The case analysis of the so called love Shanghai keyword Click

In fact,

three, love Shanghai if we do affect the ranking according to


, what is love Shanghai keywords click principle

sake!Since we know that

can be seen from the above analysis I love Shanghai, click on keywords certainly affect ranking principle actually this is love Shanghai index, and love Shanghai love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant keywords, it is a truth, the search of many people, in fact, there will be a lot of related software, is used to simulate user implement the relevant search results click. Many people have met our own frequently click on your own website, the computer will appear in their open, website ranking rose, but the other computer is normal, this is actually their own frequently click on

into a good website, you will click, if the opening is a waste site, even if the rankings, I believe that the next time you won’t click; this is what we have always emphasized the user experience, love Shanghai according to how many hits, access how much does a series of factors such as ranking, of course is certainly not so smart, back is certainly more so, love actually is Shanghai to share it, or else it will not affect the ranking, there are so many brush share.


according to the literal meaning, we can understand the love of Shanghai is the keyword click, search the specified keywords in love in Shanghai, and then to click on our website; love is love Shanghai Shanghai click on the principle of the search engine will search volume according to the user’s click on the number of a range of adjustments to this page of keywords ranking, only the first 2 pages, because the user will rarely click on page 2 page.

has an effect on the click ranking, so what do we do:


factor hits into the rankingsIn fact, we can turn

1, increase the user experience of the website, click to attract more visitors, improve the description, because a lot of people is through the website which see the description of open web pages, this is the most fundamental role, but the effect is slow, basically a lot of people are not willing to do, is to cast machine by software to achieve the purpose of them.

two, love Shanghai why the

an article I wrote "QQ spatial analysis can make love Shanghai" keywords ranking, many of my friends have a deep impression, because the QQ space rankings are very rare, especially in the home, can have some space included, especially those who blog, but ran into the home page ranking space let us just curious result is to search, and then to click on the rankings, was ranked second "results in less than a few hours to come first, many friends also mistakenly believe that Xu Guoxiang wrote the article, but it’s really not, I just want to analyze a phenomenon, and communicate with friends. Below we are specific to the analysis of the so-called love Shanghai keyword Click:

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