Analysis of the impact on the search optimization algorithm to update after love Shanghai

Although the garbage Update the speed and depth of

love Shanghai algorithm for frequent updates and also suffered its own, if Shanghai does not love can efficiently provide useful information to users, the attraction to the user will drop, from that point of view, but also because of the intense competition forced Shanghai to innovate on the algorithms of love. The updated algorithm for the optimization of Shanghai dragon will produce what kind of impact? I believe that from the waste content, experience and precise search on three aspects to discuss.

this year, love Shanghai algorithm can be said to be subversive, from the middle of this year launched the original spark program, pomegranate and Scindapsus algorithm algorithm, these algorithms from the name of view, it is the concept of intelligent environmental protection, its purpose is to clear the garbage on the Internet, optimize internet the environment, let the user be able to surf on the Internet very comfortable.

through love Shanghai algorithm update the instance, love Shanghai on the Internet with duplicate content, advertising content words are effective shielding, but more attention to the correlation between the content of the website and the keywords, the pseudo original recognition ability becomes higher, while the punishment becomes larger, so a lot of websites especially the waste site soon lost included advantage, even be right down. From this point of view, the algorithm to update the contents of the waste disposal is very effective.

, an influence on the content of the

the Internet after more than 10 years of development, has been filled with a lot of junk information, the same content on the Internet frequently, and even some contents is upside down top past changes, but no innovation, which not only cause the user search difficulty, and the information obtained is often repeated, only the title changed a few words only, let users spend a lot of time to read, this is not just a waste site in question, is also the search engine has the obligation to shield these spam to more high quality content to the user, so the algorithm updates love Shanghai, highlights of the spam attack.

two, the impact on the user experience

Of course, some competition are not unrelated

love Shanghai optimization guide in the past few years has been to enhance the user experience, but in fact from the algorithm has not reached such a level, but in this new algorithm, it can effectively improve to enhance the user experience, this is reflected in the ads and shielding simple chain optimization in the past, many websites through the chain a lot of irrelevant content, the content and the website is meaningless, just insert the anchor text and the corresponding chain, can be included in the weight fell in love with the sea, this is obviously not reasonable, but also affect the user experience of reading but this time, this algorithm has completely avoid the garbage outside the chain, simplicity and pay more attention to the web page is simple and functional, in Shanghai love to search results, it is Many web page looks very simple, but the content is not rich, but.

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