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fourth, to streamline the code for "slimming. We know a good dynamic effect is bound to attract attention at the expense of web access speed as the premise, the search engine is too much effects such as the effect of jQuery, JS many gorgeous, and some use these gorgeous plug-ins to achieve the display effect, will cause the redundant code website to produce a large number of spiders don’t be read. These redundant code directly affect the spider’s crawling and crawling efficiency, but also for the web access speed at some time will have a negative impact on the inside, so in the process of optimization if some special effects have redundant code we’d be discarded, but the website optimization effect is >.

third, the rational deployment of key words and integration. Writing a lot of the time we are on the website keywords, keyword contains not only an important part of the subject many long tail word writing is the optimization of keywords, the most prone to the problem is to embed web site keywords is often said that the stack or density is too high, we should in fact website optimization keywords conscious to fade, as long as the theme is clear for us to optimize keywords can be written, there is no need to deliberately appear several times to each article keywords, as long as the user naturally for valuable articles is the quality of the article.

first, the quality of the site’s content analysis. Especially business sites, many webmaster pseudo original many articles, and by the impact of thinking in the creation process, resulting in many articles can’t help wide range of similar, the same article is included in natural enemies. The high repetition rate, the search engine appears to be a kind of cheating, collected articles not included is the reason. So the writing must be on the premise of the quality of the basis, from different angles, different topics for the creation of each article to be targeted and strong purpose.

third, rational planning and construction site structure. Many times we content quality chain quality are doing but ranking is not satisfactory, this time if you analyze and consider the problems with is your site structure? The site layout is a lot of factors involved in learning the details, unreasonable structure is one of the reasons causing the user to jump high, reasonable fluency is mainly reflected in the website construction site navigation path, the brief and clear. The important content of the site is displayed in a prominent position, and not like a mess, do not know what customers enter the site after is the key questions you need to focus on.

Website Optimization Website Optimization present many details factors to some extent restricts the search engine ranking for the website keywords, website optimization for the website user experience, customer browsing experience, bounce rate, exit rate and other details about data analysis, as a webmaster we want to be ranked the station optimization factors can not be no details check, stable then, what to pay attention to those problems?

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