Read the internal structure of 360buy title title see the website title setting method

in the setting method of title, should make appropriate adjustments according to the type of site, such as "brand – brand characteristics, brand linked keywords + modification, modification method to improve brand relevance, which is now the general electricity supplier website publicity road.


title is the first point: the brand image of

on the Internet, home title more or less there will be accumulation of keywords, title actually set the image Jingdong is obviously towards the maximization of the mall music, so in the title category are not provided, and the direct use of descriptive words, the Jingdong service integrated modified a lot, really to do so, the mall is in fact there are many sites have no ground for blame, do, such as "jumei贵族宝贝", as shown in figure

has a series of articles on the front page of A5 "on the internal structure of 360buy series: title title", read the two articles of the article the author is actually quite admire, because in which basically summarizes the setting method of all the pages of Title Jingdong, the writer once said after watching this two series of articles about the title page setting method, hope can be continued about two articles where the essence of this


, we see three main keyword repetition, may be a lot of friends said the keyword appears more.



see Jingdong pages within the title setting method, it always makes me feel Jingdong to do a simple long tail keywords, why? That is "the accumulation of key words", "no added modification", "as simple as possible, these three points, as the Jingdong on mobile phone category in figure


see jumei贵族宝贝 Title settings, it reminds me of a series of business website, and Jingdong because they have similarities, that is to promote the goal set, in fact, jumei贵族宝贝 is also in the promotion of a relationship between the brand of the industry, there will be jumei贵族宝贝 cosmetics and weaved together after all. In view of the different objects, the impact is different, this is also the author of one of the points is different from the original author of the brand, regardless of nationality, but a kind of modified keywords linked industry.

title is set to second points: the long tail keyword learning path

websiteIn fact, .

in the figure above, we only see the 5 words "mobile phone market price evaluation of authentic licensed, these five groups of words formed a set of the most simple title of a class, I try to look at the other sites of the channel setting method, such as the Pacific site, as shown in figure

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