Wang Jishun on the some website down right form

Links causing the site to drop right, because Links is a two-way link, the website of the other side was somehow down the right, then your website will also be involved. This requires the webmaster or regularly check their Links website, in the early stage of the study Links do good to his website, to avoid trouble in the future.


any thing don’t want to make it perfect, we can try to do their own work, but do not try to cater to the optimization of search engine’s preferences over, now love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience, how to just deliberately to search engines, so the result is right down may.

The stability of

, a Links of factorsThe more common

if the server is not stable, the time to grab web content in the search engine that the website does not open, it is often the case that the search engine will reduce the number to grab, then the site directly drop right. In addition, this experience is very bad for users. Choose good server stability is essential.

five, website optimization over

a new website in order to obtain a large number of the chain in a short period of time, in the short term will use software group or buy a large number of the chain, the chain number soared, causing the attention of search engines. The result is still right down, which requires us to do in the chain construction, should be gradual. Don’t think of "overnight".

this is reason to believe that many novice Adsense is relatively easy to meet, in order to obtain good keywords site layout and keyword density, in the title, keywords, description, page layout of a large number of keywords. This layout is love once found in Shanghai, the direct is right down. Keyword density control in general 4%-6%,

four, the chain group

two, keyword stuffing down the right

six, server

this problem is generally more new sites, new station after the completion of keywords or title is not good, then modify the. Found a good module to modify. Frequent changes will make search engine lost on the website of the trust, the results as can be imagined: right down. This requires us to put these identified in the early stages of the site. To avoid frequent changes.

three, frequent change site title and keywords, template

is now the Shanghai dragon team continues to grow, many webmaster began to pay attention to the website ranking in the search engines, in order to get a good ranking, the Shanghai dragon Er is employed all the skills, to do good, the website ranking is up, do not good, not only did not rank go up, but search engine right down. This is Wang Jishun and The loss outweighs the gain., today to share some website down right form:

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