The chain environment is not optimistic we should start with the internal website optimization

navigation purpose is to let the user know what sites do, what type of content. Site navigation must be clear and reasonable, the best is directly take the form of text. This is more advantageous to the spider’s crawling, but also better able to transfer the weight to the relevant column page. Certainly must use what FLASH and visuals, the content of the search engine is unable to read the. So the navigation as simple as possible, using the normal text links on the line.

three, clear

do a lot of optimization friends think now this year the chain has become more and more difficult. But the chain can not be ignored, so we have tried everything to do outside the chain. From April 25th Shanghai love to talk about the chain the chain that the 90% friends do optimization before doing is of no use. The chain environment is not optimistic, the optimization of the how, my view is: the chain environment is not optimistic, we start from when the station optimization. Because the method is much more difficult than that of the road, we can find another way to go.

search engine is a flat structure recognized by the website structure, and terminology should be called tree structure. This structure is the most suitable for the spider crawling, after all, the spider crawling sites are from the top down, only natural flat structure is the most consistent with the structure of the spider crawling. Whether it is large or small, are used to build the flat structure, the reason is that in order to even the new search engine can also give a good impression. Good website structure can not only conducive to the spider crawling, but also can improve the site included, more conducive to the user experience. These three benefits in terms of website structure flat enough to allow owners to accept and use them in the construction site. In the law of love in the spider crawling in Shanghai also has a breadth first. So I build the webmaster friends on the site to use the structure of the website structure of flat type.

, a website structure optimization.

April 25th Shanghai love to talk about the chain to judge clearly indicated that the classification and influence of the chain of garbage, two days before the A5 and cancel the forum signature. This is for many mixed in the chain of friends in the forum really is not a small blow. The signature of the chain long ago lost its role. Cancel A5 forum signature move I think is very good, a move that many on the forum signature mixed outside the chain of friends think signature chain really useless, we need to find another way out. To a certain extent, but also help the webmaster friends ahead of their alert.

Two, The structure of HTML

for the station optimization webmasters are not unfamiliar, but really can not do this thing, this is why? I think many webmasters do not pay no attention to the details carefully. Those things I have to talk about the station optimization.

navigation optimization.

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