See the soft writing strategy from A5 development

Lim wrote, it is no exaggeration to say that A5 article overlapping in quite a lot of content, take the "search Shanghai dragon" column, the single is about web space selection techniques have 3-5 articles, and now A5 every day through the manuscript, it is difficult for us to find what the two article is a type of thing, which shows the unique A5 now more and more on the point of view, in fact, as we all know, Shanghai dragon also so something, if only the chain construction and the importance of the content, it has no special value, because it is the Shanghai Dragon technology some basic things, we don’t need too much to repeat, this time some of the introduction and the viewpoint is the "market" needs. Some website tips, or express some opinions on the development of the industry on the way, even subvert the traditional impression of view can also be. But Lim is not recommended for everyone when you say any make irresponsible remarks, in a word, must have sufficient theoretical support.

to learn more and more operational

point of view more and more unique, not identical basicallyWhen the original website

soft writing has always been a headache problem for everyone, because there are too many owners because of "literary talent" is not good and lost the opportunity to show themselves in the A5 and Chinaz Webmaster Platform, yesterday also have some friends complain that writing skill not yourself, not in the test. In fact, the original A5 submission is not so difficult, remember when just beginning to do a website, contribute to the A5 is very easy to pass, but it is already a 2010 thing to tell the truth, after several years of development, now A5 submission indeed than in the past most of the difficulty, you can not have an opportunity to express a after all, the master A5 is a platform for the exchange, no submission that how the line? You may say I gloating, Zhishizhizhong didn’t explain how to write the soft method to solve the problem, in fact very short answer, we can get the answer from A5.

you have time you can take a look at the A5 of the previous article, the space is very small, the content is relatively simple, refined, and recent articles at an average of more than 1000 words, this is not to say the words better, but the article should have to learn at least. This is a little experience on the construction site in simple, and no details, not to attach the case diagram, if you continue to write this, Lim can responsibly tell you that your article must pass. From simple to detail, from less to more, the development trend of A5 told us that the article is not a dead thing, this is a kind of experience sharing, we should copy more practical things inside, and not simply words and deeds, and often go to A5 webmaster all know, now we can clear from a in the article to grasp the method to optimize the site or understand the latest industry information, and it is the development result, is more practical than ever.


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