How to hold the nose to enhance user strategies and skills of website viscosity

we know, hit where it hurts, holding each other nose similar to find each other’s weakness, make each other the most willing to do as we require, website optimization, website promotion viscosity we will through the user’s preferences, match up. As the name suggests is to let the user be conscious of our content attract, stay for a long time, and constantly reading articles we, have a good feeling. Generally speaking, the user experience is high, active users will be very good rankings, because the site weight of user favorite site love Shanghai will certainly be higher, how to build our website viscosity Guantanamo

first, planning and positioning line on the website before is very important. A new online website details of our planning we must carefully, whether it is art, reasonable distribution of page layout or keywords, website features and competition with the industry, shaping their own advantages, also known as the site of core competitiveness, establish a strong brand image in consumer’s heart. I found that many site almost not how to update the content, the chain less but its Web site keywords ranking is unshakable, its core lies in a good grasp of the needs of groups of mainstream users, laid a certain reputation! I recommend you for this major industry user needs and age, the consumption level, people oriented to do before the planning and preparations.


third, the content must attract users both quality and original degree. If the user interface is the door to enter the site, then the site content is to allow customers to constantly surprises interior details. I think to write an original content website content not just on the line, and must have real help to our visitors, the purpose of writing is to let users read more of our content, through the website data to grasp the keywords ranking, this is because these users and search engines need most. But the content must be new to follow you followed by the Internet industry trends, to grant users find everything fresh and new article! Only original basis in the original foundation, the quality of the content, is whether your business people appetite, let the user feel you.

second, page design and content construction must tempt users taste. The author himself before the new online website, not for immediate, fast selection routine template construction site, often before a new line, in terms of content planning and layout to spend the very big energy, and now love Shanghai more emphasis on the user experience, we have to create focus on corporate image display and brand value in planning site. In addition to the pleasing art design, but also from the customer’s point of view so that visitors can instantly locate the required content, if your site can not do this, you need the customer’s content is not " food " the resulting conditions, is your website jump out rate is very high. Keywords ranking and flow rate will decrease rapidly.

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