The search engine included a stop and go

website has experienced over the first half of the normal state, these days at least some normal, from the observation of the half month, found that the search engine for the website content included a rule, always stop and go, stop and go, this is what kind of state, for everyone to introduce detailed. A few days ago, when I published an article in an hour or so, the search engine will be included in this article, the interval time included up to no more than one day, the second day, the day before the release of the articles will be included, and the two day I found my post search engine inexplicable not included in the search engine, just stop the pace of the index.

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this phenomenon before do I have noticed, but did not attract my attention, also did not take the time to observe, and the recent time is not very tight, try to observe a few days, found that there is indeed such a rule, the search engine sometimes included in the website content is very timely, and sometimes a few the day is not included, the time delay in the middle of a few days, these few days, no matter how to update the website, the search engine is not included, I was sceptical about the contents of the article is the site today, and never mind the content of the website, which is a collection of rules of search engine, in this two days and the search engine for the new blog content included and an abrupt end.

if you occasionally find search engine does not include heart content sites, or search engine spiders to index, don’t worry, don’t get excited over a little thing, you can carefully watch a few days time, is not able to see the recovery to record the status of normal, time is almost like 35 days, if more than ten days time past, record the status of website is still not back to normal, the site should be a problem, whether this is a phenomenon of what, why the search engine appears and stop the law, there is no accurate definition of this situation, this situation is not only included suspension of love sea takes place only in the noble baby and you will see the 360 search, 360 search has been two days no new articles included bread net, but the log index is normal, about Shanghai The Dragon there are still many unknown us to study. The bread 贵族宝贝mianbao0贵族宝贝/ feeds, please keep the link

Web log index also showed the same state, I pay attention to these days of Web logs, sometimes love spiders in Shanghai is very active, one day will index a lot of content, and sometimes love Shanghai spiders very tired all day, can not see the shadow of the index, this is not new patent, some weight the site also occasionally encountered, but new chance encounter is very large, the probability of the old station had relatively low frequency index search engine may arrange spider according to the actual situation of each site, the weight of the high site index, high frequency may be a write, low weight site index the frequency may be lower.

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