Preventive measures how to put K strangled in the cradle

server is a web site can not the normal operation of the premise, a perfect website, if it is not the content of the website server, even if how valuable it is not able to get user acceptance and love in Shanghai. So what caused by the main reasons of the server K? The author think there are two:


: don’t let the first server become "Anshang"

second: don’t let the content of the website become chronic poison

(2) server capacity is too small. As we all know, with our website ranking, we will increase the flow of Everfount, then access the number, the greater the pressure on the server, if a web service capacity is too small, so it is easy to cause the collapse of a kind of like 12306 website will often crash, but your site is not 12306, so Shanghai will only love you k out. So, when buying a server to advance to your site type, if the flow station, the best choice for large capacity server, and after the website development to a certain extent, should always check whether the server can withstand the pressure, timely to change the server or increase the server capacity is a wise method.

(1) the server is not stable. This can be said to be the site is the core factor of K, many webmaster website original content, the chain is also very high quality, but the site is still K, why? The answer is that the server is not stable. I have a website, originally the ranking is very good, but there is a period of time will be the site open or open website for a long time, the results of a time to love Shanghai to update the website instantly fell K. So, to prevent the K station, it is necessary to ensure that your server is stable. When choosing a server, the server must pay attention to the brand, not too cheap, and prior to the evaluation of the server, found that the stability is not good, do not buy.

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K is the fact that the site is a very common phenomenon, the site has also been tried many times by K, mentality is gradually from the beginning to the present indifferent pain. Because I know that the site was K is completely preventable, here to share about the author summed up on how to prevent the site is k experience.

web content is an important index to reflect the value of a site is located, in the Internet today, we can find an article in the article as like as two peas.

2012 Shanghai dragon industry is the city of Shanghai dragon Er meet the first sentence is no longer "your website rankings", but "today’s website is k". From here we can see the site has been K has imperceptibly increased probability, it brings us a warning to our website all the time may be K, but the site is k, we can only wait for

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