Not on the front page of the website keyword causes and Solutions

three: the website domain name is some problems, some owners in the choice of the domain name, often do not have to query the website domain name history, to see whether the domain name before being used, there is k, and the same theme, check whether the domain name is K can be included and the chain of view a collection of 0, the site outside the chain have thousands of this description of the domain name search engine punishment, so the choice of the domain name is very important, not to be search engine punishment registered domain name.

four: the website open speed is not the response within 7 seconds, if a web page open speed too slow, the user will get directly off the page, this will lead to the website jump out rate is too high, after a period of time, the search engine will adjust to your site in the back row because of your position, influence the user experience, so here is necessary to ensure the site open speed, short response time, less set some music video on the web, Java and flash controls, to use less.

: when delay not keyword search engine home page, we want to go to see a competitor’s site is not stronger than we are many, the main attention here is the keyword in the PPC, participation number. You can see it from the search engine home page, the page on the home page the domain name is the page or inside pages, if your keywords in the page optimization, most of the competitors are on the home page, that your site is very competitive. When viewing the situation of competitors, if the key words in the home side, PPC opponents too much, then you can choose other competitive keywords to optimize, the keyword after optimization.

five: website optimization > and articles related to the chain

in the optimization of the website, often know to the station optimization and stood outside optimization in the station, we try to do the original article and readability, is also in place at the station in some optimization, such as keyword density, the content of the layout problem, the construction of the chain outside the station also pay attention to the quality, no longer the number of wins, in the construction of the chain in the process of strengthening the relationship between link platform, anchor text diversity and so on, but always ranked on the website’s keyword search engine home page, this is where it, now I come to the reason of not on the website keyword search engine page analysis and the corresponding solution.

two: Web application problems. Now many sites are modelled on other sites to order, what are not changes directly to the website source code uploaded to the web space, CMS and ASP type website program, which the author thinks that the CMS program of search engine is friendly, so when the key words on the front page of the website has no words can be considered the website is not routine, the program must be no loopholes, good security, it will be love search engine.


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