Mustapha Raji to Win LFA Presidency in Style

first_imgMustaphi RajiIt is always clear when the probabilities are, and not in your favor. Good example is the recent national elections: Anyone with a great sense of realism knew that since the numbers were in favor of the then Ambassador George Weah, winning the elections was a foregone conclusion.But why the other 21 candidates did not realize that or why they refused to accept that reality is for future historians to grapple with.Similarly, Mustapha Raji, president of LISCR FC and Gardnersville FC who recently declared his intention to contest for the Liberia Football Association incoming presidential elections, is favored by a majority of the stakeholders.Interviews conducted among stakeholders recently have confirmed that Raji is their choice. “He is our choice even before the elections are announced,” said a longtime supporter of the man who is adored by his players.The March LFA elections also has three other candidates, they are: Adolphus Dolo, president of Nimba United; Musa Shannon, vice president for administration at the Liberia Football Association; and Rochelle Woodson, an Executive Committee member of the LFA, who has had issues with the current LFA Administration of Hassan Bility.Without a doubt, all the contestants see something wrong with the administration of football in the country. Presently, the LFA owes its employees for the last four months.Again, due to money problems, it may be recalled that the LFA sacked several youth coaches. Sadly, on top of that, the LFA recently reported that US$600,000 fraudulently ‘disappeared’ from the its account when some false documents were presented to FIFA auditors.“Where was Musa Shannon when the money disappeared?” asked another football lover. He said problems affecting Liberian football cannot be divorced from Shannon, which will make his desire to win the LFA presidency difficult.Another said: “Shannon should learn from the past because the majority of the stakeholders are not comfortable with his role at the LFA, especially with the trend of Liberian football.”While Nimba United’s Adolphus Dolo is credited with growing Nimba United and also building a mini-stadium in Mount Barclay, he has had brushes with the LFA and even suffered a two-year suspension for fielding an illegal player in a match which is said to have dented his chances because, by his suspension, it meant that he abused the concept of fair play which is highly encouraged in the game.Ms. Rochell Woodson, a member of the Executive Committee of the LFA, was recently suspended by the same body for her failure to have responded to certain accusations against her. And whether her suspension was fair or not, that it happened has created a credibility problem for her and many stakeholders are not comfortable with her desire to contest the elections.Mustapha Raji, the favorite is the only man left standing tall.A very careful man, he has not kept silent on any issue that affects the development of soccer, the world’s most popular game.In fact, he is on record to have requested the LFA to put the US$600,000 issue as an agenda item to be discussed at the association’s Ordinary Congress, that will take place before the elections in March.Mustapha is reported to have made a huge investment in sports, starting with the youth and two other teams.Each of his teams has over 30 young players who are paid monthly, with medical incentives.“He has a vision for Liberian football,” a stakeholder said. “Raji’s vice president-designate will be Sekou Konneh of BYC Football; and so Liberia soccer will survive the hurdles that frustrate it.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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