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in such a situation, even if the information you really meaningful to the audience, if your information title is not attractive, you are very difficult to achieve better marketing results, in this information over communication times, and there is not a unique value of information is irreplaceable.

" is the title of the party "to attract the attention of users on the Internet using a variety of creative title, which in order to achieve some website operators and users of various marketing goal. The main behavior in short is the post title serious exaggeration, post content and title usually completely unrelated or not".

, arguably, reasonable Title Optimization is consistent with the interest of the audience, marketing effectively concentrated information content of the title can greatly reduce the audience choice cost, effectively save the user time and effort. If used properly, the Title Optimization for information producers (communicator) and marketing audience is a win-win results.

truth forward step is false, many have tasted the sweetness of the Title Optimization information producers constantly ">

in fact, Title Optimization become the industry standard is inevitable. It is in the information disaster caused by flooding water in modern commercial society, the background of excessive marketing makes the dissemination of noise increasing, regardless of the web or newspapers, people often like to skim through it to information index — the title, hurried to decide whether or not to open the page (or reading the information).

" Confessions of an advertising man, famous advertising guru David Ogilvy · stressed the importance of advertising headline said: "the title is the most important part of most graphic advertising. It was decided to read the text reader is key. Read the title of the person is 5 times the average person read text…… In general newspapers, your title and another 350 title for the reader’s attention ".


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plane with respect to the content, information on the web page title is clearly more critical role. Love Shanghai "search engine optimization guide 2" in the great emphasis on your web page title tag importance — "user in Shanghai love web search to search the web, as the most important title content display in the abstract, a topic specific title can help users more easily from the search results in judgment your web content is consistent with his demand. The title theme clear, contains the most important content in this web page. Don’t Title The article page to add too much additional description, (this) can be distracting".

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therefore, in order to make their information in the "information jungle" talent shows itself, more and more people focus the first time, to achieve their ideal marketing effect, content producers continue to cater to the user’s reading habits, they carefully compiled information as the index information title, or even "dull remarks oath endlessly".

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