Shanghai dragon how to around three to do a good job ranking principle

, a search engine friendly to protect

1, normal use of legal means to optimize the website

3, using the website content exchange position

according to the above I said, sometimes bad things we do not deliberately put it up, but when we inadvertently generated automatically, or maliciously hacked websites, then such things, what can we do, in fact, can do is only to solve the problem of fast. The other, do not think too much, the search engine has a non malicious web site monitoring and management of the punishment, punishment is not too serious, as long as you timely find out, basically is not what effect.

2, on the non malicious web site monitoring and management

in fact, when we update the article, but also to give the spider included after the search engine brings new information, so we no >

was somewhat puzzled, what are the three principles of the three principles of the search engine? And what is the relationship, that’s a good question, the three principles are defined with the search engine and search engine on agreement, agreement to do some optimization work, this is how to focus on the three principles good rankings, so I talk about the three principles that include three items, the first item is on the search engine has good protection, that is our site to provision of search engine friendly agreement if broken, our website will suffer, the second is the site itself and the search engine protocol, some security and to ensure that our website to the search engine, the third is outside the station operation commitment to the search engine, the provisions are standing outside the number of search engines and the protocol, then We focus on these three rules should be how to do rankings? And which we should pay attention to what? Let me introduce and share:

I believe that we can basically understand, just say if not illegal methods can be, although we know that not illegal can, but sometimes illegal practices not intentionally or through our generation, but we don’t expect the case generated, so under the condition of what we can do, so we are responsible for the search engine, often to see the site within your site, if there are missing, such as search engines do not love things can be deleted, replaced by other methods.

is the first from the literal meaning I believe we should be able to see a general, which we have promised theme is to search engine friendly, and not malicious damage the normal operation of the search engine and maintenance, may be some friends will say this one is simple, just do the black hat is not on the line, in fact, this is not the case, when we protect the search engine not only can do without a single black hat ranking, we also perform some operations on our website, so now I give you a detailed talk about:

Some of my friends to see the title of

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