On the long term optimization techniques Guan Jian confluence

search is generally relatively large, but the optimization difficulty is more difficult.

3, the long tail word query tool





as a senior webmaster both admission Shanghai dragon has been concerned about the latest developments in veteran website optimization. In recent two years, various optimization techniques to buy black chain links, emerge in an endless stream from 2012 before sending to the Forum blog, after the pan station group, the old domain methods have what people want to get out of a period of time, the effect is very good and these methods are still in use. As Er Shanghai dragon in the past few years we are the doings go? Shanghai dragon Er shouldn’t be thinking about how to drill holes in the search engine but the search engine rules on how to optimize the site reasonable. Love Shanghai, a series of XX algorithm is not after all is said and done for a purpose to lead the webmaster towards health sustainable path, after Shanghai dragon circle in 2012 is not Starving people fill the land. why? See optimization techniques no light to be punished without vested interest. If the partial, back to the site about the long tail optimization under the new era. Shanghai dragon Er sees a website success mainly depends on the first ranking, included, flow which is not a home page ranking can be finished, so the importance of the long tail word stands.

what is the long tail words do not say you understand go, here mainly talk about how to find the long tail word.

can clearly see the first word search and competition program is a very useful tool, so I love Shanghai auction account isn’t just for auction or a Guan Jian word analysis tool. But not everyone can be used, to open a number in the thousands of small owners, to find a friend to borrow.

stood outside the long tail word optimization


4, love stand nets keywords degree of mining

1, the use of

two: how to optimize the long tail word Guan Jian

: how to find the long tail word Guan Jian

love is like word mining stations closed with love Shanghai bidding account function even more than the love Shanghai auction also has a search volume reference more powerful and easier to use, but a little more than love Shanghai auction account, love station can only analyze the Guan Jian word search index. But love is also the webmaster tools for love. As for the function of other words Guan Jian webmaster tools are almost used to stand still used to love.

1, Guan Jian

The long tail word search volume

long term optimization process has the following main points:

2, love Shanghai auction account

love Shanghai

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