Hernández Hernández took two penalties after the VAR notice

first_imgThe VAR of Atlético-Sevilla has had a lot of work during the first part. Even twice he had to notify Hernández Hernández, field referee, of two possible penalties that he had not appreciated from the field of play. On both occasions, after consulting the field monitor, he ended up decreeing the maximum penalty. One for each team.The first controversial action was almost half an hour away. In an attack by Atlético de Madrid, the rojiblancos players claimed a penalty on João Felix. The player had been shot down inside the area, but In addition to that action, González Fuertes, VAR referee, was reviewing a possible hand of Diego Carlos. The Sevilla player makes a move with his arm and the ball hits. The Canarian referee, after reviewing the play on the monitor, decides to indicate the maximum penalty. Morata transformed it from eleven meters. Iturralde González, the referee of the Cadena Ser y AS, was against the decision of Hernández Hernández: “For me, that is not a hand and there is no trip to João Félix. I do not see a penalty.” A few minutes later, the VAR re-entered the game. This time in the Atlético area. An intervention that was delayed in time since he had to check if the ball had crossed the goal line the Oblak stop to Reguilón. Once determined no, He had to review a Trippier entry about Ocampos. The rojiblanco player shot down the Sevilla player after touching his support leg. Hernández Hernández pointed it out after going to the monitor and Ocampos achieved 2-2. On this occasion, Iturralde González does match the decision of his former partner: “It’s Trippier’s penalty, hit on the leg of Ocampos.”last_img

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