Zeng how to use the long tail word to create personal blog traffic

to take advantage of the long tail words flow, its website weight is crucial. So early is to increase the weight. For example, the regular updates, the chain growth is reasonable, although the work boring, need to keep. Wait patiently. The written "Shanghai dragon Er should have the mentality and quality of many lifting weight method, here is not tired, interested friends can love Shanghai.

fifth, the reasonable construction of

Second, analysis of the long tail word

links is still an important ranking factor. Whether it is inside or outside the chain chain construction reasonable natural, natural links in all directions, to obtain a good ranking. If you find in page ranking is not very good, you can increase the number and location of the page link text.

The layout of

, the third key words

First, the

since it is the long tail keywords, then you have to combine their own site, choose to compete in small, its website pages will be easy to get good rankings of words. For example, the recent work reasons do DedeCMS procedures, this process will involve some code changes finishing techniques to their blog, are interested can look at. There are a lot of friends in the search for DedeCMS modification techniques, such as: "every DedeCMS search slow" " DedeCms "; the title column display and so on nature can get some traffic.

the content of the page layout also belongs to the Shanghai dragon. The bold bold, look at the appropriate keyword density. The author here to remind: personal blogs are tags, this must extract the strong correlation between the content, highlight the theme, content of high degree of polymerization. Don’t mess with.

five points above the author personally try, there may be a detour. If there is a better way to welcome the exchange. Learn to share to improve each other. Website promotion exchange group 128222334 verification (Best) welcome to join. This paper from Chengdu.

how to use the long tail word to create personal blog traffic flow? That is a website visitor survival base. Aside from the technical factors aside, how much traffic is initially positioned on the site. In general, all hope that their own site traffic, how to do it? All roads lead to Rome, eighteen road hero gexianshentong. Share this Chengdu Shanghai dragon recently adopted long tail keywords for the flow of the way, please paizhuan.

fourth, the content of the pageBasic knowledge of

linksThe number of

the most suitable for their own site keywords analysis, then how to improve the long tail word should be brought to the maximum effect of the flow. It is need to use the word love Shanghai. Stand in the angle of visitors, use brainstorming lists of words, reasonable integration.

website weight

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