The influx of capital commercial internet medical model remains to be verified at a crossroadsWang

internet medical, this has been optimistic about the entrepreneurial blue ocean, is now experiencing a wave of big reshuffle. After a few years ago capital sought after the boom, the Internet Medical entrepreneurs while facing "questioning the business model is set up, while being pushed to the lack of supervision in the teeth of the storm.

these stories look like the ups and downs of group buying websites. For example, buy a website 24 coupons, a company with over 100 million risk investment, more than 5000 employees of the company, suddenly died. Such scenes in the 2012 group buying industry is not uncommon, almost all of the group buying sites are suffering in survival or transformation. Even live in the shuffle a few did not escape the giants. The United States Mission in the start-up time is difficult, not good at change Wang Xingluo behind the handle, rice or even cool group, 24 tickets, this is not a good day. In September 2010, the group received more than ten million US dollars in venture capital, the source of which was the abandonment of Wang’s Sequoia capital.

since last year, the health visitors frequently shot in the supply chain integration, first with Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer and other nearly 30 well-known pharmaceutical companies, the establishment of domestic pharmaceutical electricity supplier "genuine alliance", the member number is still increasing. Then, health off and hand in Chi pharmaceutical listed pharmaceutical companies, the annual sales billion yuan signed a cooperation single Chinese herbal medicine "Jinghua grass".

Wang, who likes to climb the mountain, finds out that his rivals are no longer buying

survived the capital winter, buy Group websites have changed shape. Wang Xing suddenly found those who strike violently rivals become familiar with, handle network loss of power in Wu Bo infighting, 24 coupons off the site, Du Yinan Shen Boyang Chen Yizhou sold in the sticky web site, Feng Xiaohai left the full commitment of suning…… And the other side of the ocean is not too easy to buy the group, Groupon earnings announcement, the stock price plummeted two times, for a long time is not profitable dilemma, so that the originator of the U.S. group is suffering.

physical hospital is also a major focus of health care layout. At the beginning of March this year, announced a partnership with the Guangzhou health off Jingtai Baiyun District Hospital, patients through the health off doctor APP registration, while exploring the online inquiry and the Internet mode of hospital prescription outflow. Reporters learned that, health this year also plans to Beijing, Guangdong, Hubei, Chongqing, Hainan and other entities and hospitals in-depth cooperation, and thus speed up the layout of the slow disease management project.

Xie Fangmin further revealed: "health customers will then rely on entities to strengthen the hospital to explore the management of chronic diseases, in addition to this year began cooperation in Guangzhou community hospital, and soon with a number of entity hospitals.". We will do the slow disease management from the level of grading treatment."

after financing, health customers will be in the supply chain, artificial intelligence, slow disease management and other aspects of the layout. Among them, supply chain refers to strategic cooperation with Chinese and foreign pharmaceutical industry enterprises.

from thousands to my regiment,


colleagues, but internet giants who are trying to step into the O2O. In these giant crazy attack, how the U.S. group will protect the original O2O position, in addition to mature restaurants, movie tickets, super will be the object of the group. In addition, life service area of the United States Mission and Tencent how the public comment for the competition? The key problem is that the United States Mission in time is not profitable group purchase, now in the face of these giants of the impact, how long can the capital chain of U.S. support

following the good doctor, Kingdee medical, seven Lok Kang and exposed financing news, recently, veteran pharmaceutical business enterprise health off announces $50 million A+ round of financing, the current round of investment is composed of Asia-Pac eCommerce, PGA foundation, volcano stone capital etc.. So far, the health customer completed a total of 1 billion yuan of A round of financing.

to the troubled internet medical pool dropped a stone at. 17, health off CEO Xie Fangmin in an interview with reporters in twenty-first Century economic report pointed out: "this round of financing, will continue to increase the focus to strengthen health off chronic disease management, focusing on the layout of internet medical and health services, and continue to explore the wisdom. According to the current industry direction, the future of Internet Medical must rely on entities in order to long-term development. However, the domestic Internet medical service has been lack of clear guidance documents."

in fact, China’s pharmaceutical electricity supplier industry has gone 12 years, new and old medicine, electricity supplier enterprises are now in medicine, medicine, suffering from the whole process of service closed loop. At the end of January this year, the State Council issued "on the implementation of the third batch of 39 central premises designated to cancel the administrative licensing matters resolution" in the directory that the Internet and drug transaction service enterprises except for the third party platform approval withdrawn – online pharmacy application to put on


exposure large amount of financing

this year, Wang is continuous business tenth years, in the experience is not too successful inside the school and rice after no, the United States group let Wang realize his value. But in Wang’s view, the United States Mission network is being re established.

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in addition, today’s group buying industry has been divorced from the definition of "buy up" industry in 2010. Many group buying websites define themselves as the e-business of local life service. This change is called "buy back", and there is also a saying that this is the most traditional O2O.

Wang Xing rarely left the book, and he even bought three Kindle for it. "Big history", this is the latest reading list on Wang’s name, this book is about the world within the scope of powers alternation, the right to speak in the world from Spain to France and then to Britain, the United States finally to now.

met for a few minutes before he met Wang Xing.

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