What is the effect of the optimization factors common to the keywords ranking example analysis

The influence of Keywords

used to be the Shanghai dragon optimization, see the so-called brick home comments, engaged in the optimization of people will be more or less affected by others, too tense from theory to find the answer, but the actual operation, the theory of knowledge and can believe that? Some common optimization factors in the end of the keywords ranking and give us an example of analysis under the influence, Xiaobian see their own true.


optimization of Shanghai Longfeng many factors, the Internet also summarized many masters, here Xiaobian no longer.

is a part-time website right above the main keyword density, density of less than 1%, ranked in the home page, brought to the site of IP is very high, the essence of the keyword density with the website ranking is not directly related, may be indirect relationship. For some weight high website, web site keywords not timely density related or some synonyms synonyms, search engine will put this website to participate in the rankings. The webmaster attention to keyword density, with correlation together, not blindly pursue keyword density, appropriate frequency, nature can be smooth. At the same time, with the search engine algorithm upgrade, keyword density is no longer the only value to judge the weights of the website, so Shanghai Longfeng optimization don’t appear, in line with the user’s experience of.



examples analytic optimization factors common to keywords ranking impact

The stability of

in mid May, many webmaster found the site index volume declined 0, to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform feedback, love Shanghai’s answer is: these sites are using Godaddy DNS *.DOMAINCONTROL贵族宝贝 server, the DNS server series stability problem, Baiduspider often resolved not to IP, according to Baiduspider, website the site is dead. Thus for the love of Shanghai spiders, if the site can not normally access, and is a recurring problem, can lead to a spider on your site is not friendly, then with the problems are: the decline in ranking, website keywords, website snapshot not update, reduce serious cause directly to the site by K. At the same time, for the website users, web server instability will directly affect the user experience. Will not affect to the website profit, long-term server isn’t open, or open speed is slow, the impact on users is very large.

webmaster of keyword density is concerned, some deliberately to increase keyword density, the accumulation of keywords, accumulation of keywords in the web page layout in the title, but the actual effect is not very good, but will often see some website keyword density less than 2% keywords, love Shanghai index is very high, this keywords can still get good rankings.

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