From the noble baby search potential competitor analysis engine end

did not drink Sanlu milk powder of the domain name, basically did not die, the basic weight is very high, so, the first point is to analysis the domain name from the domain name age. The weights of the domain name largely determines the overall ranking of the site.

noble baby search engine, competitor analysis is very clear. Is the most accurate. Because of the huge baby aristocracy. This information is also very accurate. So when the competitor analysis we usually use to analyze the noble baby love.

1. domain name.

;The actual year As long as the Although the


a word, for older, the more intense the competitive advantage.

domain name is basically from the time of registration, search the first time indexed by search engines.

and PR in the noble baby high weight, but can not be said in the other search engines also exist in very high weight. Indeed pr >

we do any keyword in any industry, then determine the words we should do first to analyze competitors, and competitor analysis is essential, the degree of competition to judge the key and understanding of the industry is very effect.

if your domain name is a five year old domain name. And your rivals domain name is new, then you can see the advantage of.

now love Shanghai, or noble baby search engines, webmasters have used PR to determine the quality of a website is good or bad. In fact. I also have a habit of. But now slowly changed. Have begun to pay attention to the update frequency and the number of the web site.

of course, if a competitor’s domain name is very old. You may be very difficult to optimize ranking. And the difference between adults and children.

from the noble baby search potential competitors from the analysis engine in

simple to understand the ".

2. RP high nobility baby.

PR value in the noble baby determines the possibility of more and more low ranking, in the noble baby statistics, PR cannot determine the level of the basic ranking.

analysis of competitors or someone said that as long as the core of search keywords directly in the search engine, will be able to analyze, ranking is a good match. This argument is also on the right, only to see the surface of the opponent, no analysis of potential rivals, careful analysis to the actual sewer capsized, just good.

Here is a

but according to several methods, we can roughly determine the

domain name query 贵族宝贝123cha贵族宝贝/domain/0270 address: Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝

" analysis method of competitorsIn (end)

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