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, 3 pages link to control weight transfer

you can see an example of webmaster tools (贵族宝贝 home page outbound links up to more than 100 SF, which accounted for half of it, but why "PR value is 4, and the search engine did not reduce weight? By viewing the source file, all advertising links all have the nofollow attribute of the tag, so there is no weight dilution the page itself.

love Shanghai official has clearly said: "love Shanghai now supports nofollow tag. With nofollow tag links, we will ignore most of its role." Certainly love Shanghai and Google two major search engines support nofollow tags. The nofollow tag role it’s known to everyone, so we usually in the website construction, how to use the nofollow

it is easy to be ignored by the administrator. The same site each page for >

advertising links

advertising links to the role in the promotional products, the purpose is to let our website users browse ads into other websites, but the link weight transfer is not willing to the administrator. Many new Adsense don’t understand the role of nofollow, the advertising links written in JS or iframe call, we all know that JS and iframe are nested too much, the search engine is not very friendly, a lot of web Trojan is ascending iframe embedded in a web page, love Shanghai or even hate this code. This is a complete departure from Shanghai dragon and the principle of the original intention of website optimization. The simplest thing is on the link with the nofollow tag.


interactive functions

Nofollow is a station to indicate some links not through Adsense recommend, this link is not a vote of confidence, should not affect the search engine HTML attribute value of the cable link to vote. The search engine to see this tag will reduce or cancel the voting weight chain. The objective is to reduce the impact of useless links on the web site in the search engine.

such as: blog comment, message board etc. all the visitors left, the link is not as the administrator of the website you want to add, is not controlled by the link, do not represent the export link owners agree, this time we put these links the nofollow attribute. According to the Google PR value of voting theory, assuming that each page of the PR is certain, every link represents a vote, when more outbound links you, you stand inside page PR level and page weight is diluted too much. Add the nofollow attribute label, love Shanghai, vote nobility baby will ignore this link, restore the effects of website weight diluted.

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