Court orders Judge Woodard to be publicly reprimanded

first_imgCourt orders Judge Woodard to be publicly reprimanded February 1, 2006 Regular News Court orders Judge Woodard to be publicly reprimandedcenter_img The Supreme Court has ordered Charlotte County Judge W. Wayne Woodard be publicly reprimanded for improperly trying to discourage an opponent from running against him, providing false information in his campaign literature, and repeatedly exhibiting rudeness and impatience with those appearing before him.In its January 5 ruling, the court also ordered Judge Woodard to complete “suitable anger management counseling.”Judge Woodard fully admitted engaging in the improper behavior and entered into a stipulated agreement with the Judicial Qualifications Commission.The seven violations of the judicial canons include:• In 2004, Woodard made an improper effort to discourage an opponent from running against him.• Woodard was frequently late in beginning scheduled first appearance hearings.• He left an arraignment to conduct a radio campaign interview.• Woodard once began his small claims docket at 8:50 a.m., when it was scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. and insisted that an attorney commence her case in the absence of her opponent, stating, “The docket starts when I say it starts.”• Woodard incorrectly asserted in campaign literature the number of jury trials over which he presided.• Despite the fact that following the hurricanes in the summer of 2004 the trial schedule was in disarray, when an expert witness in a small claims case pending before him failed to appear, Woodard issued a bench warrant for the witness with a $100,000 bond. This resulted in that person being incarcerated for seven hours before Woodard released him on his own recognizance.• Repeatedly exhibited rudeness and impatience with counsel, witnesses, and parties appearing before him.“[W]e determine that Judge Woodard’s misconduct is unbecoming to a member of the judiciary and undermines the integrity of the judicial system,” the court said. “Accordingly, we approve the recommended sanction of a public reprimand and completion of ‘suitable anger management counseling.’”Judge Woodard was directed to appear before the court for the administration of the public reprimand at 8:30 a.m. on February 10.last_img

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