How to search the rich service

for the rich and the poor search engine


search engine is the entrance, brand enterprises not only gain entrance channel, and hope to be able to promote the brand in the search engine, search engine brand zone is to meet the idea of enterprise. But the search engine brand zone meets an idea, achieves to the entrance, but also the purpose of brand promotion? Doubtful. The two important clues in the brand area, one is interactive, is a shopping mall. If I were Lenovo fans, usually, may pay close attention to Lenovo’s official micro-blog in micro-blog, rather than through the search engine for attention. When I need to buy a Lenovo computer, I will enter in the search engine Taobao mall, Jingdong mall, rather than enter the "Lenovo", and then enter the mall from the search engine home page, the search engine provides the entrance, actually with superfluous means. So, brand area provides multiple entrance into the enterprise, also hope to promote the corporate brand.



thought and reach

easily from a rich out of the pockets of money or a poor person from pocket easy? Don’t beat back. It depends on the way out. To pay 5 yuan of money from one pocket poor, you first need to put in his pocket 10 yuan. Ma Yun is pursuing this idea, to help SMEs to make money, money, and the Alibaba and Taobao. Take out 5 yuan of money from a rich pocket, you are not to put him 10 yuan of money, but should tell him: another rich already gave you 5 dollars. Different ways to pay, so have differentiated products, the search engine is the same.

in Shanghai love product catalog, there are five categories of products, search engines, web promotion, brand area, value-added tools and professional services, see these products are divided into two level, the last is Shanghai dragon and brand area. According to Shanghai dragon, the search engine needs to do a lot of work, including the algorithm optimization and improvement, information screening and review etc.. But for the brand enterprise, the search engine needs to do is very simple. A piece of open space, brand companies need to put what we put what. Love Shanghai brand area can be divided into three parts: the corporate logo (LOGO and the name of the enterprise, and the enterprise, the right column) customized advertising. Other search engines such as Sogou, soso, 360 are basically similar. The search engine is basically the brand area, are displayed in a prominent position of the brand logo, differentiated mainly is the enterprise custom plate. Some enterprises customized news, micro-blog, mall and so on, especially under the trend of social and business enterprise brand, for interactive, online shopping mall micro-blog special value, has a corresponding link entrance.

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