Experience with Links hematemesis platform to do outreach

doamin is from thirtieth to 100th pages, they are all the same, are some query class spam, the number is very alarming, careful study of it all is the same site, and this site is actually a platform in Links, look carefully what I do in this Links class website published Links information, and their several other sites are also on this platform release information, since this site domain, then the other site should also be the case, then the other domain sites, and indeed the conjecture. There are dozens of pages of spam. Figure:


enterprise website (here is not published), can also do, but for outreach work is very headache, do not have high quality outside sources, and the hands of resources is not very much, so for the Links class platform has just started very much, and I have the friendship the link class platform for a total of more than 200 basic internet station just on the line is not love Shanghai included, began to use Links platform to do outreach, every day is regularly released 3 information on these sites, of course, will also do some outreach in other places at the same time, usually a month later can these Links class platform released, the average new 3 months or so the main keywords can do love Shanghai Google home page, but over time will often ask The love, Shanghai will drop right, ranking will decline, and it is very powerful, just start looking for a lot of reasons, but has been unable to find the root cause, is a headache, a day doing nothing when domain when his website found a secret.

many webmaster friends love to publish their own website in Links class platform Links information, one can easily give yourself an increase in outreach, and also the website information release platform to find their satisfaction with the Links website. In order to cater to the need of the webmaster, so a lot of the Links class now on the Internet platform but webmaster friends appeared like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, is not allowed to rest assured that the use of Links class resources? Today I come to my own experience to talk about this problem, it is a summary of his work.

Links websites not only have the function of information release site links, and website information query functions, such as query site PR and included, when the exchange of information in a certain period of time the webmaster released this page, from another program collection and artificial query URL will change however, the search engine is a URL is a different page, when these pages are included when the domain query is shown.


why have these junk page:

I have several

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