Practice the importance of the Shanghai dragon P address

knew a long time ago, IP address selection, may determine a site in Shanghai in search of love weight, so the experienced Shanghai dragon Er will generally choose not to be punished is the best IP address, a IP address corresponding to a web site, is conducive to enhance the weight of love Shanghai.

if there is an expert told me how to inquire into whether IP is love Shanghai punishment, is really appreciated! By www.mgzhibo贵族宝贝


I think this is a normal phenomenon in Shanghai included early love, new sites usually have to go through the love of Shanghai, included slow, stable, so did not care. But a month later, and a month later, third months, I think it is very normal, snapshot for nearly a month, has been updated every 0 keywords.

second days, began to appear at the beginning of the March update snapshot!! I began to suspect that before Hongkong IP is in love with Shanghai black list. But also need to continue to observe, look at the key words is a snapshot of whether to restore stability of

so, just another web server has expired, I re abroad ordered a cheap server, there are 5 IP. I put the mango broadcast network also moved to this server, individually assigned an IP address.

passed, I found that the basic stability of the restoration of the exact words, but the snapshot or not timely, should be the site weight is not enough. But it can be proved that the IP address of Shanghai dragon really is very important! I really silly wait for 3 months, innocently waiting for love in Shanghai included the release and keywords. But I still don’t know how to check whether the IP address is love Shanghai punishment or in the blacklist (counter check the IP, can only see the corresponding to their website) but the future is really do stand against this one. Is give yourself a lesson again.


I used a live entertainment site in half a year ago (mango broadcast network), the first is on the domestic one server, one month after the release included, though not much, but also gradually increase. Later because of the record, in Hongkong to rent a cloud server, the site during the 1 days of interruption. A month after the move to the cloud server, included did not change much, but the snapshot not update keywords, has gradually dropped to 0.

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