Analysis of high ranking high included is high traffic guarantee

let your content have a good ranking, the first thing is you have to do is the one and only your content and quality, if you do not have these two conditions, you should first think of a way to increase the weight of your site, so that you can have a better than content your competition ranking.

Figure two:

Many novice

: a collection of high, snapshots normal, does not mean that the flow will keep up with

: a query tool included

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search search a certain keywords or long tail keywords of your site if the traffic ranking is better, but the premise that a keyword search using a large number of people. So for a site that is not to say that you put your keywords ranking up after optimization will have to flow, you also need to ensure that your keywords people will go to search, such as the site, the optimization of the key words of "village affairs", the author optimized the first ranking in the search results. However, this did not flow through the increase in the number of keywords, which proved a word and not many people use search index in Shanghai love even finding out the relevant data.


I recently met a site, the site collection is very high, reached 27 thousand, the snapshot is very new, just yesterday, as shown in Figure 1, so high and stable included snapshot, many people think that the flow should be good, but that is not the case. The amount of traffic to see background, day visits only more than 100 IP, as shown in figure two. The author has carried on the analysis to this site, here are a few tips to share with you.

three: the long tail keywords is a Easy Access

two: the ranking does not mean you have to flow

background traffic analysis



site traffic, but if the keywords competition is too fierce, these words can optimize up at one thirty. This is how we increase the flow of the site? We can through the long tail keywords to fill flow. The author tried a stupid, but practical methods. The method is actually very simple, first select your main keywords, then you can recommend extraction tools for the use of long tail keywords keywords. At last using the binding site in the long tail keywords >

think that as long as the search engine to the collection of their content, then the flow will follow the upgrade, but in fact, this view is wrong. First, we must first consider the ranking problem, the search results so much, and users generally only check the first page of results, some even only at the first few search results, so even if your site included high ranking, if did not follow up, but also the It doesn’t help the situation.

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