event of Chávez’s passing. He said none of the other heads of state in the alliance have the charisma to replace Chávez at the helm. Today, he said, the alliance is basically an economic club based on Venezuela’s ability to provide cheap fuel of small, poor nations. Laserna was more direct. “The next Venezuelan government, regardless of who is in power, will not continue financing the adventures that Chávez threw money at,” he said. “Bolivia needs to become more pragmatic regarding its relations.” THIS GOVERNMENT MADE MANY MISTAKES THAT THE VENEZUELAN PEOPLE ARE PAYING FOR, ONE OF THESE WAS GIVING MONEY AWAY TO OTHER COUNTRIES SUCH AS ECUADOR, BOLIVIA, NICARAGUA, SUPPOSEDLY IN EXCHANGE FOR FOOD FOR THE PEOPLE, BUT WE STILL SEE THE SHELVES OF THE STORES EMPTY, BECAUSE ONE CANNOT GET THE BASIC NECESSITIES (FLOUR, BUTTER, CHICKEN, TO NAME SOME). LAST FRIDAY THEY DEVALUED THE BOLIVAR BY SETTING THE DOLLAR AT 6.30. THEY THINK THAT THEY WILL PUT AN END TO CAPITALISM THIS WAY. WELL IT’S NOT TRUE BECAUSE THE DOLLAR WILL COST 6.30 BSF BOTH FOR THE RICH AND FOR THE POOR, AND THE LAST ONE WILL BE THE MOST PREJUDICED BECAUSE IT HAS LESS BUYING POWER. SO, MY PEOPLE, LET’S ANALYZE THE SITUATION OF THE COUNTRY AND MAKE PEOPLE AWARE. Mr. Evo Morales is nationalist, not like the previous presidents of Bolivia, serving the DEA of the U.S. THE REALITY IS THAT WE ARE UNDER A GOVERNMENT WITHOUT A POLITICAL PLAN, ONLY IMPROVISATIONS, THEY INAUGURATE FROM LATRINES TO AIRPORTS, AND THE ONE WHO INAUGURATES THEM IS PRESIDENT EVO, PURE POLITICAL PROPAGANDA, SAME AS GONY, JAIME AND DON HUGUITO, HOW ARE THEY DIFFERENT? ONLY IN THE FACT THAT THEY DIDN’T HAVE THE MONEY THAT THIS GOVERNMENT HAS, BRAGGING ABOUT WHAT WE SELL WITHOUT INCORPORATING SALES TAXES, BUT ANYWAYS, AT SOME POINT THEIR NOSES WILL GROW LIKE PINOCCHIO’S FOR BEING LIARS, FALSE AND DEMAGOGUES. Why aren’t the “expert analysts” giving their opinion on what will happen with the north of Chile if Bolivia decides to use Peruvian ports for the import and export of its goods? TO THE DISGRACE OF A FEW RESENTFUL PEOPLE, CHAVEZ WILL LIVE FOR MANY MORE YEARS AND HE IS A FIGURE WITH THE STANDING OF LIBERATOR SIMÓN BOLÍVAR. Official StatementVenezuela rejects hostile and aggressive attitude against Dudamel in Israelite airport17 February 2013 | Make a comment 8The Bolivarian government is showing its solidarity with the Venezuelan musician, and in the same time it firmly states that it will not accept, under any circumstances, that its noble people be intimidated with hostile measures and political retaliation.Next, we present the full text of the statement:Bolivarian Republic of VenezuelaMinistry of People’s Power for Foreign AffairsStatementThe Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela rejects the hostile and aggressive attitude suffered by our renowned Orchestras Conductor Gustavo Dudamel, from the security personnel of the International Airport Ben Gurión in Tel Aviv, during his recent visit to the Israeli Sate.The Bolivarian government, who proudly supported the artistic trajectory of the famous Venezuelan, points out that the abuse suffered by Maestro Gustavo Dudamel upon arrival to and departure from the Hebrew nation, demonstrate the policy of attack and discrimination that Israel is practicing against the citizens of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.The Bolivarian government is showing its solidarity with the Venezuelan musician, and in the same time it firmly states that it will not accept, under any circumstances, that its noble people be intimidated with hostile measures and political retaliation. Can you listen to the people of your country outside your room?… It must be your imagination or the effects of morphine, you’re not in your homeland but elsewhere, far away, among people who you don’t know… Yes, you are dying in your own exile, between a band of rascals to whom you have tried to deliver your own country. You will live your last moments between pimps and swindlers, among your court of sycophants that only show you affection because you gave them money and power. All of them look at you worried and angry. You never gave any of them the opportunity to replace you. Now you leave them in the wilderness and your country on the brink of a war. Was that what you wanted? Was that your life’s mission? Forget the tale of the poor, now there are more poor people than when you came to power. Forget justice and equality when you practically handed over the country to a foreign force that we will have to expel by force and at the expense of more lives. You die ill, suffering eviction, immunological complications, the terrible side effects of treatments which promised to extend your life, your organs are shutting down one by one, your faculties are losing the brightness that characterized them, your liquids and effluents are collected in plastic bags with the stench of death that so much disgusts you. I get the slight impression that you now know that you screwed up. You believed in a tale of road and you considered yourself a revolutionary, and for being revolutionary… immortal, you summoned the dead to your side, your heroes, those ghosts that you also believed alive: Bolivar, Che, Fidel, Marx whom never read but you recommended his writing… Walking with the dead led you to magic and babalawos, you disturbed tombs and gave offering to a court of demons and evil spirits that now accompany you… Do you feel their presence in the room? They come to collect, to pick up the only thing that had value in your life and that you wrongly wagered for the dark and evil: your soul.center_img “*Socialism only works in two places:in the sky, where it is not needed,and in hell where they already have it*”*Nancy Iriarte Díaz* Read more: I have nothing against my brothers from America, but I am witnessing a Venezuelan Government that is inept, corrupt and wasteful, communism a la Cubana, that has demonstrated total failure for more than 50 years. In Venezuela the song “THERE ISN’T” is trendy: there is no toilet paper, toothpaste, milk, sugar, pre-cooked corn flour. Also long lines to supply gas, faced to the humiliation of having to use a CHIP in order to get fuel for my car. This is not a story from the 16th century, it’s current. This is crazy, one day things will change for the better, let’s be more educated and moderate. Greetings to all. Congratulations to those who write comments, it shows that they opened books, read them and learned. To the others who in their ignorance kill the Spanish language and still have the cheek and insolence to comment, first learn your language, read, meditate, learn, please, and then step up to discuss deep issues that warrant a critical analysis, not only comment because you can identify with the ruling party and praise their bread. Everything has its moment and even the longest night comes to an end. I believe that WE THE BOLIVIANS ARE THE ONES WHO HAVE TO STRIVE TO DEVELOP THE COUNTRY. I GIVE MY FREE OPINION, I AM NOT FROM MAS, EVEN LESS FROM THOSE LITTLE PARTIES THAT HAVE ONLY DRUNK FROM THE POLICY BOTTLE, LIKE THE M.N.R, DNA, MIRI AND OTHERS, THAT NOW THAT THEY DO NOT HAVE MORALS TO AT LEAST DEFEND THEMSELVES AS CITIZENS, REMAIN MUTE, AND EVEN MORE, SOME OF THEM ARE POLITICALLY DEAD.I RECOGNIZE THAT THERE MAY BE CORRUPTION IN THIS GOVERNMENT, BUT I ALSO ASK IN WHICH GOVERNMENT OR IN WHICH COUNTRY IS THERE NO CORRUPTION? EXAMPLE: THIS IS THE GOVERNMENT THAT HAS CUT OFF CORRUPTION FROM ITS OWN FLESH, SOMETHING THAT LULA OF BRAZIL, OBAMA OF USA AND OTHERS HAVEN’T DONE. NOT TO EVEN MENTION PREVIOUS GOVERNMENTS THAT HAVE RULED IN OUR COUNTRY.I WANT TO HIGHLIGHT THE COURAGE IT HAS SHOWN IN NATIONALIZING COMPANIES. AND WHAT NO OTHER GOVERNMENT HAS ACCOMPLISHED: MOVE THE ECONOMY FORWARD TO THE LEVEL THAT EVO HAD REACHED. THIS INDIGENOUS, INDIAN, COCA-GROWER LEADER THAT HAS FELT THE HARSH REALITY OF THE MAJORITY OF BOLIVIANS, IS THE ONLY ONE THAT IS PULLING US OUT FROM EXTREME POVERTY, LIKE NO OTHER.OF COURSE THOSE FEW RATS WITH THE TIE OF PROFESSION, STILL CRYING, ARE AROUND; TO THEM I DARE SAY: BANZER DIED WITH HIS ADN, JAIME DIED WITH HIS MIR, GONI DIED WITH HIS MNR, AND EL TUTO, SAMUEL DORIA AND OTHERS POLITICIANS ALSO HAVE THEIR DAYS COUNTED . To Francisco Mollinedo: Apparently you did not study history in school, because the only thing that Chavez has in common with Bolivar is being resentful, Chavez’s pathetic policy is not going anywhere, sustaining the poor lazy ignorant Venezuelans who vote for him because they don’t like to work, and leaving at a disadvantage good Venezuelans, who during hard times have stepped up for their country. Down with the folly of socialism, the only thing it does is slow people down and leave them in extreme poverty. When the United States implemented the plan Alliance for Progress they did it to turn Latin America into their backyard and they succeeded for about 50 years, but a small island (CUBA) got out of the courtyard and over the years VENEZUELA as well, and now the economic crisis that the Yankees are experiencing is due to the fact that several countries are not allowing the exploitation of their natural resources. Today, President Obama asks, prays, implores his capitalists to invest in USA and not in other countries, therefore BANCA INTERNACIONAL must be urgently nationalized, so that they don’t take away the dollars that are available abroad in exchange for a real sale of our natural resources. I really don’t understand how come there are citizens or “sons” of those countries that yearn for the Gringos. Rather sooner than later all Latin Americans will walk all roads of our continent as brothers (wish of my father SIMON BOLIVAR) with the head high without kneeling before any Empire. ON BENDED KNEE, we will live and we will win, but if they take any other shortcut, then we’ll cry Homeland or Death, because they won’t come back here, they won’t come back, we won´t be anyone’s backyard ever again. What I see here is a gang of stupid Bolivians, believers of the Mummy that is now in a military clinic in Caracas. The tall tale of socialism in the 21st century is coming to an end, socialists who wish to stay in power leading our countries off the cliff .. To compare the Mummy with Bolivar lacks thinking and culture, what a stupid fanatism Enough speaking about stupid things… better let’s put an end to it, Venezuelan friends … let´s make an effort and go out on the streets, all of us Venezuelans without distinction of color, and defend our rights and the wealth of Venezuela… because those who have been representing the country… are a bunch of pimps and freeloaders… what they will do for the country is… completely ruin it and leave the debris… I tell those opposed to the Government… be prepared… because what these gentlemen are doing is squeezing the country and leaving it in ruins along with the parasites of Cuba…. I am young and because I disagree with the bad things that the current Government does, they left me jobless and now I cannot get an employment and I have a family to take care of. In order to have a job here in Venezuela, while this Government is in the power, you have to be in agreement with the thief-volution, to avoid saying revolution. You have to be a Chavez follower, I tell you that, and Chavez’s supporters say that this is Democracy. Filthy crooks, may God have mercy of them, they are damned. I AM BOLIVIAN, EVO MORALES, PRESIDENT OF BOLIVIA, IS A GREAT MAN WHO THINKS ABOUT THE COUNTRY AND NOT ABOUT HIS POCKET, LIKE ALL POLITICIANS IN THE WORLD WHO ONLY THINK ABOUT STEALING MONEY. EVO IS NOT LIKE THEM, HE DOES GOOD THINGS, SO MANY PROJECTS DURING HIS MANDATE. IF PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE THE PRESIDENCY OF EVO, THEY WILL HAVE TO PUT UP WITH IT, IN THE END HE IS THE PRESIDENT OF BOLIVIA. WITH A LOT OF PRIDE, EVO 100% LONG LIVE PRESIDENT CHÁVEZ The current reality is that the Presidents of Venezuela and Bolivia are devoted to the ludicrous task of thinking about the past with thoughts of the Liberator or the Andean worldview, emphasizing in thoughts and deeds of characters that have had great importance in their time and context, but in essence that is the past. Today the leaders of countries that are highly developed in all aspects (technological, educational, economic, etc.) focus all their energy on the future, by raising the quality of education of their people.We cannot ignore that we are going through what you could call the “revolution” of knowledge, I use quotation marks for the word that many demagogues and opportunists like to use a lot in their speeches. Returning to the topic, the richest countries and the most technical are those who have prepared their people for this purpose, and many of them do not have raw materials (Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, etc.) The raw materials, that for decades were elements with which any country could advance, currently constitute a burden that does not allow the real takeoff that all Latinos want.I hope our leaders change their vision and forget those ridiculous ideas, like leaving an empty chair during the ministers meeting for the spirit of the Liberator to enlighten them, or reinstating the Andean worldview and other nonsense that are only good to sweeten the pill, to remain in power and not face the structural problems of each country. This is the worst Government of Bolivia in recent years, there is no safety for anyone, there is no work, poverty continues to rise. And the worst is that there is not freedom, the State listens to all telephone conversations. May this communist barbarism end soon. A graffiti in the streets and on the walls of Facebook reads: “THE BROTHER OF A DEAD MAN RULES IN CUBA…” THE WIFE OF A DEAD MAN RULES IN ARGENTINA … THE BROTHER OF A DEAD MAN RULES IN NORTH KOREA … “VENEZUELA IS THE CHAMPION: THE DEAD MAN HIMSELF RULES THERE ” ALL COMMENTS ARE VALID, BUT THE TRUTH IS THAT BOLIVIA IS A COUNTRY OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES THAT HAS NOT IMPROVED, THEY ARE STILL INDIANS JUST LIKE WHEN COLUMBUS ARRIVED, AND THAT IS WHY THEY ALLOW OTHERS TO EXPLOIT THEM, AND THEY LICK THE HAND THAT GIVES THEM FOOD.AND EVO OBEYS THE ORDERS OF CHAVEZ BECAUSE THEY ARE A COLONY OF VENEZUELA, HE WAS NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO ENTER AND GIVE A LITTLE KISS TO HIS LITTLE FRIEND The relationship between Evo and Maduro is already quite mature. Chavez’s supporters better not come now to ask for respect. Respect maintains respect. His last sin was to desecrate the grave of our Libertador General Don Simón Bolívar. This is not about belonging to the Yankee empire, or being bureaucrats, or anything like it, it’s about the country, the future of our country. Unfortunately this Government has given us a tremendous brainwashing, to most Venezuelans who are supporting this process, it seems that their pockets are not affected, or that they are not affected by insecurity, scarcity of staple foods, they like rushing to the markets or bicentennials when someone spreads the word that there is chicken, rice, sugar, milk, spaghetti etc., and only one per person is sold, or upon reaching the shelves they are told that it’s sold out. Wake up fellow citizens, we are still on time to become the VENEZUELA that we have always been, once again. Long live VENEZUELA C…….. I didn’t know that in Venezuela they use a chip to fuel the car… Latin America will remain the same because it does not cultivate mind, but brutality and begging. Say that I don’t care about what happens to others, but, without being part of the Government of Evo Morales as I don’t need to be so, I have done well in recent years and apparently so have others I know. The opinions of La Serna who works at the University of San Simón, as far as I know, have never been taken into account for the university life, even less at the regional level, or worse at the national level; and the views of old Filemón Escobar cause pity, it is sad to see that the opposition still uses an old man who only is able to insult. Well, to end, 10 years more of EVO and I will secure my future, and regarding what they say about Chavez, Chavez should be concerned about what happens to EVO and not vice-versa. CHAVEZ IS NOW IN THE PANS OF HELL PAYING FOR ALL THE DAMAGE HE CAUSED TO THE VENEZUELAN PEOPLE…THE SAME WILL HAPPEN TO THE USURPERS FOR BEING ARROGANT JUST LIKE CHAVEZ…GOD TAKES HIS TIME BUT HE DOESN’T FORGET…YOU’LL SEE…THE CURSE IS GYPSY… The presence of Chavez in Venezuela will have the support of the Venezuelan people while he is alive. Once this leader dies there won’t be another one to replace him, just like in Bolivia, and the people do not produce or want another leader. When leadership is not built or constructed, the party or movement that made it to Government goes down and therefore the right side takes advantage or goes back on the agreements. If Chavez dies, Venezuela with another Government will collect the support provided and perhaps the block built by Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba Ecuador, etc. cracks and the local Governments lose strength. Winston Churchill: Socialism is the Bible of the ignorant, ignorant as Chavez’s supporters who comment in this forum, they cannot debate against such wise words of a true leader of world history, because let’s compare the ¨DAMNED EMPIRE¨ with the “BEAUTIFUL SOCIALIST HOMELAND”, the rate of crime in comparison is a thousand times better taking into account certain factors, such as if you are imprisoned you wouldn’t be raped in jail. The dream of a chavista or an opponent is having a house, an average car, maybe a Cruze or an Optra. In the Empire the purchasing power is a thousand times bigger. Savage capitalism has its flaws, but what do I know? A law student, 22 years old, who only has memories of one Government and who resents when this Government is compared to last Governments, because remember that the Fifth Republic hasn’t been in power for more than two years. I think that they should not hide the faults and failures of a Government among memories of ancient GHOSTS. They have 14 years to solve and modify the social reality, an example that has had a great impact during ALL times was the penitentiary system, and we see a Minister enjoying beautiful holidays in bed with a prison leader, a very rare concept. This is the first country in the world that thinks that prisons should have leaders, but I am 22 years old and I am a child, they say they opened minds but to me, they washed them, ha ha ha. LONG LIVE STUDENTS WHO ARE ALWAYS REVOLUTIONARIES, 90% OF STUDENTS NOW ARE OPPONENTS, WE WANT SOMETHING BETTER NOW, LONG LIVE THINKING, REASONING, AND THE HOPE FOR A BETTER FUTURE. There is a before and an after, after Chavez and Evo, but in Bolivia there are people who yearn to dance dressed as a “cowboy” in the US Embassy (by the way, this is not Spanish, but it is a very known term, like another word, “Yankee.” In any case, we commentators certainly aren’t very literate in the language of Cervantes. The important thing is what you want to say and not a grammatical demonstration par excellence, far from the reach of the emerging towns, better days will come when we have a perfect control of the imposed language.)Don’t forget that my dear friend Filemon Escobar has passed through and still passes through all the political stores created or to be created, but why is it that he doesn’t stay in any? Consequently, my friend Filemon´s opinions are irrelevant, just like those who look for them or rely on them are. Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its fault is the equal sharing of misery.Winston Churchill Jahuar Cabello and Maduro are having a great time, until when? Villegas many lies, Mario Silva shitting junkie HELLO BOLIVIAN AND VENEZUELAN PEOPLE. I AM NOT A FRIEND OF THE OLIGARCHS OR THE EXTREMES (RIGHT OR LEFT), BUT IT IS TIME THAT YOU LEARN TO SEE THE REALITY. SOMEONE IGNORANT CAN ONLY LEAD HIS PEOPLE TO UNCERTAINTY AND IGNORANCE, AND THAT IS WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH NOVICE RULERS THAT GUIDE US. DON’T BE BLIND, SEE THE REALITIES OF THE WORLD. DON’T SUPPORT THE CRUDE, CHEAP AND UNCUT SOCIALISM ANYMORE. PLEASE WAKE UP AND SEE THE REALITY. DO NOT DEFEND SYSTEMS OF DONKEYS WITH CHECKBOOKS. Respect for others is the main virtue of human beings. It is sad to read these comments and see how human poverty is present. According to the opponents all of Chavez’s supporters are worthless, for them they are all stupid, ignorant and starving. How do you expect to be right? With these comments of contempt you insult others, who like you expressed themselves and elected a President. Show respect and do not consider yourselves better than the others, because by writing so much trash the only thing that your are showing is intolerance, racism and political blindness, underestimating more than 8 million people (of different social characteristics), but all of them Venezuelans. For this reason they WILL NEVER COME BACK, because the noble people of Venezuela will not allow it. Because although it costs them to admit it (even with many things to improve) this Government has worked very hard to get out of the misery millions of Venezuelans, victims of those Governments that you ( the elder) yearn for, and that ignorance (of young people) prevents from appreciating the changes, because they are blind and deaf to the reality. It is easier to shout, insult or chained oneself to protest even for unknown reasons, only in order to be part of the mediatic comedies that became fashionable in Venezuela. REACT! It is time to have in Venezuela an opposition with serious proposals and not a bunch of manipulators who complain and complain and have not contributed anything for the last 20 years, or is it that they need Gringo advisers? I am sorry, but it is necessary to be moral, or is it that your dream is to be again a submissive country at the mercy of the U.S. Government? In order not to go back to that, we have to continue struggling, because be a U.S. backyard, never more! Contribute with ideas, work for your country, and practice tolerance. It is a lie to say that the few dollars that Chavez sent to finance rural projects small in coverage but of immense propaganda have subordinated the Bolivian economy, it is absurd. Neither can they speak of a political dominance of Chavez inside Bolivia, because although he did teach them the guidelines to follow, the student soon matched the master, and the proof of this is the political crushing of the “half moon” opposition that will not lift its head in many years. An analysis such as this must be performed with a long-term historical outlook. Bolivia deserves its President because the political and bourgeois class that ruled the country since its inception, be it democratic or military governments, failed to build a country or a national identity as in other countries with significant indigenous populations, such as Mexico or Colombia. Proof of this is the incredible disparity of living conditions that occurs between the cities and the rural western areas (illiteracy, malnutrition, poverty), that couldn’t go on like this. That is why this Government exudes not only social, but also racial resentment. It is a product of the ineptitude of nearly 200 Republican years that failed with few exceptions, such as the Government of Santa Cruz de Andrés or the revolution of the 52. Nothing else. How lucky are the Venezuelans Long live the countries of the Great Abya – Yala. Long live all people in search of justice. STOP PULLING YOUR BRAIDS, SISSY BOLIVIANS AND COWARD VENEZUELANS, THEY WILL BURY CHAVEZ THE MUMMY WHO DIED IN SAD CUBA. ONE OF THESE DAYS PERU WON´T YOU LET CIRCULATE YOUR DRUG SHIPMENTS AND THIS PEOPLE OF INDIANS WILL DIE OF HUNGER. GET OUT OF PERU, DIRTY BOLIVIANS. How disgusting some comments are, especially one of a bitter former wife of Chavez. This is not going to revive him, rather will continue to name the dead, RIP. He has already died, look forward to the future. Especially we, the Bolivian people, must deal now with recovering our outlet to the sea, stolen from us by Chile, who keeps dishonoring us by taking prisoners our soldiers, who have nothing to do with the ambition of brother Cain in South America. Long live Bolivia with the sea. I think Bolivians and their anti-Chilean retrograde policy have made the biggest mistake by not seeking an alliance with Chile, a leading country in South America. Peru did it and the Chilean investments have developed Peru further..and even with a sustainable growth. Peruvians were clever and today they enjoy a friendship with Chile…and a great commerce. It was not in Peru’s best interest for Chile to approach Bolivia and for Chile to develop Bolivia….that’s it………………………… CHAVEZ THE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! MAY GOD HAVE YOU IN ALL ITS GLORY…JUST AS MR. EVO MORALES, HE CUT THE CLAWS OF THE OLIGARCHS WHO RULED FOR YEARS FILLING THEIR POCKETS, THEY AND THEIR ALLIES, AND THE PEOPLE, FORGOTTEN, NOW MILLIONS OF CHAVEZ SUPPORTERS WILL COME TO STRENGTHEN THIS PROCESS…LET’S CONTINUE THE FREEDOM PROCESS OF THE AMERICAS…..CHAVEZ THE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LONG LIVE BOLIVIA AND LONG LIVE MR. EVO MORALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can tell that some idiots and ignorant people don’t know Bolivia when they talk about Indians. I am Peruvian and very proud of it, and I have lived in Bolivia for 20 years. This great country opened its doors for me and my family to move on after APRA followers assaulted my country. Long live chavez and long live evo, dammit The only certain thing is that things would have been very different without petroleum. IT IS VERY SAD TO READ THE COMMENTS THAT SAY THAT BOLIVIANS ARE INDIGENOUS AND ALWAYS WILL BE, HOW CAN THEY DISCRIMINATE AGAINST BOLIVIANS THAT WAY. FIRST BRAZILIANS ARE RACISTS TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST THE BOLIVIANS. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND, GENTLEMEN PLEASE WORRY ABOUT YOUR PRESIDENT. PLEASE HAVE A BIT OF SHAME WHEN SPEAKING OF EVO MORALES, IN THE END EVO IS PRESIDENT OF BOLIVIA NOT OF BRAZIL. IN THE END, I AM A CITIZEN AND LIVE OF MY WORK NOT OF POLITICIANS, I WORK TO EARN MY MONEY. ULTIMATELY, I DON´T CARE WHAT YOU SAY. I WANT YOU TO REALIZE THAT YOU ARE RACISTS WHO SPEAK ILL OF BOLIVIANS. WE BOLIVIANS ARE HARD WORKERS. BOLIVIA IS POOR SO WHAT. WE ARE EQUAL, SO DO NOT SPEAK BADLY OF OTHER PEOPLE. YOU BETTER WORRY ABOUT YOUR FAMILIES. BEFORE SPEAKING BADLY OF PEOPLE FIRST I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF MYSELF, SO DO NOT SPEAK ILL OF PEOPLE. FINALLY I WANT TO SAY, IF YOU BAD-MOUTH EVO MORALES IS BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT GET WHERE EVO MORALES IS. IN THE END IT IS THE ENVY IN YOU. EVO, YOU HAVE TO BEAR 100%. A HUG FOR THE RACISTS. I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH. GOD BLESS YOU…… IN EVCO, IN THE CRETINA, IN MUJICA, IN DILMA, THERE IS NOT SOCIALISM. WHAT THERE IS THERE IS A DEEP DESIRE TO CONTINUE RECEIVING THE BRIEFCASES FULL OF PETRODOLLARS THAT CHAVEZ USED TO SEND THEM. NOW THEY ARE DESPERATE AND THEY WILL NEVER BE RE-ELECTED. THEY ARE IDIOTS AVID OF MONEY. THE ABILITY TO VOMIT VISCERAL HATE IS IMPRESSIVE IN PEOPLE WHO DESPISE THE SOCIAL MOVEMENTS AND IN EMERGING TOWNS THAT WANT TO GET RID OF THE IMPERIALIST YOKE AND ITS OCTOPUS OF ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL PILLAGE IN ALL CENTRAL AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN, WHERE PEOPLE ARE SLOWLY WAKING UP AND WANT A TRUE INDEPENDENCE AND SOVEREIGNTY.ALL THIS CONTEMPT AND RANT AGAINST THE SOCIALIST SYSTEM THAT IS PRODUCING POSITIVE RESULTS IN THE REGION REVEALS IN MANY CASES A TOTAL IGNORANCE AND LACK OF KNOWLEDGE OF THE REALITY OF THESE COUNTRIES SUCH AS THE DAUGHTER OF BOLIVAR.THE BOLIVIA OF A MAJORITY OF HUMBLE INDIGENOUS THAT NOW DO HAVE A HOMELAND AND THAT CHOSE LIKE OTHER BROTHERS COUNTRIES OF SOUTH AMERICA, A BETTER WAY WITH SOME OF THEIR SAME RACE THAT HAS BEEN REPRESENTING THEM IN GOVERNMENT WITH DIGNITY.OF COURSE IT IS LOGICAL THINKING THAT THOSE WHO HAVE A BLACK AND PETTY HEART ARE NOT ABLE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT SOLIDARITY BETWEEN PEOPLE MEANS, AND EVEN LESS CONTINENTAL INTEGRATION, WHICH WAS THE DREAM OF THE FATHER OF OUR NATION AND THAT IS NOW BECOMING TRUE.IT IS BECAUSE OF THOUGHTS OF NATIONAL UNITY THAT PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP AND WANT THEIR FREEDOM AND FINANCIAL SOVEREIGNTY IN ORDER TO NOT CONTINUE TO DEPEND ON AN IMPERIAL GLOBALIZATION THAT WOULD NEO-COLONIZE THEM AS IT HAPPENED BEFORE IN OUR COUNTRY.FREEDOM IN THIS SOUTH-AMERICAN CONTINENT…¡¡¡¡¡VIVA CHAVEZ ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡VIVA EVO MORALES!!!! ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡VIVA VENEZUELA AND BOLIVIA UNITED FOREVER AS BROTHER COUNTRIES, DAMN!!!!!!… THE STATELESS AND ANTI-NATIONAL THAT DESTROYED AND GAVE AWAY OUR HOMELANDS WILL NEVER COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! All comments are valid, but there has to be someone who one day will hold people accountable, and it will be the people of Venezuela.They will find out what was the legacy of Chavez, a large debt and a country with a population immersed in a lack of will to confront great sacrifices and work in an orderly manner and without depending on gifts of the State. Long live Venezuela and keep going forward, we will be able to get out of this dead-end. I’ve been reading some comments about Chavez and Evo Morales, first there are a few Latinos who have the guts to offend Bolivians and call them Indians, I believe that these Latinos who offend must be indigenous also and they feel very Europeans. Now we Latinos only know how to talk and complain but do nothing to improve ourselves, thanks to the heritage of Spain, we know how to steal, deceive, lie and be dishonest, dirty in our behavior. Our countries are full of bureaucracy that does not allow us to develop ourselves and to become first world countries, we have corrupt politicians, and when someone like Chavez comes and entangles them, they consider him a God, because there is great ignorance in our towns and they brainwash us. In the U.S. people live better, they are less ignorant, and they don’t have to go looking for paper heroes to feel useful. Venezuelans are COWARDS just like Cubans, I now live in Colombia but I if I can assure you that Colombians have more guts and they would stand up against things that Cuba and Venezuela have endured. I am American, and if it were not for my country, Latin America would not have knives or razors. Do not focus on Chavez or Evo, you must learn from the United States, do not envy them. Socialism is envy of the good life that is lived in my country.llas I agree with all of you… ¡¡¡LONG LIVE EL GONI!!! It is regrettable that the rulers of a country are subordinated to decisions and blunders of other countries. As long as Bolivians don’t think first about their economy, others will continue using us, we have to choose well. While the Government creates ridiculous distractions for the faint of brain, others have to think what has to be the future of our children, perhaps migrating will be an option, or the counter-revolution. The thinking people of this country have to say: enough of rulers who think primarily about putting up a political show and not about the welfare of their subjects. We don’t have to give bread to the hungry, but teach them ways to earn it, with the sweat of the brow so that it is long-lasting.We must create more decent jobs for Bolivians, this has to be the guide of literate people, while others create more Chavez or create more hunger……. CITIZENS OF THE BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OF VENEZUELA. IT IS TIME TO FOCUS AND CLEARLY VISUALIZE WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE COUNTRY. AFTER READING EACH OF THE COMMENTS FROM THE PAGE I CAN REACH THE UNIQUE AND ABSOLUTE TRUTH, I UNDERSTAND THAT THE REAL TRUTH IS NOT ABSOLUTE, JUST PHILOSOPHIZING A LITTLE. BUT MY OPINION IS MY TRUTH CONCERNING THE POLITICAL PROBLEM THAT WE ARE LIVING. THE HISTORY OF A COUNTRY, OF OUR COUNTRY. WHILE MANY ARE FIGHTING ABOUT WHO IS RIGHT, WE ARE AT THE SAME TIME BEING BLINDED BY A REALITY THAT HURTS US, THE PEOPLE, THE ONES WHO HAVE TO ENDURE LONG LINES FOR FLOUR, BREAD, WHO DO NOT HAVE DECENT EMPLOYMENT, THE REVOLUTIONARY BECAUSE CHAVEZ GAVE ME TODAY (AND TOMORROW?), THE ONES WHO SURVIVE INSECURITY, AMONG OTHERS. AT THE LEVEL OF OPPOSITION WE SEE THAT USA HAS INDEED SEIZED OUR RICHES FOR YEARS, AS IN OTHER COUNTRIES, AND OUR DEBT IS LARGER TODAY. IT’S TRUE, THERE ARE CAPITALIST ENTREPRENEURS WHO ONLY WORRY ABOUT THE CORPORATE SURPLUS, EXCLUDING EMPLOYEES WHO ARE PAID LOWER SALARIES THAN STIPULATED ACCORDING TO THE LEVEL OF INSTRUCTION AND WORK EXPERIENCE. EVERYONE TODAY WANTS TO BE IN POWER AND THOSE WHO ALREADY HAD IT ONLY CARED ABOUT MONEY, NONE WILL BE TAKING CARE OF YOUR POCKET AND THE POCKETS OF THE PEOPLE. UNFORTUNATELY, CHAVEZ HAS A UNIQUE IDEOLOGY AND BECAME ONE OF THE LEADERS OF THIS COUNTRY. HOWEVER HE SPENT 14 YEARS TRYING TO GET THE COUNTRY TO MOVE FORWARD AND ACHIEVED MANY CHANGES, BUT HE COULD NOT ACHIEVE THE SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC WELL-BEING THAT HE TALKED ABOUT, FOR THE VENEZUELAN CITIZEN. DOES THIS MEAN THAT THE BEGINNING OF THE REVOLUTION WAS ALREADY 14 YEARS AGO? WHAT I WANT TO GIVE YOU AS CONCLUSION, SIRS., THE TWO EXISTING STRUCTURAL MODELS: CAPITALISM AND SOCIALISM, FOR US VENEZUELANS, WHO LIVE EVERY DAY AND STRIVE TO GROW AND HAVE QUALITY OF LIFE, WHO IF WE DO NOT WORK WE DO NOT EAT. THESE TRENDS, AFTER YEARS OF HISTORY, DO NOT HELP US ERADICATE POVERTY OR GIVE OUR PEOPLE WHAT THEY REALLY NEED. THAT IS TO LIVE IN ABSOLUTE WELL-BEING, WHERE THERE ARE NOT DIVISIONS OF ANY KIND, WHERE CITIZENS CAN BUY WHAT THE WANT, WHERE THERE IS EDUCATION AND TRAINING PLANS TO CREATE THEIR OWN SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT. WHERE YOUR STUDIES AND PREPARATION AS A PROFESSIONAL, AND THE EFFORTS DEVOTED TO REACHING THAT GOAL, ARE REWARDED WITH A PAY ACCORDING TO THE BASIC NECESSITIES OF HUMAN BEING. AS A BIO-PSYCHO-SOCIAL ENTITY, I THINK I AM 100% APOLITICAL, BECAUSE I AM NOT CONVINCED ABOUT THE CURRENT POLITICIANS. HOWEVER AS I POINTED OUT SOME DAYS AGO, I NEED TO BELIEVE IN INTEGRATION FOR OUR COUNTRY, BETWEEN THE GOVERNING CANDIDATE THAT I ACTUALLY DON’T KNOW WHO IS AND WHAT HE WANTS TO DO, AND THE ONLY PERSON WHO I CONSIDER AS A HONEST OPPOSITION: CAPRILES RADONKI.IT´S NEVER GOING TO WORK SEPARATELY. WE HAVE TO CLEANSE THE MIND OF OUR CITIZENS THAT BELIEVE IN THE IDEOLOGY OF CHAVEZ, SOME EMBRACING PATERNALISM AND OTHERS WHO DO HAVE THE INTEREST TO WORK AND SUCCEED. THAT IS THE REAL PEOPLE AND THERE’S NO DENYING THAT CHAVEZ GAVE THEM HOPE, A LIGHT THAT POVERTY CAN BE ERADICATED. WHAT THEY DO NOT KNOW IS THAT AT THE END OF TIMES, VENEZUELA WOULD BE A NICE CUBA II, AND WE ARE THE ONES THAT CAN INTERNALIZE THIS TRUTH, IN HELPING THEM TO BELIEVE IN A TRUE INTEGRATION, WHERE ALL OF US WITH A ROOTED CHAVEZ HEART SAY “I AM CHAVEZ AND I DO NOT WANT AND I WON´T ALLOW VENEZUELA TO FALL”. There is a saying that says “If the dog dies, the fleas die.” Chavez died, I wonder what comes now. The danger of populist and caudillistas governments, where all power is concentrated in one person, is that with the disappearance of their leader, their structure inevitably breaks down, this happened in Bolivia with Max Fernández, Carlos Palenque, Victor Paz, the parties that were led by them have disappeared. Regarding Chavez’s death, there still remains a kind of euphoria among his supporters, probably in upcoming elections Maduro will be the winner thanks to the consolation vote of Venezuelans. The same happened here in Bolivia, after the death of populist leader Max Fernández in a plane crash, his son Jhonny Fernández became the mayor of one of the most important cities of Bolivia (Santa Cruz.). Their administration ended and now nobody remembers them. In the Venezuelan case, it is possible that the same thing happens, I have no doubts that after a few years when another fashionable party or political front arises, many chavistas will be recycled. This is classic among those who have a refined sense of smell to grab positions at the expense of “OPPORTUNIST” flatteries. I want to end with a joke, a flea says to another “There will be life in another dog.” Let Venezuelan supporters of Chavez and any others who want to answer me. Gentlemen, truly, many of the things that people say in this block are true. But what is certain is that it is not possible that Evo Morales act on his own, he has to be copying bad things from Cuba and Venezuela. Why doesn’t he think how to generate employment, improve the economy and revenues for his country. It is clear that he is under the scheme of financial support from other countries, but for him it is better that they give presents to him and continue with the socialism crap. That is what I say to myself every day. If the Dirtylism was good, then why did the RUSSIANS abandon it a long time ago and today their economy is growing rapidly. Why is it that here in Venezuela Chavez received in 14 years 1 billion dollars of oil product income, and today the country is broken, PDVSA, the main industry that generates the income of the country, has not been audited during more than 5 years. You can imagine the GALLOPING corruption that this Chávez leaves behind with his bunch of thieves in power. Diosdado Cabello, one of Venezuela’s richest man, after being a poor sad soldier. Maduro, another depraved corrupt one, owner of the Flota General de Buses transporting people to Caracas, owner of a giant shopping mall in Caracas and I’ll stop counting. The most ignorant member of Chavez’s Government has his accounts in dollars in Russia, Cayman Islands, France and others, but not in the U.S., because if the gringos see strange movements in accounts they freeze them. Learn Bolivians, the same is going to happen to you with a man like EVO, if he follows stupid, old policies of the DIRTYLISM. It is clear that they must not allow to be mastered by the dirty GRINGOS, here I agree. Those must be finished and removed or lead to the rhythm of Bolivia and not theirs, otherwise they will grab everything. MY QUESTION IS: IS IT THAT EVO MORALES NOT HAS NOTHING TO DO IN HIS COUNTRY, SO HE SPENT A WEEK IN VENEZUELA, OR MAYBE HE CAME TO ASK THAT THEY DON’T STOP GIVING HIM MONEY. I THINK THAT IT ISN’T WRONG TO HELP OTHER COUNTRIES IN NEED, BUT I DON’T AGREE WITH NOT COVERING THE CRITICAL THINGS IN YOUR COUNTRY, SUCH AS HOSPITALS, SCHOOLS, ROADS, FOOD. I HOPE THEY TIGHTEN THE BOLTS AND STOP GIVING AWAY SO MUCH OIL, NOW START COLLECTING FROM ALL THOSE COUNTRIES THAT TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THE OIL AND GAVE NOTHING IN RETURN. JAJAHAHAHAHA YOU SAY THAT CHILE IS THE MOST DEVELOPED COUNTRY OF SOUTH AMERICA BUT IT IS BECAUSE THEY TOOK THE SEA FROM BOLIVIA. IF THIS COUNTRY HAD HAD ACCESS TO BOTH OCEANS (PACIFIC OCEAN, ATLANTIC OCEAN), BOLIVIA WOULD HAVE BEEN THE ZURICH OF SOUTH AMERICA. BOLIVIA IS DEVELOPING, IT HAS THE LARGEST LITHIUM RESERVES OF THE WORLD, NATURAL GAS, MUTUN AND MANY OTHERS. THEY ARE COVETED BY THE WORLD. CHILEANS, DO NOT GET TOO BIG FOR YOUR BOOTS, BOLIVIA IS GOING UP AND ANY MOMENT NOW WE WILL DIVIDE THE CHILEAN TERRITORY (THE LEPROSY OF SOUTH AMERICAN SOCIETY) BETWEEN ARGENTINA, PERU AND BOLIVIA. THE TRUTH IS THAT LATIN AMERICA NOW FEELS VALUED, NOW LATINOS ESPECIALLY BROTHERS VENEZUELAN FEEL PROUD TO BREATHE FREEDOM, THE MOST SACRED GIFT OF BEING HUMAN, WITH THE DEATH OF THIS IGNORANT FASCIST. WE ARE SURE THAT VENEZUELA WILL BE LIKE BEFORE, A VENEZUELA LOCATED ON THE PEAK BOTH OF ITS ECONOMY AND ITS PEOPLE. NOW LET’S SEE WHAT THIS INDIGENOUS IGNORANT EVO MORALES HENCHMAN WILL DO, HE IS NOW SAYING THAT THE FASCIST TO BEEN POISONED, WHAT A DUMB THING TO SAY, IGNORANCE SURE IS DARING. REMEMBER THAT SOME TIME AGO, IN A CONVENTION, THIS INDIGENOUS SAID THAT EATING CHICKEN COULD CHANGE SEXUAL ORIENTATION IN MEN. I WONDER WHY THIS INDIAN BLAMES THE CHICKEN, WHY DOESN’T HE STOP BEATING AROUND THE BUSH AND DECLARES HIMSELF HOMOSEXUAL. WHAT A PITY THAT BOLIVIANS BROTHERS HAVE A PRESIDENT OF THAT CALIBER, WITH SO MANY GREAT FIGURES IN THE BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY OF BOLIVIA. Walter Chuyes, you’re Peruvian but you are Indigenous, because Indians are the natives of India. “Abrió” is written without h and “a mi” is written in two words. The long time among Quechua and Aymara has only worsen your poor Spanish. Stay in Bolivia, which is a marionette country with a lousy and ignorant President. There is no room for people like you in Peru. If the dog is dead … the fleas die! The leader is dead, so who is still alive????? Venezuelan people, don’t be ignorant, change your course. Don´t you see that you’re going from bad to worse if you continue with this revolutionary policy that brings nothing good to your country. Please think. THE TRUTH IS THAT THERE ARE IGNORANT PEOPLE THAT SPEAK WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE AND WITHOUT BEING IN THE COUNTRY. FOR US THE VENEZUELANS WHO LIVE AND WE WILL CONTINUE TO LIVE THIS REVOLUTION, THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO US, AND GOES INTO HISTORY. TO GIVE AN EXAMPLE, WHEN EL GOCHO DIED, THEY EVEN FROZE HIS CORPSE UNTIL THE TWO WOMEN AGREED ON HOW TO SHARE THE GOODS THAT THIS SCOURGE HAD. AND WE SEE THAT THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE SAYING FAREWELL IN FRONT OF HIS COFFIN, TO THIS DAY. AND WHAT IS ABOUT TO COME TO THEM IS COCK, TEN MILLION IS VERY LITTLE. THOSE WHO TALK PURE SHIT, FIRST LOOK AT THE BELLY OF YOUR PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS, WHO COLLECT THEIR PENSION PAYMENTS EVERY MONTH, AND IT’S NOT 150.00, WHICH IS WHAT THEY WERE GIVEN BEFORE, BESIDES SWIMMING WITH WHALES. SOCIALIST HOMELAND WILL WIN. I’m Peruvian, I respect everyone’s opinions. Likewise I respect the policy that is implemented, provided that (for its implementation), the people have not been taken advantage of through DECEIT and PERKS, and politics and thriving are not based on deception and shameful handouts, which affect the dignity of the people, under a so-called SOCIALIZATION OF THE ECONOMY. Unfortunately politicians like CHAVEZ take advantage of this (thanks to the sea of oil), to pretend to be a Messiah (unfortunately false). chavez lives in the mind and heart of Latin Americans because he advocated for the justice of all human beings by defending what is ours and never allowing corruption Socialism is the same a a parasitic class; politic-fanatics are always using these parasites to stay on top, the parasitic class does not pay tax, they want all for free and handed to them, it’s a pandemic evil in Latin America, this parasitic class is mostly conformed by indigenous, now they’re saying that you need to do a previous consult to execute large projects. Why don’t they also do a previous consult to determine whether the taxes that we pay are intended for these parasites. So, the truth is that all of those who speak ill of the Socialism in Venezuela and the ALBA nations is because they don’t understand its meaning, there’s a fool there that compares Russia’s socialism, he’s such an idiot, if you don’t know shit about what Socialism is, then just don’t say anything. Find out first and then comment. Another fool says, what was Evo doing in Venezuela instead of being in his homeland solving his own problems, it seems this fool has no friends because that’s what Evo and Hugo were, brothers, like he is with Daniel and Correa, no matter who doesn’t like it. This socialism is modern, sir, nothing to do with the one from previous years, this socialism is the one that provides dwellings, lands, education, work, equal rights, subsidies, etc, etc, etc., to the poorest people. Who are the ones complaining? Those who are not poor and have the means (because they’re feeling it, their parents or relatives can’t still like they use to) or because of envy, they don’t like the new left wing government that has proliferated in Latin America, but that’s worth shit, because we are and we’re going to be fine. So, fuck off. Moral nationalists? at what price, no one is blinder than the person who doesn’t want to see, nor is someone more deaf than who doesn’t want to listen. I suggest you read this story.Bolivia increased its debt with Venezuela after Evo took over the government in 2006’s debt to Venezuela is approximately 500 million dollars. And you also have to add the ‘donations” that come from that country intended for the “Bolivia Cambia, Evo Cumple” program. Please to all of those who comment and state their opinions on this site, check or buy a Parvus dictionary, one of those that students use. It’s a shame that such “lucid” comments become lackluster due to syntax, spelling and writing errors. Do not write with your liver and your heart, use your brain. Do not confront one another due to trifles or foolishness, reality hits hard. All the current presidents shall be expectorated by the reality of their countries, it is only a matter of time. Nobody bought them, they all lent themselves and as such, one day they will give back. So much ignorance regarding the Venezuelan economy saddens me as a Latin American, the said Hugo Chavez, now deceased, spoiled his people and only taught them to beg. Venezuela hasn’t developed the alternative fuel industries, construction and a few other things, only Chavez dedicated himself to harangue by injecting hate among Venezuelans, to the point that he created that separation between those who thought differently, meaning, the majority thinks with their stomach, 60% approximately, and 40% uses their brains. Venezuela has many resources that can still revitalize its economy and can become a developed country. May god protect them and give them intelligence in their upcoming elections. I lived in Venezuela during a bloody dictatorship but thankfully 3 Venezuelan patriots: Romulo Betancourt, Rafael Cardera and Jovito Villabla got together, overthrew the dictator and formed a democratic government. But the resented pockets couldn’t resist and the wealthy Venezuelans escaped to Miami where they bought luxury penthouses on Brickel Avenue with the money of bankers, and even set an area, Caraquitas, north of Florida, where they live an ostentatious life without ever working, with their luxury vehicles. All of this with the money that poor workers were saving and who were left without their stolen money. Lower and middle class families were left adrift. They are still there flaunting their tainted wealth to the Floridians. Obviously they don’t love Chavez who singled them out while people were living in shacks over the hills without any appliances, cars, and sometimes without food. That is the difference for which I fight, whoever it is, in this case Chavez, and obviously these people that are running out of their stolen money from Venezuela must be planning to go back to Venezuela against Maduro to rebuild their economies and keep sending them to the U.S.. Those are the Venezuelan traitors that only think about themselves. President Morales, just as the other “pimp” governments of Ecuador, Nicaragua, Argentina and others, will have to tighten the belt, because so far they have thrived due to the miserable situation in which Chavez, their idol, left the noble people of Venezuela. ONE SUGGESTION: LEARN TO WALK WITHOUT FOREIGN CRUTCHES Currently what Latin America is living, is simply a modern socialism with the inclusion of the discriminated classes, with better opportunities of employment, education, social justice, rights constitutionally recognized to live better…the passing away of the Commander (+) definitely has left us with an example of fight of the unprotected classes against all the rich people of the Universe…to continue preparing to make social justice prevail…HAIL THE REVOLUTION OF THE PROLETARIAT CLASS. WHEN SOMEONE GIVES AWAY A FORTUNE, THAT PERSON WILL FIND MANY FRIENDS AND SLIMY PEOPLE THAT WILL DEFEND HIM TILL THE VERY END BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY ARE GIVEN. THE SAME THING HAPPENS IN VENEZUELA, THAT TANKS TO THE AID PROVIDED FOR OIL, THEY BECOME UNCONDITIONAL FRIENDS.THIS HAPPENS WITH GOVERNMENTS THAT GIVE DONATIONS TO THE POOR, WHO BECOME FOND OF THEM FOR WHAT THEY RECEIVE AND NOT FOR LOVE, AND THAT KIND OF LOVE IS SICKENING AND THEN TURNS US INTO PARASITES, AND IF THEY DON’T GIVE ME I’LL TURN, BUT THE WORST PART IS WE’RE GIVING WHAT IS NOT OURS, BUT SOMEONE ELSE’S, THIS IS SERIOUS Don’t get any ideas with foreign money, don’t bow your head down submissively, this isn’t for free,.. there’s bad interest there, seeking profit. Chavez ruled over poor Evo as a beggar for a few dollars that smelled like sulfur, as is said, but those are the ones that are worth something, unlike the devalued Bolivars. Get to work and make it on your own, without no one intervening in your lives, and don’t steal money from the State. Everyone needs to think, stick together and not fight. That’s another tactic, to keep everyone fighting, open your eyes, don’t be somebody’s sheep. We are all born alone so everyone work and work, don’t expect money from no one, because it’ll cost you, even your life!!!! bye I think the free meal has ran out for countries like Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Nicaragua now that Chavez is gone. Mr. Deeds, that’s how he was referred to for being nice, they took advantage of his good heart in those countries, taking all the money from President Chavez, but that’s over now that leading President is gone, so stop annoying us you bunch of slacks, work dammit, you nominated a president to make money without doing anything, worry about your own country and don’t come back to Venezuela to bug us and get money, don’t think we’re gonna keep giving you money, that is all over, and it’s your fault that Venezuela is slowly running out of money. The lyrics say you don’t choose parents or family…since it happens randomly and you need to accept it whether you like it or not, and that’s the sentiment for the Eastern Region of Bolivia, who has to carry all the baggage of expletives that falls on it due to the current government, because not even the worst dictatorships have been as hypocritical as the ones from this resented and poor governors of the MAS (Evo Morales)Please don’t judge all Bolivians the same way, we the easterners are good hard-working people, we’re the small minority that thinks with their brains and contributes 42% of the national production to sustain the other 60% loafers who only chew coke,….we’re the opposition that is pursued, beaten down and humiliated….we’re the family destroyed by the indigenous power and abuse supported by the regime of the late Chavez…yes that dead man, who, for thinking differently, offered everyone in my region 1 Vietnam, 2 Vietnam, 3 Vietnam, to intimidate us.God is fair, what Cuban policy and science didn’t keep, the heavens took away, because nothing is forever. Fortify your bases because the tower will fall soon, because Rome had its glorious time for 1000 years and came crumbling down and the slogan will change [ Homeland or death we shall run…We’re Bolivians, but of the good kind, and soon we will come back, nothing is forever. In his speech, Chavez follower General Arcay said how the figurehead of the Castro-communism in Venezuela arrived from Cuba, “DEAD”, contradicting what MADURO had said, that he passed away here in Venezuela…Today, Venezuela is the Country of lies, both for the GOOD-FOR-NOTHING OPPOSING PARTY as well as the Castro-communists.CLICK HERE…. I am Venezuelan, and the reality is that when they speak of Chavez during his funeral services it seems as if they were describing someone else. The truth is that he was very charismatic which made a lot of people love him, but the truth is that the socialism he preached, I would rather call it paternalism, have the Father State provide you with everything readily, no, people, that is not how a country grows. Our country as you all know is completely dependent on oil, and President Chavez spent a great deal of the resources of our main source of income giving to the poor, buying companies strategical for the economy that used to be in the hands of the private sector (Nationalization and Expropriations), giving money away to foreign countries and sustaining the immense bureaucratic expenses (that already existed but went overboard with this government), and neglecting PDVSA and its main operational goals – currently it owes to its providers and service renders and doesn’t pay them or does it very irregularly, and in both cases is showing symptoms of a financially sick (bankrupt) company. On the other hand, the expropriations that the government carried out generated a climate of legal instability that drove away private investments, so the production of essential goods and services for the country depleted considerably, and to top it off, the companies that the government expropriated are nowhere near what they used to be and the most of the ones that still exist are bankrupt. This set of errors and many others have led us to live surrounded by shortage, insecurity, and an increasing inflation. Overall, our future doesn’t look very optimistic. You know, I think I’m still in the Stone Age when I see what’s happening in the world. Humans like to delegate but never take a stand and that’s why the masses have to pay the price. Look at Italy, Silvio Berlusconi wins again. I wonder how much ignorance there is in each one of our little heads, our problems are global and we need global solutions. We still have monarchies and well, we also have the populists profiteers in Latin America enthroned with power. The example of Cristina Kirchner – and Kirchner in German means sacristan -, she must obey Francisco by hierarchy. There’s Rafael Correa, the rapist Daniel Ortega and the ultra populist Evo Morales, who in fact have taken advantage of the ignorance of the people. You want to know true socialism, go see the Nordic countries and they’ll give you a lecture on actual socialism, honest with a transparent heart, not this group of incompetents supported by the pseudo people who have enthroned themselves and that have no true intellectual, material, human, ethical or moral value. People of the world, you have a right to what God has given you. This state structure doesn’t work and we should not give away the power to a president. This no longer works, look at the global poverty statistics, look how they’ve destroyed the world from an ecological point of view. You have a right to educate yourself, to eat properly, to access culture and be able to think, to be free by the freedom of the people of the world. Long live the movement for the abolition of the state structure, let all the politicians disappear, we don’t need them. THE POWERS ARE SEIZED BY THE GOVERNMENT let me ask you something, Francisco Mollinedo, where are the people guilty of the death of the DA Danilo? Where are the ones guilty of the loss of tons of food that went bad, in the case of Pudreval, why do you talk so much bullshit, when in fact you know nothing? CHAVEZ IS DEAD WHICH MEANS YOU’RE SCREWED. got that? FOR MIGUEL PEREZ VIZCARRA…YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A MEDIOCRE MAN. READ AND FIND OUT WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING IN VENEZUELA WITH THIS TERRIBLE GOVERNMENT…AND FOR EVO, THAT GREAT COKE INDIGENOUS, DON’T BE SO GIVING WITH VENEZUELAN’S MONEY, YOUR SCHOLARSHIP IS OVER. HE WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT STAYED IN VENEZUELA TILL THE END, THAT MEDIOCRE PIMP. WE DON’T WANT YOU, LEAVE VENEZUELA. I would like the foreigners who praise Chavez management so much to visit Venezuela and see the conditions we’re living in, while the money of all VENEZUELANS is given away. One of the biggest inflation in the world, we are the third most unstable country in the world with frequent electricity and water shortages, streets and highways in terrible conditions without sings, without demarcations (white line to divide the lanes), full of holes, taxis and buses that are embarrassing and frightening, increasing corruption, unemployment, use of foreign workforce to build dwellings with technologies from other countries even though Venezuela has qualified workforce, lousy educational system, terrible healthcare system, etc.etc., ranches everywhere and having had one of the highest oil incomes in the history of Venezuela, that’s the sad reality… ALTHOUGH I DON’T BELONG TO THE GOVERNMENT’S PARTY, AND REGARDLESS OF BEING WHITE AND NOT HAVING UNDERSTOOD THE COMMANDER OR MY PRESIDENT EVO, I WILL MISS CHAVEZ, AND WHOEVER DOESN’T LIKE IT CAN SUCK IT. Dear GERMAN, if “So much ignorance about the Venezuelan economy saddens you as a Latin Americab…”, imagine how I feel living here in Venezuela and reading your comments… IT IS SAD MY FRIEND. Venezuela has already surpassed the MILLENNIUM GOALS, we eradicated ILLITERACY and even if you don’t know about it, many good things happen here thanks to Hugo Chavez Frias…! Unfortunately, Chavez did so much harm to Bolivia that now we’re gonna have to pay for the errors Evo made to all the Bolivians; the only thing we can do is be grateful that Chavez is no longer here, and we need two more to go (Evo and Rafael) Long live Chavez and Evo. I agree with the preceding comment. The same thing happened in Bolivia in 2003, actually long before that, that’s the form of government that we used to have. Sanchez de Lozada capitalized all the state companies (privatization), meaning he sold the companies very cheap, aside from that, the companies only paid the tax and exported the oil at no cost. I think no fool would do such thing, giving away our oil, surely he was no fool, he knew what he was doing, since under the table, the foreign companies would deposit a nice cut of hundreds of millions of dollars to his foreign personal accounts. That’s a way to steal money from the country and now he lives happily in Miami, US, living like a king in fancy houses, chalets, estates, with all of the Bolivian money, adding it up to the great US economy. It wasn’t Chavez or Evo who planted the seed of hate or confrontation within the nation as the article says, it was these traitors and there’s a bunch of fools who would give their lives for these people that have stolen their country’s economy, they have harmed us all deeply. What kind of scumbags go out to defend those who have more, the mental skin that they have is without a doubt the most rotten and of the lowest kind of a human being. How little do they value human beings, maybe as children they were given a meal and at the same time the meal was taken away from them. How is it possible that people with those qualifications, in these times we’re living with so much technology, are rolling over in manure and selling themselves as fresh flowers. Every nation has their own idiosyncrasy, each person is how God made them, but they have reached the point of denying themselves the true value of life. Please look at yourselves, ask God for forgiveness, he will recognize each one of ours sins and will forgive them by checking each heart individually. Save yourself from this world ruled by Satan. Don’t join him. Give your food to the starveling, your clothes to your enemy, water to who’s thirsty. It won’t cost you anything and you shall receive everything you want, even the material stuff you ask for. God knows your heart and shall know how to compensate you with earnings. Leave the dead guy alone, he has no conscience that he’s dead. You on the other hand, live for someone else and shall have great rewards. Don’t waste this opportunity that is unique. Don’t look back, don’t continue this, move forward. If you do, you shall have a long life… Unfortunately Capriles has no future with Maduro, the sad thing is that it’s his political death!!My language is Spanish!! Look, the comments about the new governments in America, especially in the SOUTH are writings intended to discredit the social, independent and development functions that have been projected taking into account the reality of their nations and not the interests of the tiny-previous power groups that would give away their resources to the U.S. or European capital. Today, the economies in Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and others are growing like never before, and all this because the wealth that this countries produce is reinvested in themselves, generating more capital. And surely, the imperialist advocates will never like the self-sustained growth of the socialist countries. LONG LIVE CHAVEZ and the Bolivarianism. Hello opinion-makers, No socialism nor communism!!! No one is to blame for poverty. These governments only produce more poverty!!! And who do you think is to blame for the electricity outages, the opposing traitors who will never go back to ruling my country and giving away our wealth to the North American empire and let them get richer. The people live better with Chavez. LONG LIVE MY PRESIDENT If Bolivia stopped using CHILEAN ports it would be great, since they don’t pay a cent to use them. We have a treaty that prevents us from charging for rendering services, until recently they stored their lead that contaminates the environment. Ignorance is bold. Venezuela, the richest country in South America, is completely ruined. An enormous debt, a declining oil production due to lack of maintenance in the oil refineries, main streets and avenues turned into merchandise markets on the sidewalks, preventing the normal circulation of citizens, the disproportionate increase of crime that forces people to take shelter in their homes after 6 o clock in the afternoon, we are all afraid to go out at night. The disproportionate devaluation of the currency causes all products to increase in price and the low wages aren’t sufficient anymore. It’s becoming harder and harder to leave Venezuela because the currency isn’t worth anything, well the situation is so sad, life in this country is becoming very difficult. IF VENEZUELANS NOTICED HOW WE ARE AND REALIZED THAT OUR COUNTRY IS BLEEDING OUT BECAUSE OF THE RULING GOVERNORS. PLACE YOUR HAND OVER YOUR HEARTS AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT WE HAVE THE FULL POTENTIAL TO REACH ALL THE FOOD WITHIN THE VENEZUELAN BASKET. THINK ABOUT IT. I have practically read all the comments and the only thing that was left clear is political ignorance serving the fanatics and vice versa. And the sad part (or maybe the dirty part…) are the horrible spelling mistakes in certain and many of the words that are written! What a disaster, how absurd!! My god! It seems as if many (not to say all…), if they actually attended school…, skipped all the Spanish classes… ALL OF THESE NEGATIVE COMMENTS MADE BY SOME PEOPLE ABOUT MY BELOVED COMMANDER ARE BECAUSE THEY’RE LAZY PEOPLE FROM THE FORTH REPUBLIC, WHO DIDN’T WORK AND RECEIVED A WAGE, SINCE THEY WERE SPOILED BRATS… GET OUT OF HERE…AND LEAVE MY COMMANDER TO REST IN PEACE…THOSE WHO DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THE WORK OF OUR BELOVED COMMANDER HAVE NOTHING BUT EMPTY SPACE IN THEIR HEAD. blessed thee who is humane!!! It is expressed in Christianity, it is written in the Bible and professed in the words: He who is not humane and confuses money with human compassion. Many of you state in your comments that Venezuela is going through a hard time, it’s not, there are streets, hospitals and much more, of course!!! That person probably lives in Chacao, Las Mercedes, where the rich people of the country live and where he’s ruled by his presidents, surely in the times of your presidents, the state was the one investing in them and making them wealthier. But the reality of Venezuela is another!!! There’s better healthcare, education, dwellings, services and evidently they don’t see that because they don’t mix with the people. I ask you to come closer to reality, many mothers in ranches now have dwellings, healthcare is free, education is free, the people have opportunities for education, the services are consolidated even by the very same neighbors in social organizations, there are technological advances. Overall, some don’t see it, on the contrary, they try to misdirect and prevent it from taking place because it does not benefit them. Obviously this society still has several issues to face, but it’s not the state that buys the guns, it’s not the state that moves the economy, it’s not the state that distributes the consumer goods. There’s a big battle being fought to strengthen the economy and production, and within it the capitalist bourgeois, his resources and monopolies never work for the people, they don’t care about the opponent. So, my Latin American friends, Chavez was the one who gave us the opportunity, thinking about the humblest people. There lies the difference. The socialism as intended gives the people what they need, before they would only give us the leftovers. Long live Chavez There is a saying that goes: “lies have short legs”. According to the wise advocates of the US empire, right, the FAO, the CEPAL, the UNESCO and the UN are lying, because the Millennium goals were achieved before 2015 and not with words but with actions that were performed and proven. See the website and then you can talk, ignorance is bad and it can kill you; educating yourself isn’t bad and then you can talk fairly. Let’s celebrate on April 14th, before midnight, the accomplishment of the PSUV, and how Great Venezuela is, who puts and takes. “Long live the Supreme Commander”. “Ordered by the people”, not by the yellow press or the traitors. “Long live the Bolivarian Nation”. “Long live Evo”, “Long live the great homeland” gee fellows, I want you to interpret what I’m going to say. I am Venezuelan and in my land we have a mobile health dispenser and as you know, we don’t even have a cart to serve us as ambulance, and Chavez gave Bolivia 187 ambulances fully equipped in 2007. You can’t imagine the pain I felt when I found out about this donation for that brother nation, yet I still don’t understand how this man gave things away to others and nothing to us. And that’s why my country and the future presidents need to give to our people and when our people are well, then help others. To these pseudo-commentators who speak so nicely about the “REVOLUTION”, let me say this, most of you aren’t in our country, get some vacation days and come see the cruel and deceiving reality that HRCHF (Chavez) proclaimed, so you can can see what is truly good. When is a president actually good? When he embezzles his country’s public funds and spends all his time travelling around the world with a plane full of his closest sycophants (thieves, corrupted people, mobsters, drug dealers, terrorists), whom he allows to steal from the people, taking advantage of their poverty and ignorance, the people that has to applaud that miserable commander when deep down all they want is to spit in his face, for the humiliation of having to call themselves beggars of the miserable donations given by this poisonous “dictator”. The people that allow to be put on their knees for a bread crumb. Bolivar said “you have the president you deserve”. Today Venezuela is a country with a compromised future because of this satrap, who pawned it with a country like the Chinese-communist, who doesn’t even feel the pain of its own people. Is a nation happy when, regardless of being the COUNTRY WITH THE HIGHEST RESERVES OF OIL IN THE PLANET, its citizens have to make long lines to get an item of the daily basic food basket? For the past 14 years, Venezuela has had this poisonous government that started EXPROPRIATING (STEALING) companies, dwellings, lands, properties, corporations, which are now today completely ruined. Here you can’t find cornstarch, milk, oil, sugar, chicken, meat, soap, toilet paper, wheat flour, rice, bathing soap nor tooth paste. Do you think this is a happy country? progressing? with a future? I read, read and read…come to Venezuela, go to the hospitals, to the morgue, visit the neighborhood at any hour, the downtown, the malls, there are people. I regret to inform you that this is a fraud, it’s not the empire, all these Chavez followers love the empire. Anyone who receives help for his country has to defend this mess here, we will continue fighting to defend our own, Venezuela is a great nation, its people are good people, all this wil go away. Ignorant communists, Evo only creates poverty and misery, long live Capitalism.Bolivian brothers, let’s remember that Evo Morales brought us to a strong current of drug trafficking, innocent deaths, the Rozza case, Bolivian brothers that are in jail for the Chaparina and El Porvenir cases, and other parties who are unfairly exiled by this murderous and oppressing government; or is it that we are blind to keep permitting a little group from MAS to continue murdering us and taking away our Democracy, which cost us so much blood to get? No, Bolivian brothers, say no to his reelection, if this went to the urns, he would lose for sure. We the Bolivians stab each other in the back, we don’t let others work nor do we let them eat, the Bolivian government achieved many things that were not achieved by other governments, the only thing they did was steal. ALL THE COMMENTATORS OF THIS ARTICLE ARE CRAAAAAAAZZYYYYYYYYYYYYY….LONG LIVE VENEZUELA AND AMERICA UNITED…YOU BUNCH OF SYCOPHANTS. THE TRUTH IS EMBARRASSING, THERE ARE SOME COMMENTS WITH CRITERIA BUT THERE ARE OTHERS THAT MAKE YOU WANT TO CRY, FOR INSTANCE, WHAT CHAVEZ SUPPOSEDLY DID WELL, ELIMINATE POVERTY, A GREAT LIE, HE JUST FED THEM AND LET THEM LIVE AS HOGS AND THAT’S JUST TO KEEP THEM BY HIS SIDE. AND WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN NOW, IT IS MADURO’S TURN, GOOD LUCK VENEZUELANS AS YOU KEEP EXTENDING YOUR HAD TO GET BREAD AND MAINTAIN THE SAME CHAVEZ-LIKE POLICY FILLED WITH RESENTMENT. THE ONE FROM BOLIVIA DOES THE SAME, THE TWO OF THEM SIMPLE, POOR AND LAZY, AND THE WORST PART, RESENTED. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT OF SOMEONE LIKE THESE TWO GENTLEMEN, THESE GENTLEMEN ONLY HAD THEIR MOUTHS FILLED WITH COKE AND NO FOOD.I FEEL SORRY FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO SAY THAT THEY TOOK CARE OF THE POOR AND THAT NO ONE EVER DID ANYTHING FOR THEM. OF COURSE NO ONE DID ANYTHING FOR ANY OF US BECAUSE WE HADN’T BEEN BORN YET. I ASK, ARE YOU (FIVE HUNDRED YEARS OLD) IT SEEMS THAT YOU ARE A TROOP OF FOOLS AND MORONS THAT SELL YOURSELVES FOR CRUMBS TO THIS TROOP OF FREE LOADERS, MALEFACTORS AND CORRUPT GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS THAT WE HAVE TODAY FOR ONE MORE MANDATE, BECAUSE ONE IS WORSE THAN THE OTHER, MY SINCEREST CONDOLENCES TO VENEZUELA AND BOLIVIA FOR HAVING THE WORST RESENTED PRESIDENTS IN HISTORY. You couldn’t be more wrong, the regulation in favor of banks and the state and to the detriment of the individual is the cause of the crisis in Venezuela and the socialists are as guilty as the conservatives, which is a form of socialism; both are based on the splurge on the money plundered from the citizens. LONG LIVE FIDEL, LONG LIVE RAUL.These two elderly men and all their Cuban elite accomplished their lives’ greatest dreams, to rule over the minds of most of SOUTH AMERICA and thus control the wealth of their poor and ignorant people; the Cuban menu has already been sown in Venezuela, everything was carefully planned, the monster of deceit and the myth of the left-wing socialism philosophy, the so-called savior of the poor has already been created and is bearing its larvae throughout the whole territory, subjecting human minds to a single cult thought towards the great figure of a single man, a single power, a single color, a single thought without the right to disagree even without being right in any issue of national interest; all this power of a single leader with a personalized structure accounting for the human and social chronic suffering due to the misery and poverty of most of the Venezuelan population, who by the way still lives in extreme poverty and cannot see because they drank the poison of the elderly Cubans, the illusion, deceit and submission, using social resentment and hunger as the source of knowledge to accept such aberration for the control of the masses.The truth is not in me, the truth is in each one of the Venezuelan compatriots, in their daily lives, on the streets, the institutions, the neighborhoods, the hospitals, the homes, yes, many are studying now, many have a diploma, some have subsidies, but Venezuela is falling to pieces due to the indifference of all of you who receive some aid (which is valid since that’s what governments are for) but not in exchange of destruction; we weren’t doing well 14 years ago, but now we are worse, you don’t want to see this tragedy. The people’s comments are very good THIS GOVERNMENT GAVE LIFE TO A FORGOTTEN NATION FILLED WITH HUNGER AND A LOT OF MISERY. IT IS EASY FOR YOU TO SAY EVERYTHING YOU ARE SAYING, BUT THE VENEZUELAN PEOPLE KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. YOU TALK ABOUT DEVALUATION, ABOUT NOT GETTING ANY FOOD. HOW SAD IT IS TO SEE THE IGNORANCE OF WHERE YOU ARE, DID YOU FORGET ABOUT THE CARA-CAZO BLACK FRIDAY, THE THOUSANDS OF MEN AND FAMILIES MASSACRED BY THE GOVERNMENT, WHO ONLY LOOKED OUT FOR ITS OWN INTEREST AND GAVE THE COUNTRY AWAY TO THE NORTH AMERICAN TRANSNATIONALS. ALMOST EVERYTHING WAS PRIVATIZED IN THOSE DAYS AROUND HERE, THERE WAS NO RIGHT TO EDUCATION, LOOK A LITTLE BIT THROUGH THE HISTORY OF THE 80’s AND 90’s AND COMPARE. LONG LIVE THIS NATION AND THANK YOU CHAVEZ FOR TEACHING US TO LOVE, CARE ABOUT IT AND DEFEND IT, TODAY MORE THAN EVER WE ARE PATRIOTS AND REVOLUTIONARIES. LONG LIVE THE UNION OF THE NATIONS I have always noticed people say that the wealthy are the ones with the power, but if you look back to the time of the colony, 99 per cent of our governors came from the plebs and what else…poor Gomez was one of the few that came from a wealthy family, and he did it better that these momma’s boys. In Venezuela there are people who are well prepared but we always choose the drunkard or the guy from the hood, leaving aside the guy who is prepared, especially if he has some money. The guy from the hood doesn’t know how to manage the money that was left from the co-ops, from the loans, people from the hood are spending in beer and parties, because they didn’t invest anything in ranches, I met someone that snorted everything hr had. Let’s choose people that are capable, management people, not mediocre politicians or congressmen that don’t even represent the working people. Doing things this way creates a nation of slackers and freeloaders that I’m tired of, you, Chavez followers and opponents, get to work and stop thinking about what the nation gave you, instead think about what you will give to her, for the Bolivians, Nicaraguans, Hondurans and Cubans, work for your future, and you, my countrymen, also work, that’s the solution to our problems. The main problem that also maintains the image of the Bolivian government before its people, is its demand for access to the ocean, which was lost in the Pacific War with Chile in 1879. Its demand to Hague is projected to end with a plea for negotiation. I think Bolivia deserves at least 8 kilometers of the coast with free access but without the territorial ownership, and the right to have a well-equipped port for trading operations; in reciprocity, Chile would have access without entitlement to fees to transit towards the Brazilian market and nearby countries. I don’t think Peru would oppose to it happening through Arica as long as it doesn’t harm its rights according to the treaty obtained with Arica, and the conclusions of the Hague likely on the month of July this year. I sense that Bolivia is hurting from the lack of military support that was very likely offered by Hugo Chavez and maybe Cuba, in order for Bolivia to negotiate its access to the sea within a land that used to belong to them, with the Chilean government that has a very powerful armed force in Latin America. My comment is regarding the survey which doesn’t offer the option of the real cause or the highest crime incidence: the need to survive of a high percentage of the population living in extreme poverty, 30% in Peru, allowed to increase by successive governments. I think that all the families and family groups that are under the threshold of the minimum basic needs of dwelling, school breakfast, sanitary services, basic healthcare, primary or labor education, don’t have the necessary tools for self-entrepreneurship and the opportunities shown by the market social economy. The successive governments that don’t get us out of the “hole” with a minimum platform for the honest survival of these families, contribute to the degradation of health, ignorance and lack of work opportunities. The frivolity and corruption of the government authorities and the bureaucracy are the usual barriers to obtain the aforementioned platform. In order not to provide support they use the argument of “welfarism”, which is the equivalent of not wanting to assist the people who are sinking in quicksands. The minimum education with values and nutrition for pregnant mothers in extreme poverty would likely save many people in this sector. We are lacking the effective strategies, specially when the Constitutions of the countries mention people as the most valuable resource of a country. We shouldn’t be envious of the organizations and companies that contribute by sustainable growth, legal wages and being in compliance with their taxes, let them grow as much as possible and support their influential communities reasonably, the diverse social-economical units are the ones that generate prosperity and development. CT&I It saddens me to read certain comments from some brothers, I don’t know what country they live in but it’s not Venezuela, because it’s not the same one I live in, maybe they lack the age or the memory of how things were here 14 years ago. People, let me tell you that it was when president Chavez assumed the presidency that Venezuela started coming out of the hole, of the foreign debt, of hunger, of sloth..with him we learned that we have rights we can demand, something that you couldn’t do during other previous governments, or is it that people don’t remember the disappearances, devaluations, crimes, killings, the privatization of all our utilities companies, of the universities and others… what I can say is that we live better and we have a nation joined by our dear and always remembered commander president Chavez, we have a HOMELAND and no one will take it away from us……….. Well my friends, you Bolivians, Ecuadorians, Argentinians, Peruvians, Cubans and from those few countries that defended or defend the Chavez regime, what are you going to do now since this guy is dead and now you are gonna be left like the guayabera, meaning left out from the great aids provided to you by the Venezuelan government, lead by a retired military man with no success in his military, social, political or private career. Now you have to face the consequences….because I don’t think that this guy that was left temporarily in charge of the Venezuelan government is going to solve the conflict that is currently taking place in our country in matters of finances, or even less the problems that you people from foreign countries in Latin America have….get off that cloud because the fall will be hard unless you get off it yourselves; you are capable of creating something that will truly provide financial incomes for your countries and thus become independent, and not be countries that receive things needed by your people for free, don’t be shameless and use your minds to create something good…decide that politicians should be running your countries, and not white collar thieves…as it is happening in this country we live in…rectify…. The only thing I can say is this thought of our Liberator – AN IGNORANT NATION IS AN INSTRUMENT OF ITS OWN DESTRUCTION, before giving money away to other nations, we should organize our own, come to Venezuela and see how we are living, maybe Evo went out to the streets without an escort, slept in any hotel, took a walk in Petare or El Valle during the night. YOU BOLIVIANS ARE STUPID. NOW YOU WANT EVERYTHING TO BE A GIFT LIKE SOME OTHER PEOPLE I KNOW. YOU HAVE SO MUCH HATE FOR THE US, KNOW THAT YOU ALL BREATHE AND LIVE THANKS TO MEDICINES THAT ARE MOSTLY MADE BY THEM. RIGHT? THE ONLY THING YOU PRODUCE IS DRUGS THAT MAKE YOU EVEN DUMBER THAN YOU ALREADY ARE. YOU WILL CONTINUE TO BE THE POOREST COUNTRY IN SOUTH AMERICA AND ONE OF THE MOST WRETCHED ONES IN THE WORLD. In previous days I was in Panama and I met a group of Bolivians who had been deported from the United States, they seemed like educated people, they were white; I thought most Bolivians were indigenous. They told me that 45 per cent were white. Well, the truth is they were speaking ill of Bolivia and told us that they had been stripped of all the belongings they owned in La Paz and that they practice a barbaric communism in that place. Well… I had the desire to visit Bolivia and see the Gate of the Sun, I guess it won’t happen… this MAS government is not a party government, it is a government of the people, what other president made so much progress in all favorable aspects for a country, in this case Bolivia; and while it is true that President Morales had the help of president Hugo Chavez who helped him considerably, not to rule a country but to understand and listen to a nation that demanded to be free from being ruled by other countries who only wanted to steal and take all the wealth that the country holds, it is easy to understand that President Morales is leading the Bolivian people on the right path, although not an easy one because there will always be people who like to pick on this government in any possible way due to personal interests, or a group who wants to destabilize this government, but they won’t succeed because if there was one thing that President Chavez taught us is to stay together, because unity is the strength of a nation, therefore this government of the people is the best way to govern, “a government of all and for all”, and even though many don’t like it they will have to accept the fact that people have awaken, not to be stepped on anymore by any other neoliberal government, and that this Great South America will not be manipulated by anyone. It is also true that we are still missing countries ready for the great South America reintegration, so it is up to us to keep fighting and supporting the good governors. You should also know that President Chavez isn’t dead…because Chavez is all of us who want a nation free of neoliberal interests…and, Venezuelan brothers, know that you are not alone, we form a great brotherhood of countries fighting for a true democracy. THANK YOU CHAVEZ!!!! REVOLUTIONARY OF LATIN AMERICA That Markkus who writes with poor spelling is not me, strange how the nickname is repeated.The issue is that a real democracy, like a three-legged table, requires ECONOMICAL DEMOCRACY, POLITICAL DEMOCRACY AND SOCIAL-CULTURAL DEMOCRACY.The minimum platform needed for a family in extreme poverty to achieve self-entrepreneurship is basic dwelling, basic nutrition for the physical and mental development, quality primary education, essential healthcare and media, otherwise they become delinquents, mentally retarded, useless or slackers, with that platform you can create entrepreneurs that will most likely transmit improvements to their future parental generations, successful and creative business men and workers that will contribute with the sustainable growth, duly motivated in the social market economy, no envy against the wealthy since they contribute with their taxes to the improvement of the life quality of the population or society in good time. What shouldn’t be allowed to any government authority involved is to fail in providing the minimum platform for self-entrepreneurship. We insult a person malnourished since his mother’s womb as a slacker, thief, lazy, smoker, gangster, dumb and they are nothing more than the result of the lack of minimum care, a responsible government should prevent the accumulation of poor families, which is said to be 30% of the Peruvian population. In these times of adversity and global contraction, integration appears to us as an inescapable and historical need that warrants a political will of broad human ethics and sagacity of statistics that involve the different social components that exist within the huge political-organic structure that is Latin America and the Caribbean. The political action requires a sagacious component, one that allows us to set a unique supranational integration policy that will unite all the integration projects developed for Latin America and the Caribbean during the 20th and 21st Centuries. Its goal is to establish a resolution in which the United States are not perceived as a threatening or superior agent for the possibilities of the continent, but rather achieve that the Northern nation understand that, once we have chosen the integration as a basic principal for the development and construction of a future with common goals, it shall have to respect and adjust in terms of respect and reciprocity of interests against the interests and needs of the hemisphere. LONG LIVE CHAVEZ, THE FIGHT GOES ON! …For heaven’s sake write WITH CRITERIA…not with your guts…reason doesn’t ask for strength.. or what??…do you want to go back to the larceny of other times…Venezuela has changed…it may not all be good..but: don’t be stupid, ignorant and blind…sound boards for shitty politicians…Chavez set a historical landmark, reformist and patriotic…no one in their right mind can deny that….Not recognizing it is the role of all this bunch of ungrateful Venezuelans…CHAVEZ LIVES DAMMIT Bolivians are losers that dragged the generous Peru to the 1879 disaster. Don’t you dare access the sea through lands that used to belong to Peru. We know your traitor qualities. Mr. Evo Morales….with all due respect and the right I have to make a claim and a statement as a citizen, is no more than a resented man and a liar, he made promises he hasn’t kept, he lives on the memory of past governments and doesn’t prove to be any different, there’s no project for work in the country, his government doesn’t create jobs and doesn’t allow to work, everything has a but in it, complications, there’s no freedom to work worthily. Now he wants that we citizens pay with the little wage we make from working, his travels and the per diem of his family and of the vice president, this guy is such a shameless bum and a leach; as president he has the right to work for the government, for Bolivians, for the poor, for the people, FOR HIS COUNTRY!!! he doesn’t own Bolivia, we don’t have to pay anything to this guy who keeps issuing decrees out of nowhere as long as he can fulfill his whims. He needs to work along with the people instead of sitting down and watching Bolivia as it continues to fall into a moral, economical and social abyss. I LOVE this country… and at the same time I feel sorry for it… they start to govern and they think they’re the OWNERS. The president fulfills the role of a father in the country.Moral: what is a good father! what does a good father represent! what does a good father deserve! what does a good father do!EVO?? is a good father of the country!!People of Bolivia, let’s not accept bad fathers as governors.Patt.. It’s sad they you criticize so much now without proposing any improvements to change, before you were at the mercy of corrupt leaders that only thought in the interests of the wealthy and petty entrepreneurs, at least you had a president that despite his mistakes considered planting the seed of generosity with a few of the beneficiaries that surely needed a helping hand; in my country, Colombia, we’ve only seen corrupt people govern us, who never think about the people, that are bleeding out our land to feed the great powers that need nothing. I think all systems fail because every since they were created they were broken. I only hope that someday united we will create a system that can include everyone for the benefit of society in general and eliminate famine and poverty. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS, CHAVEZ IS DEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD; MOVE ON AND STOP FAWNING ON MADURO, DON’T BE SO IGNORANT!!! AND THE NATIONS THAT WERE LIVING OFF CHAVEZ’S GIFTS GET TO FUCKIIIIIIIIIIIIIING WORK DAMMITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! BOLIVIA IS DIVIDED IN 2 PARTS, THE MISERABLE PART AND THE THINKING PART; THE MISERABLE PART IS THE PART THAT LIVES IN DEBAUCHERY OFF THE BOLIVIAN DRUG-PRESIDENT, THE PEOPLE DUMBED BY ALCOHOL AND COKE, AND COMMUNISTS WHO HAVE ALWAYS BEEN SLACKERS AND THRIVE ON THE CORRUPT COMMUNIST GOVERNMENTS, AS IN THE CASE OF CUBA, A COUNTRY THAT IS BEHIND IN HISTORY, WHAT A SHAME, SO MANY GENERATIONS IN ABSOLUTE IGNORANCE LIVING OF THE PAID PROPAGANDA THAT “THE MEDICINE IN CUBA IS HIGHLY DEVELOPED”. LIES, THEY BARELY HAVE MONEY TO EAT, HOW ARE THEY GOING TO DEVELOP THEMSELVES, THEY HAVE NOTHING, THEY LIVE OFF TOURISM, OFF PROSTITUTION, OFF THE FREE OIL THAT THEY LATER RESELL, OFF THE US REMITTANCES. AND CHAVEZ, IF HE HAD SURVIVED, WOULD HE HAD SAID SUCH CRAP AND OTHER STUPIDITIES IF HE HADN’T EMBEZZLED THE OIL MONEY? NO AND NO, HIS DEAR LA PLATA, HIS POWER, THE MONEY, NOTHING ELSE, WITH ALL THAT MONEY, EVEN A CHANCROUS MONKEY COULD BE A LEADER. SEE HOW THE “CHAVEZ FOLLOWERS” LIVE IN VENEZUELA, OFF THE MENDICANCY OF A CORRUPT GOVERNMENT, BAGS OF GROCERIES, FREE ALCOHOL, FREE HOUSES, EDUCATION? WHAT FOR, IF THEY GIVE IT ALL TO US, A FUTURE NATION OF DELINQUENTS WITH MONEY, NOTHING ELSE, A DUMB GENERATION, THAT’S WHAT CHAVEZ DID TO REMAIN A RULER, IF CUBA HAD THE BEST DOCTORS, THE LATEST MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY,THEN WHY DIDN’T THEY SAVE THE MULTIMILLIONAIRE CHAVEZ, YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST PAID PROPAGANDA. TYPICAL OF THE CORRUPT COMMUNIST DICTATORS…THE SAME GOES FOR PERU, AFTER THE TOLEDO DELINQUENTS (BY THE WAY TOLEDO HAS NEVER HAD ANY PROFESSIONAL DEGREE) CAME THE HUMALAS, A FAMILY OF FANATIC COMMUNISTS, ABUSIVE MILITARY MEN OBSESSED WITH POWER, WHO HATE ANY RACE WITH LIGHT COLOR SKIN AND WHO ARE CHAVEZ FOLLOWERS AND TRY TO PERPETUATE BY MEANS OF CORRUPTION, AS To whoever reads the “The Chile-Bolivian Peace Treaty”, it will be clear that beyond a treaty it was a trade transaction, where Chile paid many millions of dollars of those times to Bolivia, aside from undertaking several important works in that country and paying high debts of the Bolivian State; Bolivia’s demand at The Hague will uncover many surprises and disguises that will distort the threats of Morales towards the Chilean nation. Chavez was the ATM that was handing out money in all directions, buying consciences and giving away oil, stealing from his compatriots that worked for his properties, and for such sinister character to come along and give away to his followers all that was stolen…if he wanted to help out the poor so much, why didn’t he buy them land, with all that oil money…but, he used the international reserves to buy armament up to his teeth, just to intimidate his people who are now in fear of all that gun power against the people…don’t believe that it was to fight other countries, a single high-tech rocket would knock them out of the battle in a heartbeat.Now they are clinging to not letting go of the power, threatening even the most coward ones, they control everything, even the outbound calls abroad are disconnected and their users are chased, we all know that Tibisay Lucena is the woman of god given hair,,, how could Capriles pretend to win when everything is contaminated by Chavez followers greetings to all, instead of commenting, which is good, and with due respect in order to be respected, it’d be good to make suggestions for each situation and continue giving opinions and adding to them, regards and good day. Colombia, The best country in the world, how about in peace, no way, by far the best place to live in the world. I agree with a Peruvian that posted below…Bolivians are traitors…But don’t worry because Chile won’t give them any Sea, not even to wash their paws. Bolivians, starting from their PRESIDENT, are very ignorant people…Switzerland has no SEA, NO SEA, and see how they export millions.Every time this comes up because of Morales, whenever Bolivia has serious internal issues, THE ISSUE AGAINST CHILE COMES UP, THE CHILEAN THIEVES AND UNTIL WHEN, WE HAVE THE NORTH FILLED WITH BOLIVIAN-INDIANS, PIGS THAT DON’T WASH UP…WE ARE GETTING YOU ALL DEPORTED AND WE ALSO FEED YOU AND TELL MORALES TO INVITE THE BUS-DRIVER MADURO TO WASH UP HIS PAWS IN A WASHBASIN, AND STOP SENDING SOLDIERS CARRYING DRUGS BECAUSE WE’RE GONNA KILL THEM ONE BY ONE Capitalism as is pursued in Colombia isn’t the best, MONOPOLIES, CORRUPTION, go against the most vulnerable ones, but those who affect security the most are the the ones educated in the best SCHOOLS OF THE WORLD…at least we have freedom of speech, a biased media and some independent ones, that uncover many errors, thefts and deals of the ruling class, including judges, magistrates, politicians, military men, public officials, etc, but recent facts indicate that the progressive not only do this but want to stay ruling with ALMS JUST AS CORRUPT, censuring the press, murdering political prisoners, chasing the opposing parties. Totalitarian governments without money and a counterweight that will balance power and opposition, who are the new rich in VENEZUELA? we already know, how much blood needs to be spilled in order to let go of the cake, the military shouldn’t be politicians because doing elections with a rifle over your head isn’t balanced and generates more corruption, a country or a family that provides everything for its children without committing them to produce will have a mediocre family. JAPAN with over 350 thousand kilometers of land, and with a 140 million population and without the natural resources of Latin American countries has turned its people into wise men for humanity due to the commitment that was created by HIROSHIMA and the world wars, they are conservative but honest and the crisis are seen as opportunities to exalt their souls, their families, and their country, we have everything to succeed, but changing with the absurd mentality that binds the majority of LATIN AMERICANS….THE CHANGE IS NOW…DON’T BE DECEIVED BY THE FANATICS, THE POLITICIANS, RELIGIOUS OR SPORTS PARTIES….GO AHEAD LATINOS WE HAVE EVERYTHING TO SUCCEED, LET’S DO IT Carlos Lopez: The 4th Regional Command has become a concentration camp 20th, 2013Highlighted by the Human Rights advocate in Barquisimeto, that what happened in this city is unique to the country and we should turn the other cheek right away, due to level of importance and the amount of people affected. Written by: Punto Medio NoticiasWhile half of the country is taking their pots and pans at the time set by the opposing leader….While thousands of Venezuelans applaud the decision of the National Electorate Council (CNE, for its acronym in Spanish) to do an audit, in the city of Barquisimeto there continues to be a violation of human rights.Between Monday April 15th and Tuesday the 16th approximately 90 youngsters were detained and 5 of them were underage, for exercising their right to protest. The proceeding was done as well by members of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB, for its acronym in Spanish), an institution which has no jurisdiction in this kind of proceedings in Venezuela. Carlos Eduardo Lopez, Human Rights advocate in Lara, explains that this situations which is keeping dozens of parents and families alarmed, and who are unaware of the situation in which these youngsters are kept at the 47 Police Quarter and another group at the 4th Regional Command (Core, in Spanish).”No access has been granted to the detainees held at the 47 Police Quarter, but they are injured and have had all their rights violated. We’ve been able to confirm this through a few of the 56 youngsters that have been released, he said. “Maicked Azuaje, a 27 year old young man, is hospitalized at a clinic located east of the city. He has three broken ribs and internal bleeding. Discrimination looses twice in Venezuela. In Brazil, discrimination, racism, ignorance, lack of education and sovereignty win democratically, people are educated by Rede Globo television network, they don’t like politics, soccer, cachaça [Brazilian rum made from sugar cane], amateur soccer, funk, etc. Chavez is no more, and never has a South American country been spoken of as much as Venezuela. Things in that country aren’t well. Maduro has quite the task ahead of him and also he won’t be able to continue giving away money or cheap oil. The Venezuelans won’t allow it. This is just beginning with or without Bolivar. well my brothers, I think we need to think about tomorrow and stop paying attention to the Pacific War of 1879 with Peru and Chile and Bolivia, or maybe on the recently passing of Mr. Chavez we made a mistake, let’s rectify and if we did fail let’s try to…I think must of us Latino countries have the same flu that affects us as capitalists because everything comes from abroad but if we have the resource of materials that we have in our countries, such as, in my natal country of Peru we have all the production of mining, fishing, agriculture with a great variety of products such as quinoa, potatoes, tuna, choclo, shrimp, in our rivers, rice, in our valleys, etc, etc., other products, and also I read above that Chavez would give away to other countries, and as far I know my nation receives nothing from Chavism…not a kilo of rice, meaning what Venezuela has its for them and not for no one else nor for the shitty yankees as that leader used to say, who are shit and we should make them respect us both the left-wing and right-wing to live well, here our president also fooled us and said he’d lower the gas, which is ours and he didn’t, he said he’d diminish delinquency and he didn’t, it increases every day more and more…then we think the people we choose are to blame and this awful ollanta humala fools us, but we hang in there, and now because of general that would hurt some Chileans, we have to go war…..then, Hispanic brothers, it is time to unite, not because Bolivar or Chavez said, with all due respect to their ideas, but because it is the actual REASON I BELIEVE TO LIVE IN PEACE AS BROTHERLY HISPANIC LATINO NATIONS. I share the opinion of all that its said but it’s important to highlight that while we continue to be governed by a group of coke-head indigenous, Bolivia will never get ahead, all we have left to do is wait until his mandate is finalized so then we can send all its ministers and its president to jail until they rot in there. There’s a saying that goes the shoemaker to its shoe and Evo to grow potatoes for the city people How the truths and lies said about Chavez and Evo contradict themselves…. I RESPECT EVERYONE”S OPINION, BUT LET ME TELL THAT NO COUNTRY IN THE WORLD HAS HAD A PRESIDENT LIKE MY COMMANDER HUGO CHAVEZ. HIS NAME IS TOO BIG FOR THOSE WHO ARE CRITICIZING HIM, AND THAT’S WHY I SAY YOU WISH YOU’D LIVE IN VENEZUELA. WHAT THE PRESIDENT GAVE HE DID IT WITH HIS HEART AND NOT THINKING OF BEING CRITICIZED, BUT ALL THOSE INSULTS WILL SLIP RIGHT BY US. HE’S ALREADY DEAD, MAY HE REST IN PEACE. NOW WE HAVE MADURO, NO MATTER WHO IS HURT BY THAT AND NO MATTER WHO SPEAKS ILL OF MY COMMANDER HUGO CHAVEZ FRIAS, UNTIL THE VICTORY ALWAYS. I’m sticking with Venezuela and with the Socialist and Bolivarian project, when you read and don’t invest so much time in TV programs that keep the people immersed in ignorance, it is difficult to be caught unprepared by the media hype. all the dollars that are coming into our country should stay in our country, let’s improve our quality of live in every way and the other countries that depend on us will have to wait for many years. FIRST OURSELVES, SECOND OURSELVES AND THIRD, OURSELVES. Well, regards and hugs to all of those who comment, regardless whether they are Chavez followers, anti-Chavez, Evo followers, anti-Evo, revolutionaries, anti-revolutionaries, we’re all brothers and in politics, those who occupy middle positions or are based within the political parties and even sympathize, will always end up facing each other violently, and so the results would produce deaths and injuries. While, the heads of those left-wing and right-wing parties (who assure that they’re fighting “for the poor”) end up signing agreements without considering the population. I don’t understand the leaders nor the followers, and having read the comments and replies that are developed in this site, I understand even less. If we all fight for the poor people in Latin America, even with different approaches, why is it then that the coinciding ends don’t unite? it’s sad to see those debates, that aside from the terrible misspellings, also manifest lack of political criteria, which reflect positions that are borderline fanatic both for the revolutionary as well as for those against the revolutionaries. We all believe to carry the absolute truth (and what I am saying is relative) and with insults and disqualifications are turning this site into an anti-democracy, you don’t defend your opinions with serious data and you don’t procure the courtesy that should rule above all else (Continue) Let’s read all these comments, they help us understand where we stand. EVERY ONE HAS THEIR SHARE OF RIGHTNESS BUT A PRESIDENT LIKE CHAVEZ WAS THE BEST THING THAT THIS VENEZUELAN NATION HAS GIVEN BIRTH TO. HE HELPED SO MANY VENEZUELANS AS WELL AS OTHER NATIONS INCLUDING THE UNITED STATES, THE STATE OF BROOKLYN, FREE OIL FOR THOSE POOR PEOPLE THAT WERE FREEZING, IT IS A SUPER DEVELOPED COUNTRY AND LOOK HOW VENEZUELA WOULD HELP THEM WITHOUT ASKING ANYTHING IN RETURN, AND YOU CRITICIZE AND SAY THAT THERE IS A PARADISE OVER THERE, JAJA, AND THAT THERE’S CORRUPTION AND WHAT COUNTRY DOESN’T HAVE ANY AND EVEN WORSE, DON’T BE NAIVE DAMMIT. NOW, MADURO IS A MAN THAT COMES FROM POVERTY AND KNOWS THE NEEDS OF THE POOR VENEZUELANS, NOT A RADONSKI WHO PARTICIPATED IN A COUP THAT ATTACKED AN EMBASSY AND NOW HE SAYS IT WASN’T HIM BUT A SET-UP, JAJAJAJJJAJA PHONIES WON’T RETURN, LONG LIVE CHAVEZ YOU YANKEES WHAT DOES THE WHINY DESTABILIZING RIGHT-WING WANT, TO CREATE CHAOS, TO GENERATE CONDITIONS FOR A NEW COUP D’ ETAT SINCE NICOLAS MADURO WON, THE EXTREME RIGHT-WING FOLLOWERS WANT TO UNLEASH A WAR, PEOPLE AGAINST PEOPLE. THE PSUV HAS ENOUGH EXPERIENCE AND MATURITY TO RESIST THE FASCIST ONSET AND NOT FALL PREY TO THE PROVOCATIONS OF THOSE WHO 11 YEARS AGO, ALONG WITH CAPRILES, TRIED TO SNATCH THE PEOPLE’S VICTORY, AND ITS FASCISTS HORDES WHICH ARE AGGRESSIVE, FEARLESS AND WHO MURDER AND CONSPIRE, WANT TO GO BACK TO AN INIQUITOUS PAST OF EXPLOITATION, LOOTING AND DEATH, OF SUBMISSION TO THE YANKEE EMPIRE, LIQUIDATION OF THE SOVEREIGNTY, HANDING OUT THE OIL.EVEN THOUGH MADURO ISN’T CHAVEZ, ONE AND THE OTHER BOTH CONTRIBUTED TO THE PROCESS, CHAVEZ WAS INVINCIBLE, NOT EVEN DEATH DEFEATED HIM IN HIS PASSION TO SERVE AND TO CHANGE; MADURO HAS THE POTENTIAL TO WORK FOR HIS PEOPLE AND THE HOMELAND OF BOLIVAR. I’VE ALWAYS SAID THAT BOLIVIA, SITUATED IN THE HEART OF SOUTH AMERICA, IS THE PRETTIEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL, THE ONLY THING THAT RUINS IT IS ITS PEOPLE. REGARDING SOME PEOPLE WHO COMMENTED WITH GOOD CRITERIA AND MATURITY, CONGRATS. BUT THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE WHO ONLY SHOW THEIR HATE TOWARDS PRESIDENT EVO IN THEIR OPINION. IT HURTS THEM THAT AN INDIGENOUS PERSON IS PRESIDENT, BUT WHO ELSE CAN GOVERN BOLIVIA. DO YOU WANT THE RIGHT-WING THIEVES TO RETURN. A WOMEN COMMENTED THAT PEOPLE WERE DISGUSTING, ETC. THAT WOMAN, I’M SURE, HAS WHITE SKIN AND MUST HAVE EXTRAORDINARY BREASTS AND BUTT, BUT I’M ALSO SURE THAT SHE MUST HAVE SHIT FOR BRAINS AND THAT’S WHY SHE MADE THAT COMMENT Although in Colombia health, education and security are withered and the ground is stained with the blood of innocent civilians led by the narc warmongers that now want to be great politicians and govern the country in the same way that Petro, and Navarro Wolf have been doing it, who in the long run have accomplished nothing good. And if we’re tired of those who govern us, it would be the end if the narc warmongers got to rule us as proposed by Chavez former girlfriend Piedad, with all those evils that are upon us, I’d rather stay within our nation’s land. Venezuela is a land of Chavez followers and of poor living where misery is spread with intolerance. Evo Morales is simply a drone and a puppet of the dead birdie for the oil benefits he received. Good afternoon to all, when a person refers to another one in a derogatory way it only shows lack of commitment to humanism, today for you and tomorrow for the rest, remember that God sacrificed himself for us, what about you? don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today, if you speak of your neighbor you’ll be less likely to help him, so remove that resentment you have in your so called mind, if you have one, I am not evangelic nor of any other religion, but I want you to know that we have to help our neighbor It’s important that I have this information on file, since I’m an educator and here I have materials that I can use with my students Everyone’s worried about what will happen to Bolivia after Chavez, and also about the other countries that have decided to change in order to make their people more visible (THEY WERE INVISIBLE). But, why didn’t they worry about the people before? Explain and understand that. I am Bolivian and I think it’s a shame that you misuse your time and opportunity to comment on important subjects like this one, to show that in Latin America we’re still living as resented racists without any solid grounds to define our political thoughts. And that’s why we are where we are. Let’s see:1 – Chavez provided financial, ideological, professional help (i.e. PDVSA), etc, not only to Bolivia. Through these measures Chavez widened his regional hegemony ratio and was successful. Whether we like it or not, he became a leader or chieftain, as you wish to call him. He did it for himself and his desire to expand the Bolivarian dreams.2 – If after Chavez Venezuela decides to continue with this aids, financing, donations, etc., I think it would be wrong. There isn’t nor will there be another Chavez. Venezuela needs to think about its own development for the next 6 years, with Maduro as the leader. 3 – I wonder: what does this topic have to do with the allusions to the sea, the ethnic condition of Evo (for whom I voted and don’t regret it), with xenophobic insults or local traumas, and the disenchantment in their own governments?In Latin America we are living a time of changes, of searching for our own destinies, of struggle for social improvements and overall for achieving development, that we will only obtain through unity, respect towards each other, education at every level and inclusion of those unprotected and abandoned through our histories. The rest are just attitudes that will sink us forever and will lead us to separation, exclusion and mainly, poverty.Chavez is no longer here. It is up to us Bolivians to decide what country we want in the future. Our economy is more solid than ever and I hope we don’t have to depend on anyone, ever again! of course the Bolivians are happy to be sucking the tit of the of late Hugo’s crazy government, imagine, if Bolivians or Ecuadorians or North Americans were receiving dollars, oil, food from Bolivia they’d be happy, but they aren’t giving anything away, only receiving, then you can see the big problem in Venezuela, there are no dwellings, unemployment is around a thousand per cent, insecurity has taken over, the economy is flat, inflation is like a dead animal on the floor, inflated, bloated; education is buried, so who do you think should be served first, the locals or the foreigners; read, comment, of course one should be humanitarian but after my people are well; children in the street begging to eat, this crazy man that would gathered them all, and now there’s even more, the prisons are at full capacity, where there should be 1200, there’s 4000. So comment now, maybe its selfishness or cruelty of the corrupt people in charge now, but the person who just got here doesn’t know the geography of Venezuela, you congratulate the Doctors and for the ladies, you qualify them as doctors, oh my God, it’s incredible how these people who are educated raise their hand for this foreigner who doesn’t even have a family, who is immature, incompetent, inept, poorly spoken. truly sad I RESPECT OPINIONS BUT IT’S SAD TO READ WHAT IS WRITTEN BY THOSE WHO THINK THEY ARE WISE AND ERUDITE BUT BY THE CONTENT OF THEIR COMMENTS, THEY ARE WORSE THAN THE ONE WITH LONG EARS, RIGHT IN THE 21ST CENTURY… ALSO MY RESPECTS TOWARDS MY LATIN AMERICAN BROTHERS WHO FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHTS, OPPORTUNITIES FOR EDUCATION AND HEALTH, ETC, I REJECT THE CORRUPT CLASS THAT STEALS THE NATIONAL RESOURCES LEAVING THEIR PEOPLE IN POVERTY…THAT AGGRESSIVE CLASS…THAT’S WHY, FOR MANY, THE VENEZUELAN PRESIDENT HAD A LOT OF GUTS, UNLIKE OTHERS WHO HANDED OVER THE EMPIRE AND GOT ON THEIR KNEES…COME ON EVO, MADURO, CORREA…LET’S KEEP FIGHTING, LET’S STOP BEING THE BACK YARD OF THE YANKEES …LET’S FULFILL THE DREAMS OF BOLIVAR, MARTI, FIDEL, CHAVEZ, AND PERUVIAN JC MARIATEGUI….LONG LIVE LABOR DAY Good afternoon, by reading all the right wing and left wing comments, one reaches the conclusion that it’s very easy to build socialism with somebody else’s money… I am saying this for Venezuela who bled dry PDVSA and expropriated companies and people who worked all their lives to achieve what they have, only to give it to a bunch of slackers who, WITHOUT WORKING, still have a house, health, food, this way anyone votes, and will vote again for the same party… and the Bolivians with the hand stretched out to receive what belongs to the Venezuelans… please, let’s commit to WORK… WORK for our countries.. and not be a burden. I am a Peruvian young woman, I am 16 years old, I like to know everything about politics; what I don’t understand is why Mr. Hugo Chavez – whom I respect greatly – didn’t strengthen and pull Venezuela out of the economical underdevelopment, why, with so many resources of oil, for 14 years he hasn’t been able to eliminate or decrease poverty, why? He helped giving money to many countries who took advantage of him, why? what was the reason to give to others and not to his people, motivate and pull them out of the poverty by teaching them how to “fish” and not giving them fish. Someone explain it to me please, I will be eternally grateful. I AM NOT A POLITICIAN OR A FAN OF POLITICAL GATHERINGS BUT WE CAN’T ESCAPE FROM WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW AND IN THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE. WE ARE BILLIONS OF PEOPLE AND THERE IS STILL NO SOLUTION TO OUR NEEDS, PEOPLE WILL CLAIM THEIR RIGHTS ONE WAY OR THE OTHER, AND HOW DO YOU THINK THE POWERFUL WILL SOLVE THIS, BY IMPRISONING BILLIONS OF PEOPLE? OR BY ELIMINATING MOST OF THEM, AND TELL ME, WHO DO YOU THINK WILL BE PART OF THE ELIMINATION PROGRAM? WILL THEY SELECT FROM THE PEOPLE WHO WROTE ABOVE? STOP BEING IDIOTS, IT IS A MATTER OF SIMPLE ARITHMETIC. LISTEN TO THE CHILEAN SINGER WHO SAYS THAT WE’RE ALREADY IN THE THIRD WORLD WAR AND DON’T EVEN KNOW IT CONGRATULATIONS TO THOSE OF SOUND MIND AND MY CONDOLENCES TO THOSE WITH A ROTTEN BRAIN. I WAS ABLE TO SKIM THROUGH A BUNCH OF COMMENTS. THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO KNEEL DOWN TO THE AMERICANS AND EVEN DROP THEIR PANTS TO GET PLUGGED. THE BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OF VENEZUELA IS SOVEREIGN, REVOLUTIONARY, SOCIALIST AND ANTI-EMPIRE. FIRST THANK GOD AND THEN THANK OUR SUPREME COMMANDER ‘HUGO RAFAEL CHAVEZ FRIAS”. NEVER IN OUR LAND’S HISTORY HAS THERE BEEN A PRESIDENT LIKE CHAVEZ, AND NOW OUR HOPE IS IN THIS SON, NICOLAS MADURO. WHAT LACK OF HUMANITY SHOW SOME PARTICIPANTS WHO ONLY EXPEL VENOM, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM IF VENEZUELA HELPED A LOT OF COUNTRIES IN LATIN AMERICA AND OTHER REGIONS IN THE WORLD? WE WILL DEFEND THIS LAND EVEN WITH OUR OWN LIVES SO THAT THOSE LACKEY THIEVES WHO EMBEZZLED THIS LAND OF BOLIVAR DON’T COME BACK. I SEE THE FACES OF THOSE MISERABLE VENEZUELANS WHO DROOL WHEN THEY SEE AN INVADER, IT IS PITIFUL. VENEZUELA HOLDS THE DOOR WIDE OPEN TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO COME IN NICELY. THOSE WHO WANT TO SCREW AROUND HERE, BETTER DON’T COME. VENEZUELA DEMANDS RESPECT AND WE WILL SUPPORT THE ALBA, THE UNASUR, THE CELAC.LONG LIVE BOLIVAR, LONG LIVE CHAVEZ, LONG LIVE MADURO, LONG LIVE, EVO, LONG LIVE OUR BROTHERLY COUNTRIES. It is very sad that there are brainless people that support and validate the practices of late Chavez, when all he did was mock the Venezuelans by giving their patrimony away, as if the Venezuelans’ money was his own, only to give it away to the beggars in Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua with his airs of greatness, poor imitator of Bolivar, and cursing everyone who disagreed with his madness when he didn’t even know what he was doing. What I know is that in his almost fifteen years of administration, he squandered all the wealth from the oil bonanza and caused the worst kind of corruption, the highest inflation rate and horrible crime rates, and the most terrible wedge between Venezuelans – even relatives got to the point of killing each other due to the violence expressed in his terrible speeches of hate and disqualification; up to the point of the most irreverent disrespect towards God, cursing the church and its representatives, and the most awful self-idolatry of calling himself supreme commander, the only supreme one is God, saying that it is wrong to be rich while accumulating a great fortune of two billion dollars, allowing his buddies to steal freely and giving away a large part of the Venezuelan wealth to Cuba’s Satan. No, this is crazy and yet there are ignorant people who call him supreme commander, disrespecting the name of the creator himself, who is the only one whom we owe respect to. I can’t bare so much disregard towards God, react once and for all, do it for your children and for the new generations, don’t keep idolizing a human being that caused so much harm to Venezuela. Bolivia is a beautiful country with hospitable people. I traveled across it slowly, in my run-down jeep. I invite you to visit it and then we can talk. WALTER SAYSTO THE MISFORTUNE OF A FEW RESENTED PEOPLE, CHAVEZ WILL LIVE FOR MANY MORE YEARS, AND HE IS A FIGURE WITH THE STANDING OF SIMÓN BOLÍVAR THE LIBERATOR.Coke melted your brain, Chavez is very dead and he will never be like Bolivar, the only thing he did was generate hated, separation, hunger, and surround himself with a bunch of shameless crooks protected by an outdated socialism, they are all scroungers, Evo is not in charge ..Chavez gave all the orders here and Evo complied, he is a traitor, just like Chavez is not in charge in Venezuela, Fidel is… Traitors … UNDOUBTEDLY BOLIVAR HAD FOR THE COUNTRY A VISION SUFFICIENTLY AMPLE, DIVERSE AND FREE TO SET THE PREMISES FOR A DIGNIFIED AND HARMONIOUS COEXISTENCE, UNDER THE SHIELD OF PRINCIPLES AND VALUES WHOSE DIRECTION IS THE EMBLEM THAT HONORS HIM AND SHOWS HIS GREATNESS. FROM THERE TO THINK THAT CHÁVEZ WAS AS GREAT AS THE LIBERTARIAN LEADER, THERE IS A DISTANCE AS BIG AS THE ONE FROM MIDDLE AGES TO RENAISSANCE… SO SUGGESTING, IN A DREAMY DELIRIUM OF OBVIOUSLY DISTURBED EMOTIONS, THAT THE NEWLY DECEASED IS SUPREME AND A REDEEMER, DENOTES A LAMENTABLE AND HARMFUL SYMPTOMATOLOGY OF A CEREBRAL EUNUCH, AS THIS UTOPIAN INTENT ONLY COMES CLOSE TO THE MOST CONFUSING MANIPULATION, USING THE ONLY THING THAT THE VENEZUELAN STILL HAD, HIS DIGNITY…TAKING ADVANTAGE OF NECESSITY IN ORDER TO CREATE A PARASITE ROOTSTOCK AS A PROJECT OF SOCIAL “GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT”, IT’S NOT MORE THAN THE OUTBURST OF A BRAIN AFFECTED BY DEGENERATIVE HYPOXIA…THAT’S WHY, WITHOUT PROPOSAL, COMMAND, CHARISMA, HONESTY, COMPETENCE, RESOURCES, TRUST, CREDIBILITY, AND EVEN WORSE, WITHOUT SKILLS, ONE CAN ONLY AWAIT FOR THE SET TO FALL APART IN A THEATER WHERE THE VENEZUELAN TRAGICOMEDY WAS STAGED, BECAUSE IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO COMPARE WITH THE GREEKS AS FAR AS THOUGHT AND EXISTENCE, SINCE HERE THEY THINK ABOUT EXISTING WITHOUT REALLY THINKING… I AM SORRY TO SAY THAT ALMOST 500 ASSASSINATES IN FEBRUARY AND ALMOST 450 MORE IN APRIL (2013) BY CRIMINALS, ONLY IN CARACAS, ARE NUMBERS THAT MAKE DEATH, NOT LIFE, A MATTER OF EVERYDAY TO THE DAILY, CORRUPTION CAUSES SKEPTICISM MORE THAN TENDERNESS, THE SCUMBAGS IN THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY ARE NOT HELPING THE PROCESS, THEY ONLY ADD DISHONOR TO IT … I ALWAYS SAID IT… THE DAY WILL COME WHEN WE WILL NEED CHAVEZ TO AN EXTENT INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL TO THE USE OF HIS NAME… IT IS TRUE, THE ONLY THING THESE SOCIALIST REVOLUTIONARY BOLIVARIAN GOVERNMENTS HAVE DONE IS WASTE THE MONEY OF THE POOR IN ORDER TO BECOME MORE POPULAR. THEY TRY TO MONOPOLIZE ALL THE POWERS OF THE STATE AND THAT’S WHY THERE’S SO MUCH CORRUPTION IN THESE COUNTRIES, RESULTING IN THE DRUG TRAFFICKING, WHICH IS UNSTOPPABLE IN ECUADOR, THE KILLINGS, THE CRIMES, THE VIOLENCE AND THE INSECURITY THAT WE HAVE BEEN LIVING DAILY FOR THE PAST 6 YEARS. BUT OF COURSE, IN THEIR SPEECHES THEY ALWAYS BLAME THE USA, THE MEDIA, THE ENTIRE WORLD FOR THEIR CORRUPTION. SO DON’T BRING US YOUR CHEAP PHILOSOPHIES ON SOCIALISM AND REVOLUTION, THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT SINK YOUR POOR PEOPLE INTO A STATE OF INSECURITY, CORRUPTION AND POVERTY. IT THE END, THE RIGHT-WING PEOPLE AND THESE LAST LEFTIES HAVE BETRAYED US MISERABLY. WELL I AM BOLIVIAN, IN MY OPINION CHAVEZ RULED HIS OWN WAY BUT NOT ALL VENEZUELANS SHARED HIS IDEAS NOR DO I WITH MY PRESIDENT EVO MORALES. NOBODY CAN PLACE THEMSELVES IN GOD’S SHOES, ONLY THE ARROGANT ONES DO IT WHEN THEY WANT TO RULE FOREVER, AND THAT’S WHY GOD GIVES AND TAKES AWAY THE KINGDOMS WHEN HE DECIDES TO DO SO. THAT’S THE CASE WITH HUGO CHAVEZ WHO THOUGHT HE WAS IMMORTAL AND POSSESSED ABSOLUTE POWER, BUT HE DIDN’T CONSIDER THAT A DISEASE WOULD TAKE HIM OUT OF THE GOVERNMENT. EVO WAS HEARD SAYING THAT HE WOULD ONLY BE REMOVED FROM THE PALACE IN A CASKET, IT IS INCREDIBLE HOW FAR AMBITION FOR POWER CAN GO. POWER EQUALS HANDS FULL OF MONEY, BUT WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER PEOPLE WITH MISERABLE WAGES OF 800 AND 1000 BOLIVIANS, COMPARED TO THE WAGES OF PRESIDENTS OF 15000, 18000 AND BEYOND 20000 BOLIVIANS WITH A LIFETIME PENSION. IF I WAS PRESIDENT I’D BE EMBARRASSED TO RECEIVE SO MUCH MONEY AT THE EXPENSE OF MY PEOPLE, BOLIVIA IS NOT POOR, WE ARE SIMPLY AT THE MERCY OF INCAPABLE RULERS. I THINK THE SOLUTION IS TO INCREASE THE PRODUCTION OF FOOD IN ORDER TO LOWER THE PRICES, BECAUSE IF PRODUCTION IS LOW, PRICES WILL BE HIGHER, AND THERE ISN’T ENOUGH MONEY TO ELIMINATE POVERTY WITH THIS INFLATION. I, AS A BOLIVIAN, AM THANKFUL FOR VENEZUELA’S HELP BUT I DON’T NEED IT. WHAT WE BOLIVIANS NEED TO DO IS WORK, WORK, WORK, PAY OUR TAXES, OBEY THE LAWS, THE TRAFFIC RULES AND ESTABLISH GOALS FOR A BETTER FUTURE, TOGETHER FELLOWS, ETC. THANK YOU. IT’S SAD THE WAY SOME PEOPLE TALK ABOUT MY PRESIDENT CHAVEZ. I AM VENEZUELAN AND I UNDERSTAND THAT SOME PEOPLE DON’T LIKE HIS REVOLUTION. BUT BEYOND THAT IS THE CRUELTY USED TO SPEAK OF A GREAT MAN, A GREAT LEADER WHO HELPED HIS PEOPLE SO MUCH, THE POOR AND HUMBLE PEOPLE. I THINK THAT THE PEOPLE WHO ARE WRITING LIKE THAT DON’T UNDERSTAND THAT WE ARE BROTHERS AND WE MUST HELP EACH OTHER WITH OUR NEEDS. THEY ARE UNGRATEFUL TO THEIR PRESIDENT BECAUSE THEY LOOK DOWN ON HIM FOR BEING INDIGENOUS. I WISH THAT ONE OF THOSE WHO WROTE THAT WAY HAD HAD IN THEIR LIFE THE OPPORTUNITY THAT EVO HAS TO BE PRESIDENT. THE WORLD HAS ALREADY CHANGED AND CHAVEZ CAME TO SET THE EXAMPLE. HE WAS A MAN WHO NOT ONLY THOUGHT OF VENEZUELA, BUT ALSO HELPED THE POOR PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. LOOK HOW MANY PEOPLE CRIED FOR HIM AND HOW MANY HATE HIM AND DO YOUR OWN MATH. GOD SENT US TO THIS WORLD TO GROW AND HELP EACH OTHER, GOD SHARED AND MULTIPLIED HIS BREAD. CHAVEZ, MY CHAVEZ BROUGHT TO HIS PEOPLE A WORLD FILLED WITH VALUES AND LOVE, BECAUSE FOR HIM THE WORLD WAS HIS PEOPLE. HE WAS A VERY GENEROUS MAN AND HE SUFFERED FOR THE POOR. THAT’S WHY IT’S NOT CONVENIENT FOR THE RIGHT-WING, BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS NEED SERVANTS IN ORDER TO FEEL WELL TAKEN CARE OF. HOW SAD THAT PEOPLE PREFER OPPRESSION TO FREEDOM AND TO LIVING RESPECTFULLY AND FREELY. LONG LIVE CHAVEZ AND THE FIGHT GOES ON…………………..EVO, MAY YOUR GODS BLESS YOU. The relationship between Bolivia and Venezuela has a before and after 2006, year when president Evo Morales took political power of the country and started consolidating the relationships with his Venezuelan equivalent, Hugo Chávez.Beyond the economic help and the tens of agreements that were signed between the two countries, the relationship of friendship between the two presidents sets up a stage unlike the diplomatic one, where the reactions and opinions of each head of state, related to a specific subject, direct the public opinion towards another area. The famous phrase of Hugo Chávez, about turning Bolivia into the next Vietnam, is proof of the unconditional support that Venezuela is providing for this country, diametrically opposed to the ideology of the United States, vilified in more than one instances by the Bolivarian countries led by Chávez.”If we had to create one Vietnam, two Vietnam or three Vietnam, here we are willing”, said Chávez in September 2008, when warning about military intervention in other countries in order to reinstate “popular power”, referring to the rebellions in Bolivia against the administration of Evo Morales.Chávez’s comments on the situation of Bolivia were referred even when president Morales convened the Constituent Assembly in 2006, and generated angry protests in 2007, from sectors who demanded that Sucre become the capital city, among other observations to the project Carta Magna, which resulted in confrontations and other actions that put at risk the administration of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS).”The oligarchy that is conspiring right now against Evo, in Bolivia, is the same oligarchy that has conspired here against Venezuela, against our administration, is the same one that carried out a coup d’état here. good afternoon, I am a 19-years old Bolivian woman, we will show everyone that we can move forward with or without the help of Venezuela, long live Bolivia and long live president Evo Morales I respect everyone’s comments but I don’t agree with your opinion, in the past when the empire dominated all countries and the poor suffered because of it, nobody rose to fight for them, there was no voice of solidarity until here, in Venezuela, that man with unparalleled sensitivity rose and fought not only for the his people but also for the poor of the world, neglecting his own health; so tell me, you who criticize him, how many times have you worried for the poor and have done something for them. I am proud to be Venezuelan and to have had the best president in the world, who did everything from his heart and out of love for the poor, he gave his life for them. which triumph in Venezuela, they are the poorest and the biggest thieves. There’s no worse blindness than that of the person who doesn’t want to see, Maduro is going to mature at the expense of Venezuela For those who continue defending the Chavez trend, take a look at the work left by the commander, a divided country without food, 30% inflation, corrupt and rich governors and military. I definitely don’t understand how many people are “felice nella merda” (happy in the midst of shit). The relationship between Bolivia and Venezuela has been marked by ideological and political notions. Two nations with common interests, socialism and an anti-empire stand. Outside of the utopias and dreams during these last few years, the two presidents haven’t pushed forward the construction of this project, if they had, we’d be more productive, more involved in work and development. But they worked on implementing moment-ready palliative measures, and on the endless electoral campaign to recruit fanatics. Also, both governments have been marked by corruption and strategies to create false enemies. As a Bolivian woman, I’m hurt that once more they are using the indigenous people as a forefront for the fight, when in reality they’re being used. And it’s not like Evo didn’t have his chance, we gave him the opportunity but he failed due to his personal ambitions, just like the vice president. They think of themselves as gods who must have it all while the people live in poverty and solidarity, meaning, the people is united while they are selfish. first of all, I want to say long live Venezuela, long live the people of Latin America, long live Bolivar and long live Chavez forever, because even if it pains some, Chavez lives and will live forever in history. And he will live in the heart of every Venezuelan patriot, as well as in the heart of many people in the entire world. The only truth about my commander in chief is that he was a humble person who fought for a land of men and women free and equal, and it’ll be five-hundred years before my land sees a man like our commander, a man who left no inheritances to his family but left a great inheritance to his land, it was a legacy, it was a thought, it was a path for the men and women of Venezuela. He set my land free and committed to a process, the revolutionary process which no one will be able to stop. The local oligarchy will never return. We are a free nation, even if this pains a lot of people. We are grateful to Chavez, whom we carry in our heart and to Nicolas Maduro, who is leading our country. Long live Chavez, long live Nicolas, long live Evo, long live Rafael Correa, long live Cristina Ollanta Dillma, long live Pepe Mujica, long live Latin America, united nation or revolutionary death until death. I love you so much Venezuela, my great and beautiful land, I am proud to be Venezuelan, make no mistake about it, my land, my dear land, good night to all and may god bless you TO ANGEL ZAMBRANO…What a shame that you don’t live in Venezuela, so that you could see how Chavez, supported by weapons (Armed Forces) and motorized gangs armed by him and protected by the police, lashed out against the several protests carried out in the streets by workers, students and people organized to support the opposing political choice that won the elections by over 600 thousand votes and were stolen-Chavez left that country RUINED….literally…..!! We must be prepared for a possible world revolution, because the big guys are already feeling annoyed by the little ones. Their political maneuvers are losing magnitude. We shall advise the high authorities to invest in their own countries the money they embezzle while they have a government position, and not get their bank accounts bigger. It didn’t interest me! Some considerations on your death:I don’t want you to leave this life without saying goodbye to each other, because you have hurt many people immensely, you’ve ruined entire families, you have forced legions of fellow countrymen to emigrate to other lands, you have dressed countless homes in mourning, you pursued mercilessly those that you considered enemies, you locked them in dirty dungeons that not even animals deserve. You insulted them, you humiliated them, you mocked them, because not only you thought you were powerful, but immortal… because the end of times was not with you. Tell me if at this moment, before they give you a new injection to calm the unbearable pain that you suffer, can you tell me that nothing can invalidate what you have already enjoyed. Ah! Travels throughout the world, the marvelous palaces that received you, military parades in your honor, the limousines, the honorary titles, the floors of five stars hotels, lavish state dinners… Tell me, now that you vomit the auyama porridge that the nurses are trying to give you, if that is what life was about, because there is no more glitter and glitz between the monitors and resuscitation machines around you. Those marches and applause are now tones and alarms for sensors that regulate your vital signs that are getting weaker. But it is your turn, deadlines are reached, the term of your contract comes to an end, your “life cycle” shuts off gradually and not in the best way; You will probably die in bed, surrounded by your family, frightened, because you are going to be held accountable once you exhale your last breath. You leave this life full of anguish and fear. The priests you chased and insulted will be there, the representatives of the church you insulted to your pleasure will, of course, administer you the last rites and the holy oils, not one, but many times, but you and they know that it will not avail nothing, it is just to calm the panic that grabs your soul at the time that defines it all.last_img

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