Shanghai love sad who captures the snapshot

if you are not more than 7 words, it would need to look at other sites to halt the troops and wait, what is the situation, if the snapshot most of the sites are not updated, it is likely to be the love of Shanghai problems. According to the original plan to update the site on the line, after a period of time must update.



were not updated.

5. major revision, navigation and directory address change, can also cause not normal or stop updating the snapshot, unless your website weight high


2. website content is not updated for a long time, or directly to stop the update, spiders love Shanghai visit every time all empty handed.

6. web site space or server stability, if the site space often, especially at 12 to 7 during the morning this is the search engine spiders often visit the site of the time, so the space and server stability is very important for

love Shanghai snapshot is a problem all the webmaster concern, recently the problem is so many webmaster friends feel very headache. Because since June K love Shanghai station Shanghai storm, love is no longer depending on the snapshot is normal, is not only a small site snapshot not update, even some large forum every day before the update snapshot such as: A5, ChinaZ, etc. 28 snapshot site is not normal but new. These forums are everywhere in Shanghai to discuss love snapshots, following language beauty translation company will take you to see the A5 forum inside:

is above half an hour, about love love Shanghai snapshot Shanghai stationmaster community snapshot really put many webmaster injury not light ah, to be the love of Shanghai webmaster community.


snapshot complaints this trick more beautiful language translation company is true ah, a complaint immediately updated snapshot.

1. love Shanghai website weight on your lower.


!If you


, what is the cause of the recent love Shanghai snapshot not update

but suggest that you cannot use this trick, can not often go to the complaint, the improper operation might have to the site with.

snapshot complaints valid?

3. website content and other sites, but no other high weight website, the copy is too serious love in the palace of Shanghai.

Similar !

A5 forum is a few minutes about love Shanghai snapshot of the post, that love is really Shanghai stationmaster friends very sad ah. Read A5 again to see the head of the community of love Shanghai:


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