How to understand the long tail keywords simple


PPC account management people should know, those short words, in the bidding rankings in the competition is fierce, but the return on investment is relatively low. And the long tail keywords, to bring traffic to the site may not be much, but the return on investment is considerable, because of the long tail keywords to attract advertisers looking for the audience, and are very close to those of point-of-purchase can be ultimately converted to potential customers customers.

I do not know whether we surprised those leading words, can also be interpreted as the keyword bidding PPC accounts, accounts for only a small part of all the search, if the above figure, only about 10%-15% of all traffic, green area in 15% – 20% of the traffic is of medium length keywords. Then, the remaining approximately 70% related search traffic comes from the long tail keywords.

, we will be the whole network according to the popular keywords with a similar distribution diagram, to visit the page flow to the X axis, Y axis is the length of the key, please see below, the green area as key words, high popularity, leader of the Y axis near the Green Zone, that is a small part of the large number of keywords in the leading, beat in popular keywords, such as Facebook, usually short, is equivalent to the PPC account in a high degree of competition, but this part of the flow rate of the keywords only occupy all keywords bring traffic to a small portion of the.

first, we first understand the concept of "long tail".

said the word "long tail", in fact, to some extent, have in common with us next 5000 years passed down the dragon. The "long tail", the distribution channel as an example, the leader of the manufacturer provides a product or service, the period after the body distribution level, finally reached the tail – the hands of the user or consumer. From the literary perspective, the use of the expression of simile. The Dragon concept also applies to the keywords.

long tail keywords, as the name suggests, is the meaning of the expression of the longer and more accurate keywords. Usually, close to the point-of-purchase of Internet users in the search are not independent in the search box input "long tail search word", namely the long tail keywords. Maybe some people will say, we all know that the use of this kind of keywords can bring great value, but the long tail keywords user input, strong randomness and more or less some violation of the sense of language, not good grasp. Today, on the morning tea and win search to understand the long tail keywords, to see if they could find a good method.

then, let’s take a look at the long tail keywords bring high quality search users.

finally, we look together the advantages of long tail keywords competition degree is low, and the cost is low.

after the previous study, the morning tea win search found that the long tail.

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