Zhang Fan how to link thousands of applause

said how to applaud the link, must have a lot of friends will think about a problem: how to find the chain resources

1. by using the advanced search instructions. Use a search engine knows the search engine can search our user needs, but also know.

How ?

we introduce the link, link name refers to the connection point to another goal from a web page, the target can be other ", but also some pictures, video files, etc.. How can be called a good link, I personally think that to meet some factors:

The weight of In this

6. link time. Links exist as long as possible, if you do today link up, tomorrow is deleted, useful links it? Not what good for your site, it will drag you down. There must be someone will ask: how can I make that links exist long time? The answer is very simple, is to apply flexible points mentioned above, for example, your article is original, also is very good, your link will be deleted and what was inserted inside the

!2. problems included How to find the chain resources

5. pages, web site. We all know that the weight of a site or page, the search engine will be collected for faster, may be more reproduced. For your website is more favorable.

1. link position. The location of the link directly reflects the quality of the link degree, for example: if your site is part of the core link can do must be much better than some corner place. Do a website home page than do the website page link is

4. original

through the preliminary understanding of Shanghai dragon, for I am a novice to do nothing more than two things. The first is to write a good article, to ensure that the original. The second thing is a good link, but what kind of links to such links? In this I would like to share my experiences.

links are good links

. Do Shanghai dragon will know the search engine is the best original. Here you need to specify a search engine, or pretty powerful, don’t think the others, plus some, such is their own, that is. The search engine is still very high degree of understanding of the original, to remind the majority of Shanghai Longfeng novice to have a good mentality of Shanghai dragon.

3. pages, web site. Most people know what content to what position. Say you’re interested in the diet, you want to send an article, you would probably go to some food on their web site posting. Do you post the place to be related to your article, the content also need to tell you about the title of the article.

. We all know only is a collection of Web sites, pages, etc.. Only in this way can play a role in the link.

The correlation between

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