Website optimization more days for Austria and deserve to win

            decryption: what is the right time?

            Shanghai Longfeng needs to do to make the site a little green leaves red what is Shanghai dragon talent shows itself, technology? Why do some people do not understand the Shanghai dragon still get a higher flow, and some people claim to know the Shanghai dragon, in technical theory and real combat is closely reasoned and well argued, however difficult? We do not analyze Shanghai Dragon technology today, just to explore the influence factors related to the basis of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect. Today a friend station is K off, although the optimization do very well, but eventually escape death, the following words: Shanghai dragon day, accounting for more optimization due to geography, people and the three indispensable.

            A: find a stable server for the website, require service providers have a strong enough strength to ensure that your server can run safely and stably, has good anti strike capability. Although people all love to buy some high quality and inexpensive or, but on the web server or buy "reputation" of the good, generally do not provide the famous server service provider is not how. For dozens of pieces of hundreds of pieces of cheap, finally led to the site or open, or be attacked without any compression capability, they lost a place. The author thinks that some domestic big city service providers to the server are still good, such as Beijing, Shanghai and other places. But on the current domestic website to see 90% of the webmaster with virtual host, most of which are used.

            take an example to illustrate a few years ago, most of the webmaster to site keywords of piled up site optimization, in fact it is now very effective, has the same effect on stack keyword ranking to improve, instead of a single keyword is not always the row number. However, with the good times don’t last long search engine rules reform, already eliminated this optimization for the novice may not know, I only know that "don’t stack key words", but do not know why not work. For the former "a large number of keyword stuffing" is to do optimization, at that time is the best search engine technology low day. But now the search engine rules, "day" is "to search engine optimization superior intelligence, human nature"! In different periods of search engine may have different rules, it will conform to the rules for a day.

            two: what is the place for decryption?

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