Station group Shanghai dragon knight in Knight

chain is mainly through the mass chain and sprocket function. This point can be found to share the experience of construction of Chinese and foreign chain layout – Knight stations is knight software built-in rich capture module, and can customize the publishing rules, it can be said that any can be released through artificial sites, are able to release by the knight group. In addition, the knight standing group of sprocket function is very powerful, their station station links, weight transfer in the group can play to the extreme. It can be said that the use of the knight station group, site outside the chain is not a worry.

second, the knight is the pseudo original software

of course, in the end, the knight is a station group, is a very good tool station group. I tried several stations software, some are in accordance with their own model, the word > station

said the original, I used TBS, The bestspinner and other foreign professional original tools. These tools in the end, the function is roughly synonyms, paragraph confusion and other functions. These stations have all functions, knight, and made more powerful. The knight built five pseudo original model, and five kinds of precision can be adjusted, the maximum extent so that users can according to their own wishes, to achieve pseudo original processing, very humane. In addition, there is confusion, Knight replacement, filtering and other functions, is to add the pseudo original effect, it can be said that the use of the knight station group, the quality of the content is not a worry,

if you are a hard master, if you order the chain and included from morning till night, one day if you want to try to do a happy webmaster, if one day, you want to try to use the black hat means, some of your child abuse has been a search engine, then select the knight. I bought the knight software in the official website www.xiake5贵族宝贝 A5 knight felt a swordsman in the network". I feel the knight station system is not only the station group tool, is a leader in the black hat Shanghai dragon tools. When it comes to the black hat Shanghai dragon tools, mainly has the following several kinds, collection tools, tools group, pseudo original tools, and the knight is a synthesizer, below, I have one by one.

Knight Station Group acquisition is very powerful, we can write their own rules, arbitrary collection of web content. (see specific experience – Knight stations grab target web content (actual production process analysis module to the crawl)). Not only that, let me be able to knight as the acme of perfection, software by setting the login vest, grab some need to log in to read. It can be said that the knight is a universal collector. Moreover, the knight support multi process common acquisition, I at 4M speed, half an hour to grab tens of thousands of articles, it can be said that the use of the knight station group of crawlers, web content sources do not worry.

fourth, knight is standing group of software

third, the knight is outside the chain of tools

is the first, Knight acquisition software

The construction of

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