Power 5 Again

first_imgThe topic of the top 5 conferences keeps coming up.  The sole goal of these 5 power conferences, it seems, is to win games no matter what the cost to education.  The University of North Carolina in the years 1993-2011 had 48% of their athletes placed in classes where no attendance was required.  These were the “so called” Black History classes where athletes simply wrote papers to get their credit.  It has been reported by some that there was no restrictions on who wrote the papers for the athletes.When confronted with this report Roy Williams, the UNC basketball coach, called it “a bunch of crap”.  Who knows how many of his athletes took these classes, but it appears that he, at this time, is not taking the report seriously.  One of his former athletes has been a main contributor to the so-called discretions.Jameis Winston of Florida State University has been charged in some fashion with sexual battery, obscenity, and theft.  At this point, there have been no sentences handed out as far as this reporter knows.  Of course, he must be presumed innocent until proven otherwise.  The scares are there just because of the allegations.  One reporter said that he has sold his soul to ESPN.These are some of the things that are coming out of some of the 5 conferences cited above.  It certainly is not endearing any of these institutions to the general public who already think that athletics are over-emphasized in most universities.last_img

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