How to use the weights to do Post Bar love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization monthly return 1000

first, we see a very cattle Post Bar.

so Post Bar do search engine optimization to achieve monthly return 10000+


search keywords of this kind, the most accurate three channels: love Shanghai, love Shanghai search drop-down box, know love Shanghai search.

yes, you see a long tail word Post Bar. I want to say, is to do the long tail word Post Bar. There are often use search information friends love Shanghai is very clear, most of the love of Shanghai home contents are able to see the love of Shanghai Post Bar position. For example, enter the keyword "Internet", "Internet" can be seen on the Post Bar.


can be seen from these Post Bar, as long as the long tail word included in love Shanghai, love Shanghai Post Bar can be made to seize the love Shanghai home position.

why did you choose these three channels for mining long tail keywords? Because of the long tail keywords mining these channels are almost over, a large number of users to search after the love of Shanghai after matching analysis to push your precise long tail word.

The long tail word

of course, included and ranking love Shanghai Post Bar is also very simple, as long as you love Post Bar Shanghai daily updated content as regular articles longer, so easy to get ranked and included, after my own test, generally 1 weeks to get ranking.

said here as far as possible not to use third party tools such as keywords, Jinhua keywords tools, Ares keyword tool and so on. Because of these tools are not love Shanghai’s own keywords tools for precision.

so, you only need to get the long tail keywords you engaged in the industry to make a EXCEL table, then put a large amount of each search keywords into Post Bar love Shanghai, so you can in these long tail keywords search love Shanghai home to occupy 1 free advertising.

can take a look at this Post Bar approach can be concerned about the amount of 540 thousand people, a huge flow of space the love behind the Shanghai Post Bar.

in the love Department of Shanghai always have several very good drainage platform, such as Wikipedia, Shanghai love love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love experience know Shanghai library, Shanghai Post Bar love, but in here, the main is to share the love of Shanghai Post Bar do search engine optimization operation of drainage project to make money.


if you do thousands of long tail words, when each Post Bar your long tail word has been ranking, you can imagine the horror of the traffic, and in these Post Bar released the contents inside, there is your product promotion information. Converted into 1 Post Bar day brings 1 traffic, thousands of thousands of Post Bar is flow, there was so much traffic, you can sell.


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