Aarhus, the first night of the ‘Tiki Taka’

first_imgIn this environment, further thinned by a few words from the coach about Raúl in the previous days (see support), Spain was risking much of its chances of qualifying for Euro 2008 in Aarhus, Denmark’s second city. The first thing that caught my attention was the scene of the crash. Typically, the red dynamite played their matches at the Parken Stadion in Copenhagen, but a UEFA sanction did not allow it. In the course of Denmark-Sweden, a fan had jumped onto the field attacking the referee. Four games of sanction to the stadium and obligation to play 250 kilometers from the capital. Appeal reduced the sanction to two games and 140 kilometers, but could not play in Brondby, the country’s second stadium by capacity, which is 20 kilometers from the capital, so the third option was Aarhus, the second most populous city, where the Selection had already played some friendly, but with a venue that did not exceed 20,000 seats.(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvR5y3N9oW4 (/ embed) During the week he had doubted whether to include Silva in the starting lineup to the detriment of Joaquín, but he saw the canary very tired. “He has a lot of bullshit on him. I’ll get you out in the second part. Joaquín is going to give us play by the band and overflow. But it has to tighten a little more ”. In the end, the circumstances of the meeting prevented the coach’s plans. Silva did not play, but made Riera debut in the last minutes and scored a great goal.Puyol did not play either. A fixed for Luis. He had just come out of a long injury and thought he was not yet physically complete. In addition it was within a penalty shot and the Danes were going to play long and through the sky. There Albiol defended himself well. It was one of the few times that the coach had advanced the line-up 48 hours in advance, although then he had to make the obligatory change of Tamudo for the injured Torres. Best for Spain. Less pressure. Less screaming. The date scheduled for October 13, 2007. The day after Hispanic Day. Neither the precedents that had with the Danes brightened the face of a serious Luis Aragonese and more distant than normal. They were all fond memories in the engagements with the Vikings. The first game in the history of the National Team was against them … and victory. In the semifinals of Euro 84, victory in the penalty shootout and in the final. In Mexico 86, the four goals of Butragueño. In the qualifying phase for the US 94 World Cup, the Iron goal at Sánchez Pizjuán… Without Villa, or Torres, or Puyol Tamudo opened the scoring with a header from Iniesta.CHEMA DIAZ (DAILY AS) The “noisemaker” hunts LuisHe had finished an afternoon training and Luis Aragonés, with the folder in his hand, was heading from the fields to the Residence. Fans, almost all young kids, ask for autographs and photos. Coincidentally among them is Jordi Evole, who then played the roles of ‘el follonero’ in the Buenafuente program, and whom they did not officially accredit.Between signature and signature, a boy asks about Raúl. Luis raises his head. “I am too old to be listening to these things that you say. You guys have fun, laugh. I politely sign you all, I am with you, ”he is heard saying on Evole’s recording. The name of Raúl and Luis sounds again, which should not capture the presence of the camera, he says in a very relaxed tone.-Do you know how many World Cups Raúl has gone to? To three.-Do you know how many European Cups Raúl has gone to? Two.-Tell me the ones we’ve won. Tell me the ones we have won, tell me the ones we have won?The interlocutor responds: “But it won’t be because of Raúl alone”And Luis, who was leaving and in a very understanding tone, responds.– I do not say that it is by anybody. I’ve said how many he’s gone to. At three and two five. It seems very good to me, it has gone and has done and such. And that comes and does not come and such. What you can not pay attention to is what the press says. You are wrong.How could it be otherwise, these captured words come to light and the controversy Luis-Raúl reaches a new chapter. A diagonal from Iniesta, Luis asked him to do that, and a measured center for Tamudo’s header. The technician, standing in his area, clenches his fists. A gesture very yours. At the quarter of an hour, the goal that should reassure everyone and revolutionize the Danes who were losing were out. Spain did not lose the ball. What Luis was asking for. On such a difficult day, he wanted his team to be more his than ever. Clear ideas. Long runs, lots of possession, endless rounds from side to side. The three tenors of SpainIn a calm moment, Luis talks to the three tenors. “Gentlemen, I want you to reach the opposite area. I want you to look for the auction, the last pass. You Andrés pull diagonals, join Xavi and Cesc. Come, come … Someday you have to score a goal. There were many open fronts at that time and could negatively influence the party itself. The press conference the day before had been tense. Raúl’s shadow was long. Casillas, as captain, supported the coach with his words and defends the team’s unity. Against this, those men dressed in white had to fight that night. The 1-4-1-4-1 is drawn sharp on the ground. The Danes want to scare with three forwards, but they don’t smell the ball. The team suffered in the second half with the entry of young Bendter and Luis moved pieces. Pablo, with half an hour ahead, enters for Albelda and takes center position at Albiol’s lardo to help in the aerial game. Marchena becomes a midfielder with the vocation of third center back. Riera comes to the rescue of an exhausted Joaquín, passing Iniesta to the right. In the last ten minutes Luis García for Cesc, to stretch the team and not get so far behind. Tomasson scores in 87, but before the locals could imagine the machado, Riera closed the game. … but Riera scored the 3-1 of tranquility two minutes later.DAILY AS (DAILY AS) The goal of the Danish Jon Dahl Tomasson in the 87th minute left the score 2-1 …STR (REUTERS) 75 seconds that changed Spanish footballToques, 65; passes, 28; time, 75 seconds; players participating, nine: Marchena, Ramos, Capdevila, Albiol, Xavi, Iniesta, Joaquín. Cesc and Tamudo. All except Albelda and Casillas. The one who intervened the most in the play was Xavi, 17 touches and 7 passes.Capdevila recovers the ball, a pass from Andreasen to Rommedhal, he gave it to Xavi, this to Joaquín, who made the longest drive with the ball and after eight touches he gave it again to Xavi. Double yours-mine with Iniesta, they crossed three passes without ever giving more than three touches. Iniesta passed to Cesc who first gave to Marchena and this in turn to Capdevila.The side finds Iniesta, who leans on Cesc. Tamudo goes into action delaying his position. Play first for Xavi. Opening for Joaquín attached to the band. Delay for Sergio Ramos. The ball passes through Cesc and ends again in Capdevila which passes to Marchena. From central to central. Albiol receives the pass to Xavi, who intervenes for the fifth time in the play. Find Joaquin. Return for Xavi. Heel for Joaquín. That advances towards Iniesta. Ramos enters the game, playing first for Xavi and goes deep on the outside. Xavi controls and passes Tamudo who first sees the acceleration of Ramos by his band. Find it with an in-depth shipment. Sergio controls and saves the goalkeeper’s exit with a mince with the instep. Three gold points with two games ahead against Sweden (3-0) and Northern Ireland (1-0), both in homeland. Only one point was missing to ensure the classification. Those ninety-something minutes from Aarhus were vital to the soul of that Luis team. That’s where it all started. Then she won the next two games and ended up ranking first in the group with 28 points.After the match, Luis expressed his happiness for the game and the victory and sent another message to the navigators. “Sergio’s goal is an example of what we want to do with these players. It is their merit. They know how to touch, create and arrive. We lack a bit of knowing how to compete, but we have known how to win. There can always be a debate about the coach. In those analyzes there have even been insults. And I don’t accept that. I wish there were no insults. Respect? I don’t have to ask for anything. Respect must be in the professional and in the critic. It is not difficult for me to work. Yes for the boys. I am their boss and it affects them. I live it with the tranquility that the experience gives me, but the people closest to me have had a pretty bad time. Raúl? I’m not going to get into those things. I do not understand them. What I do is work, period “. Fernando Torres was injured during previous training and was unable to play the match.STR (REUTERS) By That selection of Luis Aragonés was going through its most delicate moment. Thirteen months had passed and the majority criticism against the coach for having left captain Raúl González out of the team had not calmed down. The game did not help either, nor what happened in the last meeting, in Oviedo, against Latvia (2-0), in which Luis, hurt by the comments, had not wanted to speak to the media after the match. To the ‘mister’ all that was worth nothing. He knew he had to win to at least secure second place in the group. A draw wasn’t bad either. Losing could have cost him the position as it was the temperature of the tensions. Villa was missing, injured. One of its fixed. In the training of the day before in the stadium, cold night, Fernando Torres, then in Liverpool, gives the alarm signal. Dr. Jenaro Borrás pouts. The player forces a little more. It is not the cold, it is injured. Small right leg abductor tear. Minimum withdrawal for 10 days.Luis does not leave long veins. Play Tamudo. It is ready for how I want to play. Will help us. He knows how to get in and out, play between the lines. I know him well. ” And how did Luis want to play on such an important date? With all the gamers. It was clear to him. It was a day to have the ball, to play at grass level. With the humidity the ball was going to run and the best thing for it was to gather Xavi, Cesc and Iniesta, heeled on the left, but with freedom to enter the rondo. To the right Joaquín, another defender of the ball at the foot. Behind them: Albelda. The both told by its author“The merit is from the team. I just had to give the last touch. Those of Tamudo and Xavi were also decisive. I stay with the group work. I was just another piece of the play. I could not do otherwise. When I saw Sorensen it was very clear to me. As he was a little heeled and he covered a lot of goal the only way to beat him was with that little touch. Every day I learn new things from my colleagues with whom I train. I look closely at those who define, such as Ronaldo, Raúl, Messi, Rooney, Zidane, Van Nistelrooy, Tamudo, Villa … It is a luxury to be able to participate in a rondo or in a match with these players ”. It was lacking a bit of depth, it is true, but the action of the second goal, almost on the brink of rest, erased everything. A masterpiece, an eternal rondo. Nine footballers participated in the action, 28 passes in 75 seconds … and Sergio Ramos who finishes off Van Basten. It deserves a separate chapter. With those two goals ahead the game could not escape.last_img

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