The interpretation of so called love 11 Shanghai phenomenon


portal station of Shanghai Phoenix mystery? Complex? A: no mystery, not complicated. Focusing on the strategy of Shanghai Longfeng portal station. Yes, strategy. Regardless of the enterprise or the portal station Shanghai station of Shanghai dragon dragon, from a technical point of view, without any difficulty, can be called. The strategy to continue, how? I can not forgive in this article is about a very detailed, is actually not difficult, the most important thing is just once, second times no problem. In fact, a ER Shanghai dragon to do portal of Shanghai dragon head, the most important thing is a guide. This time you can take the Shanghai dragon theory you know all along the guide way away, go myself pondering, grow very quickly.

I have always believed that those who write articles to estimate the group of Shanghai dragon mysterious, misled the development of the whole industry, including those who flatter each other called Shanghai Longfeng expert.

said this, I could not help but say a few more words. Enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng station, in addition to the chain and original content. The so-called experts, you can come to the road marked out? It is simple to the extreme, to tout so mysterious, you do not mislead the industry what is the development? I can even train a person, do not do the original content, will do the chain on the line, can certainly rank up. Look, Shanghai Dragon Enterprise station is such a thing.

that someone will ask, Shanghai dragon really so simple? Answer: Yes, really simple, simple than you think. I have an interpretation, Shanghai dragon why is now a lot of people think it is very complex. In fact, it is a sentence: if you let everyone know Shanghai dragon so simple words, the so-called experts praise each other, but also how to make money by training, that they will lose their jobs?. So they now occupy Shanghai Longfeng community right to speak, they absolutely do not allow such things to come.

novices, also need to pay attention to a problem, Shanghai Longfeng simple, but with the Shanghai dragon there is money. There are a lot of manpower, ranking flow. But I don’t know how the flow of high quality transformation, now nothing to do is to rely on advertising to survive garbage. The site is placed on the window and so on. But be placed right down the Shanghai pop love case lot.

of course, early is there really is a phenomenon, I don’t know. Because from the point at the station has been in my 11 stay. There are several stations in 11 stayed recently. But there is no online preaching so terrible.

well, it is a foundation, so now, say love Shanghai 11>

love Shanghai 11 specific phenomena what time is widely broadcast, I always don’t know. Many people only know what love take 11 things. I take some practical experience and experience of my own love Shanghai to verify the 11 phenomenon really exist.

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