Energy Emergency Declared In Wake Of Propane Shortage

first_imgGovernor Pence has declared an energy emergency due to the nationwide propane.shortageNormally propane is $2.50 a gallon but a shortage fueled by pipeline issues, more exports and extremely cold temperatures have led to difficult times for many in the nation.Indiana Governor Mike Pence has declared an energy emergency over the propane shortage and offered steps to help Hoosiers stay warm.He announced Wednesday that the state will provide support for low income families facing increased energy prices.A proclamation from earlier this month easing restrictions on hours of service for suppliers and transporters has been extended until March.Pence wants to energy saving measures by Indiana households.“We want to urge every Hoosier to do what you can to conserve your use of propane energy,” Pence said. “Turn down the thermostat if you’re away from home, turn it down a little bit more than you usually would.”Also Pence asked those that have any unused propane to return it to their suppliers.Oldenburg Senator Jean Leising said propane woes have impacted some in Southeastern Indiana, as one Fayette County supplier contacted her because the company was completely out of the gas.“I connected them with the [Indiana Propane Gas Association] in hopes they might find him a supply,” Sen. Leising said.The combination of cold weather and pipeline issues this winter has slowed down delivery of propane.“There’s literally trucks driving from Texas, from Kansas, from Georgia,” Leising explained.During the shortage, Hoosiers who feel subjected to price gouging can contact the Indiana Attorney Generals Office at 1-866-241-9753.last_img

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