Nimba PMC Acting Chair Removed

first_imgThe Nimba County Council Sitting has removed Mr. Edwin Tenwah as acting chairman and treasurer of the Project Management Committee over alleged corrupt practices.The decision to remove Mr. Tenwah came after he failed to return L$ 22, 000 he took from market women in Bahn City, to clear the market ground when he claimed there was not enough fuel to run the machine to do the work at the time.He was also reported to have used US$700,000 in addition to US$100,000 allotted to the County to fight the Ebola Virus Disease during the heat of the Ebola crisis.During Mr. Tenwah’s deliberation to the Council, he reported using US$ 107,000.00 to fight the Ebola Virus Disease when the County was instructed to use US$100,000.00.When asked whether the Nimba Legislative Caucus was informed, his response was negative, but added that the money was for administrative cost prior to releasing the US$100,000.00.Concerning the money he allegedly collected from marketers, he was earlier instructed by the lawmakers to return it, but he failed to adhere to their instructions, which led to his removal.The decision was reached when the chairman of the council Senator Thomas Grupee called for a motion from the delegates and it was moved by Rep. Samuel Kogar that Mr. Tenwah should be removed from the PMC for alleged “corrupt practices” which was immediately seconded and at the subsequent motion, ten voted in favor of his removal while one voted against.Mr. Tenwah was meanwhile replaced by Mr. Peterson Walker as PMC treasurer while Mr. Osudu Dahn occupied the comptroller post which Mr. Walker was occupying.Mr. Tenwah took over the leadership of the PMC as acting chairman last year when Mr. Clinton Layweh was suspended for allegedly mismanaging several hundred United States dollars from Nimba County coffers.Concerning the fate of Mr. Layweh, the chairman of the Nimba Council, Caucus chair Senator Grupee said based on the allegation of financial misapplication, an auditing committee was instituted but allowed Mr. Layweh to remain as PMC chair until he was eventually found guilty to the charges.The Project Management Committee officials are elected to three conservative years in office, and they can only be removed by the Nimba Council.In March 2013, Mr. Edwin Tenwah was elected as its treasurer, forming part of a three-man team of officers to govern for a period of three years.There have been numerous complains of alleged extortion (of money) from people by officers operating under the PMC during road constructions in Nimba, but nothing much was done.This year’s County Council Sitting was described as one of the best because all the county’s 11 lawmakers, including Senator Prince Johnson, was in attendance.The opening statements were merely reconciliatory with lawmakers calling on each other to unify so bring development to Nimba County while they urged citizens to address them constructively and not on social media as it is usually done.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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