The site of cross links detailed

cross link wayThe cross link between

3 and two sites: a site of the two column page A and B, B site C cross links is this: "a website column page link to the A website C website C B B, link to a column page links to B forms".

cross link definition

address, thank you!The ?So if you put aside the Objective:

cross linksWe know that

method of

in order to tell you, please control the picture below to view:

cross links third, fourth sites, then he is single link, is quite large for the weight transfer. This is the cross link to


mentioned that cross links may everyone is familiar with the vocabulary, but as for the method of cross links and the ultimate goal maybe we will understand each one has its own merits today also have a good friend, I asked several methods of cross link, I think it should be through the form of Bo Wen telling more clearly.

In fact, The

2 and four sites: a A, B two C, D B sites, two sites, a and B cross link exchange is like this: "A D, C link to link to B, between the two sides are no longer link back";

1 and three sites: a two web sites, respectively is A and B, B has a website C, then a A website is a resource station, B site is the target station, a and B cross link is like this: "A site links to the C site, and the C site link to the B site, C no longer link back to the A site;


cross link method of sample


cross links is also another way to Links exchange, can also be said that the basis of cross links or Links, but ordinary Links is link exchange between two stations, three stations or more cross link exchange station.

cross links is also a foundation, based on Links imagine if the crossover between the three sites, we are not talking about third links, just want to link to A to B, then B is not chain back to A, this is not a one-way link? This link is so precious ah, now every webmaster have pity chain as gold, to the existence of such a link, it is much stronger than Links

The cross link between

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The cross link between

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