The site is down right what effect will not be revised

website is to optimize and enhance the user experience, if the site is around the next Shanghai dragon promotion while ignoring the user experience, indeed, the website is the revision again have what meaning? Just Shanghai dragon network marketing is not a whole.

3, after the website you plan to promote


in the website before thinking, the purpose of this website, if there is no reason and adequate cleaning target, revision of the website is not recommended. If you have a clear target, such as a web site before does not accord with search engine optimization and user experience of web pages is ugly, graphic design is rough, so the site can consider revision.

6.28 was down the right site, has insisted for a long time the original soft updates, one-way links, but the website ranking does not have any effect. The optimization of the key home recovery sites are not how to optimize, even before the cheating website occupy the home position, there are several websites before being down the right, later revised are now ranked in the home, right down my website needs to do some revision, what will

website data processing

optimization website needs to have clear goals and preventive measures, if only a moment of interest, it is recommended to check the site to promote, not easily revision of the website.



for web site revision brings, the author suggests to consider several problems:

1, what is the purpose of

According to the

2, now the site of

website on the site is a work of improper handling make only superficial changes, not only have a positive impact on the site or even have a negative impact. For the original data after the website of the 301 recommended resources permanent redirect the content on the website address, the original data retention.

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